Natanus orbital

Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Remav

Description Edit


  • Ark name: Natanus
  • Stasis Pod Count: 20,000, currently detecting 15,372
  • Status: Inactive

Tempest sensors show severe damage to all sections of the turian ark from exposure to the Scourge. Due to hull instability, moving the Natanus would be ill-advised, but it should be safe for a recovery team to extract the remaining stasis pods.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

See also: Codex (Mass Effect: Andromeda)/Ships And Vehicles#Ark Natanus

Upon arrival in Heleus, Ark Natanus hit the Scourge, causing severe structural damage. A skeleton crew was awoken in an attempt to control the situation, but all were either forced to abandon ship or were killed in action. The casualty list included the turian Pathfinder, Macen Barro, who died while trying to transfer his SAM to former Spectre and security officer, Avitus Rix. Because Barro died, before the transfer process was completed, the turian SAM's directives were corrupted and the AI focused all of Natanus' resources on finding and reaching H-047c, the intended turian homeworld in Andromeda, going so far as ejecting multiple cryo pods and forcing the ark through the Scourge.

The ark's travels through the Scourge have left it too damaged to be returned to the Nexus. If discovered by Pathfinder Ryder, their team learn what transpired and conclude transferring the Natanus SAM node to the Nexus would be the safest course before any Pathfinder successors can be selected. In the aftermath, rescue attempts are underway to retrieve the 15000 sleeping turians aboard, overseen either by Avitus if he accepted the Pathfinder mantle or nobody if he declined.

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