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The N7 Defender Armor is a set of armor in Mass Effect 3, available as part of the N7 Warfare Gear downloadable content pack. It increases health, shields, weapon damage and ammo capacity.


The Defender Armor is a variation on the N7 Special Forces’ combat gear, built to protect soldiers in long-running engagements where reinforcements may be sparse. When the wearer fires a weapon, the suit's computers divert energy from the main power cell to the gun's kinetic coils, offering an extra punch. The Defender's storage compartments are designed to hold spare thermal clips, while capacitors throughout the armor provide extra power to shields during critical moments in battle. The armor also comes with an injection system built into the suit and neural-linked bio-monitors that help adjust the wearer's breathing rate and adrenaline levels.[2]

E-Mail from Admiral Hackett[]

Your N7 Defender Armor

From: Steven Hackett


Never had the chance to get you some new N7 equipment back on Earth. I've arranged for the N7 Defender Armor to be delivered to the Normandy before supply lines get even less reliable than they are now. Look for the armor the next time you're suiting up for a mission. It's more than just a little extra plating.



The armor is included in the N7 Warfare Gear downloadable content pack for Mass Effect 3, a retail bonus item obtained by pre-ordering Mass Effect 3 from certain retailers.[3] It is included in Mass Effect 3: Special Edition on Wii U.[4] In the Legendary Edition it is available from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel Embassies for a base amount of 80,000 credits.

Player Notes[]

  • This armor's benefits are ideal for a Soldier; its defensive boosts alongside weapon damage and ammo bonuses allow you to wade into the thick of combat and dish out some serious damage with your assault rifle.
  • The armor's effects are also rather helpful if you're playing as an infiltrator with a shotgun, as its shield boost will allow you to survive just a bit longer in melee, as well as its damage boost making your cloaked shotgun blasts just that much more powerful.


  • The N7 Defender armor appears identical (in all but colour) to the default armor of James Vega. The same armor is also used in the multiplayer portion of the game by Human Soldiers and Vanguards, except with the helmet replaced with the Death Mask.

See Also[]

  • N7 Valkyrie: Assault Rifle included with the armor in the N7 Warfare Gear pack.