Disambiguous This article is about the interrupt system in Mass Effect: Andromeda. For the interrupt system in Mass Effect 2, see Interrupt. For the interrupt system in Mass Effect 3, see Interrupt (Mass Effect 3).

Narrative Actions are prompts that may appear in the middle of conversations in Mass Effect: Andromeda, similar to the interrupt system used in the original trilogy. As with the last two Mass Effect games, narrative actions allow the player character - this time Pathfinder Ryder - to take direct, often physical, action at certain moments in conversations.

Mechanics Edit

A narrative action appears during an appropriate moment. There is a limited amount of time to act before the prompt goes away: if the narrative action is not taken, a fallback action will occur. If it is taken, a soundbite plays in confirmation and an alternate scenario occurs.

Unlike in previous games, narrative actions merely influence a conversation's outcome, since there is no morality system to deal with. Being generous or parsimonious with interrupts affects Dr. Lexi T'Perro's ongoing psychological profile of the Pathfinder, with the final say being apparent by the end of the game.

Narrative Actions Edit

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A Better Beginning Edit

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On activating the first Remnant console SAM suggests doubling the power input to expedite things. An asari sprints in out of nowhere yelling not to do it, tackling Ryder to the ground. She explains the Remnant Glyphs have to be properly cycled through their channels.

If she's pushed off, she playfully remarks the Pathfinder doesn't like being sat on before helping themselves up.
If not, she ends her explanation asking the group to trust her.

In the Remnant Vault entrance at the middle of the lake, Peebee wonders aloud about the mechanics of the Gravity Well that just appeared.

Ryder preempts her train of thought and jumps in before her.
If not, she jumps first, forcing the others to follow.
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