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Eclipse facility on Lorek

A lost Cerberus operative is believed to be held in an Eclipse base on planet Lorek (Fathar system, Omega Nebula). The operative may have sensitive data that, if lost to Eclipse, could cause irreparable damage to Cerberus.


After recruiting Archangel for your team, a message from Cerberus Command is received on your private terminal:

Cerberus Command Request

From: Cerberus Command

Reports tell us you've been operating in the Omega Nebula. We'd like you to look into a situation on Lorek, a nearby planet in the Fathar system.

Scan the planet for a base, where we believe Eclipse mercs are holding one of our operatives. You should be able to detect the operative's transmitter. Extract the operative; if the operative is beyond rescue, recover any relevant intel that Eclipse may have collected.

This is a very delicate matter, Shepard. We trust in your discretion.

Alternatively, it is possible to scan the planet to start the assignment before receiving the message. An anomaly will be detected, with a distress call as follows:

“General distress. Beacon auto-process interrupted at parse point AC0655321. Status of system operator is not known.”

After scanning Lorek, the following text is displayed:

“Signal scans detect a transmitter matching Cerberus encryption. It is registered to an unknown deep cover operative. Cerberus operative life signs unconfirmed. Other transmissions that match known Eclipse coded communications also detected.”


For this fairly simple assignment, something to deal with shielded enemies will help, followed by barriers.

Most of the fighting will be done in a medium-sized square room with a lot of obstructive cover, so mid- to long-range weapons and powers for drawing people out should suffice.


A view of the main room, including the terminal with interrogation logs

Once you land, don’t head up the ramp just yet, because you will miss a crate of 1,200 platinum off to your right and behind the crates. Once you have it, head up the ramp, turn right, and head toward the door. When you enter, you will encounter some Eclipse Troopers and an Eclipse Vanguard. Get into cover immediately and duke it out.

Once the first wave falls, stay in cover as more Troopers and another Vanguard will come out of the door opposite you. The Vanguard will try to flank you on the right, so make sure you don’t let that happen. When you have defeated the remaining Eclipse mercs, head into the room they came out of for some medi-gel and bypass the safe for 3,750 credits.

Head back into the main room and on the table to your right is a terminal with the interrogation logs of the Cerberus operative. Rawlings didn’t give up the data and was killed in the attempt. When you are ready, get your squad into cover facing the doors that you haven’t used yet, and bypass the holding cell access panel. The second you finish, get into cover as well since more Troopers, a Vanguard, and Morl will make their appearance.

Because you can get killed quickly if you keep out of cover for too long, be sure to pop up and down as necessary. The Troopers and Morl will stay at a distance, while the Vanguard will try and close the gap, so keep an eye on the Vanguard. Morl also has the Combat Drone power, so watch out for it, as he will use it to keep your squad distracted. Basically, keep to cover and you will be OK.

Tyrone Rawlings is found tortured and dead

Once the enemies are down, head out the door on the right (the door from which Morl entered), and down the ramps. In the corner you will find a crate of 800 platinum, grab it and then return to the main room, go through the other (new) door on your right, and head down the tunnel to the interrogation room. Bypass the door and a not-so-pleasant scene will greet you. Access the computer in the corner to finish the mission.

When you access the computer, EDI informs you of what the data is and of the potential damage to Cerberus if it was ever circulated publicly. Now, you have three options:

  1. Upload the Data to Cerberus Command
  2. Upload the Data to Alliance Command
  3. Keep the data for yourself

Note: Your credit payout isn’t affected by your decision about where to send the data.

Interrogation Reports

Report #1 (Subject ID)

Interrogator: Cpl. Geero
Subject: Cerberus Agent Tyrone Rawlings

Eclipse targeted Agent Rawlings some time ago. We know Rawlings is connected to the encrypted data we acquired. The data could conclusively prove Cerberus' involvement in rachni experiments. We believe Rawlings possesses a cipher that can be used to decrypt the data. Without his cipher, the data could take years for Eclipse to decode.

Report #2 (Subject Captured)

Interrogator: Cpl. Geero
Subject: Cerberus Agent Tyrone Rawlings

Agent Rawlings proved difficult to capture. Having insinuated himself on a ship bound for the Attican Traverse, he had won over the loyalty of the ship's crew who believed him to be a human dignitary on a mission of discovery. Our own agents managed to disable the ship and hobble its defenses long enough to extract Agent Rawlings.

We lost a lot of men to obtain this asset. This data had better be worth the expense.

Report #3 (Subject Interrogated)

Interrogator: Cpl. Geero
Subject: Cerberus Agent Tyrone Rawlings

The interrogation has failed. Despite some of our most advanced interrogation techniques, Agent Rawlings managed to evade our questions. When we applied more invasive methods, he proved resistant to those as well. Eventually Agent Rawlings' resistance caused tempers to flare. We consider it unfortunate that Agent Rawlings did not live to pass on the cipher.

We have men working to decipher the encryption now. As long as we control this data, its mere existence remains a powerful tool against Cerberus.


If you send the data to Cerberus, this e-mail (Re: Lost Operative) will be received:

From: Cerberus Command

We received the data you found on the Eclipse base. While the death of operative Tyrone Rawlings was regrettable, he died to keep this information out of the hands of those who would do Cerberus harm. By retrieving this data, you have ensured that his death was not in vain.

While the subject of the data is known, the contents of the intel are not. We are decrypting the data to find out the nature of the erroneous information being spread about Cerberus. Thanks to you, we can safeguard our already fragile reputation. Well done!

If you decide to keep the intel, this e-mail (Operative Data Filed) will be received:

From: EDI

I have logged and begun decryption of the data you recovered from the Eclipse base on Lorek. Preliminary searches show that the information pertains to illicit operations in which Cerberus was involved over the past five years. Should this information be released, it could severely hinder Cerberus' ability to operate openly in the galaxy.

It will take me a year or more to completely decrypt this information.

If you send the data to the Alliance, this e-mail (RE: Encrypted Data) will be received:

From: Alliance Command


We got the data you sent. If this went public, it could do some serious damage to Cerberus' image. This intel will take years to decode, but just having it is a huge win for the Alliance.

Well done, Shepard. Good luck on your mission.



Mission Summary

Data uploaded to Alliance: Cerberus operative Tyrone Rawlings was found dead. Encrypted data transmitted to Alliance for decryption.

Data uploaded to Cerberus: Cerberus operative Tyrone Rawlings was found dead. Encrypted data transmitted to Cerberus for decryption.

Data uploaded to Normandy: Cerberus operative Tyrone Rawlings was found dead. Encrypted data transmitted to Normandy for decryption and storage.

  • Experience reward: 125 (156)
  • Credits: 7,875
    • Cerberus Funding: 3,750
    • Credits Found: 4,125
  • Minerals:
    • Platinum: 2,000

Note: At most 7500 credits are awarded (not counting the medigel), regardless what the mission summary says.