After the carnage of the Battle of the Citadel, Alliance officers commissioned a new rifle for their ground forces. A variation of the popular Avenger design, the Valkyrie is now standard issue for new recruits. Exceptionally well-crafted, accurate, and packing ample firepower, the rifle is a hot black-market item when it surfaces.


The N7 Valkyrie is included in the N7 Warfare Gear pack as a retail bonus item for players who pre-ordered either edition of the game from certain retailers.
It is included in Mass Effect 3: Special Edition on Wii U.[1] It is also available in Mass Effect 3: Omega, and can be found during The Invasion of Omega segment of the mission.[2]

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The N7 Valkyrie assault rifle is issued to every new Alliance recruit and is standard issue among ground forces. Alliance telemetry shows the weapon displays excellent efficiency in combat. Since the Normandy is now an Alliance vessel, I was able to requisition a number of these rifles for use among the crew. You will find them in the weapons lockers. EDI

Player Notes

  • The Valkyrie is a two-round burst assault rifle with a standard thermal clip capacity of sixteen shots (equaling eight bursts).
  • The main strength of this rifle is that it has good damage and high accuracy, meaning the Valkyrie will kill enemies quickly and efficiently at mid to long-range.
  • The two-round burst nature of this weapon gives this rifle a slightly better chance in close quarter fights than the other semi-automatic assault rifles.
  • Weight is the biggest flaw with the Valkyrie, weighing in more than most assault rifles, making it difficult to use powers regularly when used with multiple weapons.
  • Another weakness is that because of the burst-nature of this gun, the Valkyrie has a fairly mild upward pull when firing. This can be remedied by making sure the cross-hairs are on target before firing to maintain effectiveness.
  • The stability damper upgrade will make the Valkyrie much easier to fire rapidly as it eliminates much of the weapon's upward pull allowing the player to stay on target with little effort.


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