Nakmor Morda is the leader of Clan Nakmor and the Overlord of the New Tuchanka colony on Elaaden in 2819.

Background Edit

Morda had a reputation among non-krogan as someone who would rather not deal with aliens. To that end, she appointed Nakmor Kesh as Clan Nakmor's ambassador to the Nexus and defers to her authority in matters of station maintenance. Within the clan, Morda's name is invoked to force compliance on pain of facing her wrath.

Among other clans, Morda was known to have impressed Urdnot Wrex, considering she's female and also a clan leader. She also considered the Andromeda Initiative founder Jien Garson as the only human she could call a friend.

Mass Effect: Andromeda: Nexus Uprising Edit

When the Nexus arrives at the Heleus Cluster in disastrous circumstances, Morda is kept asleep while Kesh collaborates with others to fix the station. The situation takes a turn for the worse after a few months with the mutiny of several disgruntled workers, forcing Acting Director Jarun Tann to authorize Morda's reawakening.

Morda impatiently bursts out of her cryopod during revival, bellowing for her clan. The only person around, Assistant Deputy Director William Spender, parries her initial questions before telling her of the ongoing uprising. Morda's cautious her krogan are to be used and discarded again, as with the Rachni Wars, and won't accept mere statues as compensation. Spender claims the leadership is prepared to give the krogan a seat at the council, and a wary Morda threatens to eat him if he's messing with her. Hearing that it's legitimate, Morda accepts the deal, demands witnesses for it, and orders her elite warriors brought out from cryosleep.

The leader of Clan Nakmor faces the mutineers with her warriors and notifies Security Director Sloane Kelly she's on the wrong side of the barricade. A bloody massacre ensues, leaving the rebellion crushed, its leader Calix Corvannis dead, and Sloane assuming his role in the negotiations afterward.

During the faceoff between key leaders of the opposing factions, Morda berates Kesh for her missteps during the affair. They both start to square on each other when Nakmor Drack intervenes and steers them to more pressing issues. Director of Colonial Affairs Foster Addison decries the excessive violence of the Nakmor troops, but Morda defends it as Spender told them they can use whatever means necessary. Tann provokes Morda further, only to be barely restrained by Kesh, so she promises she and the salarian will have words.

Later in Hydroponics, Morda and an entourage of four krogan seek out Tann to claim their promised reward of a council seat. She puts in a visible (and uncharacteristic) effort to observe formalities for the event, even bowing for the Director. When Tann realizes what she means, he hastily rejects the deal, promises Spender will be "reprimanded" for the "error", and gets out of the room.

Fed up with the gross disrespect and manipulations, a furious Morda is barely talked out of declaring war on the Nexus by Kesh. She's irritated on Kesh's divided loyalties, but she still considers her advice worth heeding, as Drack also recommends. When Kesh suggests the krogan follow the mutineers into exile but she stays behind, Morda seizes her by the collar, reminds her to never forget her allegiances, and accepts the suggestion. Morda privately relishes taming the hostile galaxy they found themselves in.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Fourteen months after the Nexus' arrival in Heleus, Morda is pitted against Pathfinder Ryder by Jorgal Strux over a Remnant drive core, with both parties convinced the other wanted to use the drive core to create a bomb.

Ryder manages to find the drive core at Scavenger Flophouse ("Misery") and returns to New Tuchanka to expose Strux's treachery. Strux, harboring an old grudge of how his father joined Clan Nakmor for admiring Morda's grandfather, becoming shamed by other krogan, then admits his ambition to undermine Morda and become the new overlord. Morda bests Strux in combat and, after expressing contempt for Strux putting the entire colony at risk over a grudge he carried across dark space, banishes him and his underlings from the colony.

In the aftermath, Morda demands the Pathfinder hand over the drive core as it'll be used to power the colony. If Ryder gives it to Clan Nakmor, they allow the Initiative to create an outpost at their colony and rebuild their alliance. If Ryder holds on to the drive core, Morda permanently severs relations between New Tuchanka and the Initiative, swearing the krogan will flourish in spite of this. Because she's fair, she still allows the Pathfinder to walk around New Tuchanka afterward.

After the battle for Meridian, Ryder can support Morda as interim ambassador to the Nexus, finally giving the krogan a voice in Heleus and leaving Tann speechless.

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