Location: Milky WayStyx ThetaErebus System First planet

Prerequisite: Noveria: Geth Interest (Mass Effect)

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Nepmos is a resource-rich terrestrial world somewhat larger than Earth, with a dense atmosphere of sulphur dioxide and argon. Nepmos' crust is very thin and unstable, not more than 8 kilometers deep in any location. Subsurface magma flows are a hazard to ground travel, and earthquakes are frequent. While heavy metals and radioactives are plentiful, this geological instability has deterred investment by mining concerns.

An additional complication is that the Styx Cluster lies uncomfortably close to the "Five Kiloparsec Ring" around the galactic core. The Ring contains a great deal of molecular hydrogen, fueling the majority of the galaxy's star formation. This area is too dangerous to safely travel.

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Points of Interest Edit

Location Appearance Description
1 Initial Listening post (UNC: Listening Post Alpha)
2 Discovery Rachni infested mine (UNC: Listening Post Alpha) (Not accessible before receiving coordinates from Lt. Durand)
3 Initial Crashed Probe (salvage)
4 Initial Mining camp (salvage). The "song" commonly associated with the rachni can be heard here.

“It appears these particle bores were shut down after breaking through into tunnels just below the surface.
The shacks and equipment are stenciled with the logo of the Tenkarra Mining Consortium, but there is no trace of the mining crew.”

5 Initial Safebox (UNC: Locate Signs of Battle)

“One of the miners had a League of One medallion. It's possible he discovered it while he was digging, but there's no way to be certain.”

6 Unmarked Rachni colony
7 Unmarked Rachni colony

Mineral Deposits Edit

Nepmos SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Uranium Rare
2 Palladium Heavy
3 Titanium Light

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Trivia Edit

  • Approaching the rachni colonies for a second time while the corpses are still visible may cause a crash to desktop on the PC version. It appears that the trigger attempts to respawn the corpses.
  • Similarly, when leaving the rachni colony in the Xbox 360 and PS3 version, the frame rate drops incredibly low, and one of Shepard's squad members may disappear. The problem ends when the player returns to the Normandy. Also saving before leaving the mines and restarting the system seems to fix it.
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