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The N7 Typhoon is an assault rifle in Mass Effect 3.


The Typhoon is a distinctive light machine gun featuring a face shield to protect the shooter from headshots. Its power and recoil are so notorious that it includes a high-tech kinetic reducer to fight muzzle climb. Since the reducer tries to limit all motion by the weapon, marksmen do not engage it while moving and instead reduce the recoil only while they are in cover.



The N7 Typhoon is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack.[1]

In the Legendary Edition it is available from the Spectre Requisitions terminal in the Citadel Embassies for a base amount of 150,000 credits.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The N7 Typhoon is categorized as ultra-rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Earth.

Player Notes[]

  • The N7 Typhoon is the heaviest assault rifle in the game except for the Geth Spitfire in multiplayer, making it impractical for power-dependent classes to use. Pairing the Typhoon with another weapon is not recommended unless that weapon is exceptionally light or the player is not concerned with weight and power cooldowns.
  • The Typhoon can be likened to an improved version of the M-76 Revenant in terms of firepower and bullet spread. Firing from cover is highly recommended for the improvement to stability and accuracy. Despite being far heavier than the Revenant, firing the Typhoon does not slow the user's movement at all.
  • The Typhoon is the only assault rifle with native shot penetration, which lets it ignore Guardian shields, armor plating, and thin cover without any external aid like an Assault Rifle Piercing Mod.
  • Like the Geth Plasma SMG, the Typhoon benefits from a damage bonus that kicks in after a short period of continuous fire, on top of the increasing rate of fire.[2]
    • After .75 seconds of firing, damage per round is increased by 2x (1.5x in multiplayer); this is also the same amount of time needed for the gun to reach maximum firing rate, at which point ammo consumption also doubles. The rate of fire and damage peak earlier than the audiovisual effects of maximized firing indicate.[3]
    • Activating the Marksman power immediately grants this "spin-up" bonus.
    • Effective use of cover to avoid enemy attacks, especially those that can stun or deal very heavy damage, is vital for being able to receive the benefits from maintaining sustained fire.
  • The Typhoon deals an additional 50% bonus damage against targets with any protection.
  • When its various damage bonuses are taken into account, the Typhoon surpasses even the Cerberus Harrier in terms of sustained damage-per-second (DPS).[4] However, the Typhoon is considerably less effective than the Harrier and many other weapons if it is not being fired continuously and the targets are mainly red health bar infantry. This can be exacerbated by the tendency of infantry to immediately dodge out of the way of bullet-spraying weapons.
  • The Typhoon is not accurate enough by default to consistently land hits on enemy heads or weak points like the Harrier, Particle Rifle, or M-99 Saber. The Marksman power is probably the most effective way to enhance the Typhoon's accuracy, though it will increase both ammo consumption and muzzle climb. The accuracy boost also reduces screen vibration from firing.
  • The Particle Rifle can maintain a higher DPS than the Typhoon within the snapshot of time where it can be fired at full charge with the largest possible magazine size, and it also has the advantage of "infinite" ammo, being self-cooling, whereas the Typhoon tends to run through spare thermal clips very quickly. It is also perfectly accurate and perfectly stable, as well as lighter. However, the Typhoon has the advantage of its penetrating shots, and it can potentially maintain greater sustained fire over a longer period as long as it can maintain its ammo supply, as it can benefit from "instant reload" abilities such as Adrenaline Rush, or, in multiplayer mode only, Marksman and Thermal Clip Packs. Also, the Typhoon is not as tied down to using the Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade as the Particle Rifle is; while this mod can certainly boost the Typhoon's efficiency, it is not necessarily required because of its large default magazine of 100 rounds, especially if the player is efficient at reload cancelling, which is not an option for the Particle Rifle.
  • Despite its various damage bonuses, the Typhoon still deals relatively low damage per bullet like most automatic weapons; against armored targets it should be used in tandem with piercing mods, anti-armor ammo augmentation, and/or powers that weaken armor like Warp or Cryo Blast.

  • The Typhoon is easily the single most effective weapon for squadmates that are able to equip it, especially if combined with an ammo power. Its native penetration combined with the right weapon mods means the squadmate tendency to shoot directly at enemies behind cover will still result in kills. James Vega with upgraded Incendiary Ammo, Ashley Williams with Marksman, and Garrus Vakarian in particular can down the toughest foes in mere seconds even on Insanity difficulty.
  • In single-player, the N7 Typhoon's recoil increases as the weapon levels up. Because of this, an Assault Rifle Stability Damper mod is highly recommended for Shepard (squadmates are unaffected by recoil and bullet spread).
  • Only a Soldier with a weight capacity of 100 can carry the Typhoon without power recharge penalties, and even then the weapon must be high level and modded with Assault Rifle Ultralight Materials.

  • The Typhoon's muzzle climb is manageable even when tight aiming or zoomed through a scope. Adding on a scope mod can make the weapon accurate enough for long-range focusing of enemy heads and weak points, and the increased accuracy also reduces the severity of screen shake from firing.
  • The Typhoon can be very effective in the hands of the turian classes because of the weapon damage and stability bonuses from the passive class powers Turian Veteran and Armiger Legion. The Geth Juggernaut Soldier's class passive also provides a significant stability bonus.
    • The Turian Soldier is even more effective with this weapon with Marksman; though the faster rate of fire can make the muzzle climb even more severe, the increases to accuracy and damage tend to make up for this.
  • Like other weapons that benefit from continuous firing, the Typhoon is effective in the hands of the N7 Destroyer Soldier, as it can gain additional magazine size and the Destroyer is highly stun resistant with Devastator Mode active, making it easier to fire uninterrupted. Activating Devastator Mode also provides an instant reload of the active weapon.
  • Stun-resistant and resilient classes like the Geth Juggernaut Soldier or Krogan Warlord Sentinel have an easier time firing the Typhoon without being interrupted.
  • Unlike in single-player, the Typhoon's recoil does not worsen at higher levels.
  • In heavy combat, do not hesitate to use Thermal Clip Packs for instant reloading and ammo replenishment. The Barrage Upgrade or Assault Loadout Gear items can both be useful.