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The Typhoon is a distinctive light machine gun featuring a face shield to protect the shooter from headshots. Its power and recoil are so notorious that it includes a high-tech kinetic reducer to fight muzzle climb. Since the reducer tries to limit all motion by the weapon, marksmen do not engage it while moving and instead reduce the recoil only while they are in cover.

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The N7 Typhoon is available after downloading the Mass Effect 3: Groundside Resistance Pack.[1]

Player Notes Edit

  • All squad members able to use assault rifles will prove to be incredibly useful on higher difficulties with this weapon. Especially James Vega with upgraded Incendiary Ammo, for noticeably increased damage; and Ashley Williams with Marksman, as she is able to fire twice as fast as the weapon normally does. If Garrus Vakarian is built for maximum weapon damage, however, then it will be able to bring about total devastation of all enemies. Garrus will down all enemies in less than three seconds, even on Insanity difficulty.
  • The N7 Typhoon is the heaviest assault rifle in the game, making it less practical for power-dependent classes to use. Pairing the Typhoon with another weapon is not recommended unless that weapon is exceptionally light or the player is not concerned with weight and power cooldowns.
  • The Typhoon can be likened to an improved version of the M-76 Revenant in terms of firepower and bullet spread. While in cover, it can be used as a moderately effective mid-to-long range weapon. Using it in cover is highly recommended.
  • The Typhoon has a native penetration of 100cm, which lets it tear through Guardian shields, armor plating, and cover without the aid of an Assault Rifle Piercing Mod.
  • The Typhoon receives a damage multiplier of 2.0x when it reaches its maximum firing rate.[2]
  • The Typhoon deals an additional 50% bonus damage against targets with any protection (shields, barriers or armor). This makes the Typhoon surpass even the Cerberus Harrier in terms of sustained Damage-Per-Second (DPS).[3]
  • Like the Geth Plasma SMG and the Geth Spitfire, the N7 Typhoon has a slow rate of fire when the trigger is first pulled, before spooling up to its high fire rate. It fires about four rounds before doing so. This trait is very useful when trying to accurately engage an enemy at range since it is very easy to fire single shots at this lower rate of fire.
  • The N7 Typhoon's recoil increases as the weapon levels up. Because of this an Assault Rifle Stability Damper mod is highly recommended.
  • The Executioner Pistol when modded with a Pistol Ultralight Materials and a Pistol Scope is an excellent counterpart to the N7 Typhoon, replacing a heavier sniper rifle and allowing players to alternate between single precision shots and barrages of automatic fire.
  • With a level 5 Assault Rifle Magazine Upgrade, a Soldier can use the automatic reload performed when Adrenaline Rush is activated to fire the Typhoon continuously until running out of reserve ammo.

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