Nelyna is an acolyte of the asari Consort, Sha'ira, and works as the greeter at the Consort's Chambers on the Citadel. She is very friendly toward Commander Shepard, even though the Commander is not on Sha'ira's client list for the day.

Nelyna can answer questions about the Consort, and explain the role of the acolytes: they use their training to attend to clients whom Sha'ira does not have time to see. Nelyna's specialty is "touch". If Shepard agrees to help Sha'ira by talking to General Septimus, Nelyna can tell the Commander a little more about him, though she is unaware of the details concerning what happened between him and the Consort.

Nelyna can also offer to make an appointment for Shepard to see the Consort, saying they might be able to arrange something in the next few months.

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