Location: Milky WayPylos NebulaZaherin System Second planet

Prerequisite: Leviathan: Find Ann Bryson (Mass Effect 3)

Description Edit

An arid but habitable planet, Namakli was briefly colonized by the Pyrena Corporation, a consortium of asari colonists and socialized vorcha laborers. After an economic downturn, however, many asari left the planet, and the vorcha population kept growing to the point where they bred faster than could be educated. Soon they turned violent and uncontrollable, and the colonies essentially self-destructed.

Today, Namakli is a wasteland with little population, but vorcha packs are scattered across the deserts. Settlers frequently run into these packs, discouraging recolonization. The lack of complex biota and scarcity of profitable metals drove the last few proverbial nails into Namakli's coffin: no one has stepped forth in the past few years with the will, the funding, or the firepower to establish a permanent colony.

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