Nathak are scavengers which are mentioned several times in Mass Effect but never seen. They appear to live out on Noveria; Lorik Qui'in tells Commander Shepard that there's nothing outside Port Hanshan but snow and hungry nathak.

The well-travelled Wrex seems to be familiar with them, claiming a dead salarian near the tram access at Central Station will soon be eaten by nathak and there's no point burying him. He also uses them as an analogy for attacking the gatehouse on Therum which is heavily defended by geth turrets, saying that "only a fool punches a nathak in the mouth, you should sneak around and pull its tail".


  • Nathak were wolf-like creatures that would have been encountered on the Noveria driving level and the Peak 15 Central Station. They would have used the varren skeleton and animations. However, they were cut due to art scheduling constraints.
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