The Typhoon is a distinctive light machine gun featuring a face shield to protect the shooter from headshots. Its power and recoil are so notorious that it includes a high-tech kinetic reducer to fight muzzle climb. Since the reducer tries to limit all motion by the weapon, marksmen do not engage it while moving and instead reduce the recoil only while they are in cover.


Weapons are randomly rewarded through purchases of item packs. The N7 Typhoon is categorized as ultra-rare and requires Mass Effect 3: Earth.

Player Notes

  • The N7 Typhoon is one of the heaviest assault rifles currently available, second only to the Geth Spitfire, making it less practical for power-dependent classes. It is not recommended to pair the Typhoon with another weapon unless power recharge speed is of no concern.
  • The damage and bullet spread of the N7 Typhoon is greater, yet comparable to the M-76 Revenant. In mid-to-long range engagements, firing from cover is highly recommended.
  • The Typhoon has one of the highest assault rifle thermal clip capacities. Like the Particle Rifle and Geth Pulse Rifle, the Typhoon can fire 180 rounds with a Level V Magazine Upgrade attached.
  • The Typhoon can pierce any defense up to 25cm thick without an assault rifle piercing mod. This is effective against light cover, armor plating and Guardian shields.
  • The Typhoon receives a damage multiplier of 1.5 when it reaches its maximum firing rate.[1]
  • Furthermore, the Typhoon deals an additional 50% bonus damage against targets with any protection (shields, barriers or armor). This makes the Typhoon surpass even the Cerberus Harrier in terms of sustained DPS.[2]
  • Like the Geth Plasma SMG and the Geth Spitfire, the N7 Typhoon has a slow rate of fire when the trigger is first pulled, slowly firing four rounds before spooling up to its maximum fire rate. This trait is very useful when trying to accurately engage an enemy at range since it is very easy to fire single shots at this lower rate of fire.
  • The N7 Typhoon can be devastating if combined with the N7 Destroyer. If used with the right ammo types and abilities, the Typhoon will kill infantry and boss units quickly.
  • The N7 Typhoon will quickly exhaust its ammo supply unless magazine upgrades are taken.
  • Combining the Typhoon with ammo mods maximizes its damage potential, allowing extremely high proc rate.
  • When shooting from cover, depending on the angle, the faceplate on the Typhoon will sometimes block the player's view of their target.
  • Whilst previously thought to provide defensive benefits whilst equipped - either a flat 40% resistance bonus, or specifically that it would reduce damage taken whilst leaning out from cover - the Typhoon does not confer any defensive benefits whatsoever.[3]


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