Nax is a krogan mercenary encountered by Jacob Taylor on the Ahn'Kedar Orbital Platform.

Nax is gunning down batarians inside the Ahn'Kedar facility when Jacob arrives. Upon meeting him, Nax gives him until the count of five to justify his life, after which he will either reach two or be informed by Jacob of his intention to rescue captive scientists being held on the station. Jacob and Nax then realize their goals are similar, as Nax is there to rescue Batha, an asari scientist and old friend. Either Nax or Jacob then recommend splitting up to cover more ground.

Later on, Jacob speaks with a scientist who tells him the formula to the cure for the batarians' bio-weapon is with an asari in a different facility and that Jacob has no chance of reaching it. Shortly after he says this, a nearby door is blown open and Nax appears running from a group of batarians with Batha draped over his shoulder. Nax then heads to the cargo hold to assist Batha with manufacturing the cure, insisting that he will not wear an apron.

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