MEA Journal - Drack
You have received a new email.

Acquisition Edit

Starts automatically after the events at Khi Tasira.

Walkthrough Edit

Read email from Drack Edit

Nakmor Drack has an invitation for you. Acknowledging the email starts the next objective.

Fun and games
To: Ryder
From: Drack

Hey kid,

You ever play Fire-Breathing Thresher Maws of Doom? Heck of a game.

Vetra somehow scared me up a copy. Meet me at Vortex and we'll play.


Meet Drack at the Vortex Edit

Head to The Vortex on the Nexus. Drack explains that he wants to teach you about the krogan but that they will have to wait for Nakmor Kesh and Vorn to begin the game.

Pathfinder Ryder asks about the name of the game involving fire and Drack just says that it's a krogan kids' game. You ask for clarification about the fire and Drack says "they are just mini-flamethrowers but watch out for the drinks. The bartender will not be happy with that."

The conversation then ends and the mission is over.

Reward Edit

  • None