On occasion when Drack is in the squad, he will engage in conversations unique to him.

Unique Dialogue Edit

Throughout Ryder's travels, there are specific points where Drack will voice his opinions.

  • On A Better Beginning:
    • Drack wants a military outpost if his opinion is asked, keeping the hostile kett in mind.

Spontaneous Edit

Sometimes Drack will say something spontaneously, without being prompted.

  • On Eos:
    • While wandering around Site 1: Promise, Drack shares an old krogan saying: "First steps mark the brave and dead."
    • While wandering around a scientific Prodromos, Drack thinks they'd still be better off if it was a military outpost instead. If it is a military outpost, Drack approves of the increased safety due to the soldiers' presence.
  • On Havarl:
    • While roaming around the Central Wilds after learning of the world's decline, Drack tries to confirm Kiiran Dals' assessment that the presently lush environment will disappear one day.
    • While wandering around the Remnant Abyss after hearing about angaran reincarnation from First Sage Esmus, Drack dismisses multiple past lives: when one has lived as long as him, it's one life too many.

Nomad Banter Edit

While driving across a landscape in the Nomad, Drack may initiate conversations around certain topics.

  • On Kadara:
    • While talking with Liam:
      • After Liam Kosta: All In, Drack asks if he's planning more rescues. The old krogan deems the mission as pure simple fun: no sciency complications like experiments or gene theft, just shooting pirates in the face. He wants in on further missions like that.
  • On Elaaden:
    • Drack remarks a younger him would have killed the Pathfinder. He then compares the even younger him to Ryder.
    • Drack warns Ryder to be careful around Nakmor Morda as she's still pissed off at the Nexus.
    • While talking with Cora:
      • Drack confirms he fought in the Krogan Rebellions, knowing it's hard to believe with his "youthful good looks."
      • Drack boasts the best thing about the Krogan Rebellions was his ancestor, Shiagur. Cora is unimpressed, so Drack tries to tell her he has the clan brands to prove it.
    • While talking with Liam:
      • Drack tells him krogan "law enforcement" is very different from what he does (peacekeeping).
    • While talking with Peebee:
      • Peebee observes the sky has a weird color but thinks it's just natural. Drack agrees with the first part.
      • Drack praises her for not going soft against Remnant targets considering her passions.
    • While talking with Vetra:
      • Vetra complains about Sid being an obstinate sister. Drack opines kids need boundaries, but they need to know their sibling is not the enemy. Hearing about her dad, Drack guesses he was special ops and disappeared from their life, finding out he knows the type.
      • Vetra wonders how she and her sister would have been if they had a better home life. Drack tells her a difficult upbringing is actually good because she took what she had and made it hers. The turian wishes he raised her and Sid, though Drack chuckles they would have turned out worse at everything except shooting.
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