New Tuchanka

Led by Nakmor Morda, New Tuchanka was founded on Elaaden by the krogan who departed the Nexus in the wake of the rebellion. It is named after the krogan's homeworld, Tuchanka.

The colony was built directly after the departure of the krogan from the Nexus. It was located near a sinkhole to mitigate the harsh conditions of the planet and was built with prefab materials from the Andromeda Initiative that were taken by the krogan when they left the Nexus. For food supplies, the colony relies on the greenhouse, handled by Vorn and his assistant Hark, where the plants grow faster than on the irradiated Tuchanka.

Areas Edit

  • Throne Room
  • Greenhouse
  • Genetics Lab
  • Merchant
  • Fighting Pit
  • Bar

Elaaden Outpost Edit

MEA - New Tuchanka outpost
Depending upon Ryder's choice about the fate of the stolen Remnant Drive Core, the Elaaden Outpost can be created next to New Tuchanka. It is the only unnamed Initiative golden world outpost.

The director of colonial affairs, Foster Addison, thought that the krogan were definitively lost for the Initiative in the aftermath of the Nexus Uprising. With Ryder's deal with krogan, the colony can retroactively be called an Outpost despite a specific leadership among the krogan.

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New Tuchanka Edit

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The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired at New Tuchanka:

  • None

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired at New Tuchanka:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired at New Tuchanka:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired at New Tuchanka:

Datapads and Terminals Edit

Community: Krantt: The Ragening!
From: Kohrr Imeh

Imagine that you're a proud warrior fighting for your people at the height of the Rachni War... when the ancient spirits of Tuchanka awaken and spread across the galaxy. Some are changed, gaining magical powers and a tie to the homeworld through the blood of Kalros herself, while others become horrible monsters. Can you conquer the beasts within and save the galaxy?

Join us in Krantt: The Ragening, a live-action roleplaying experience for krogan who want to combine collaborative storytelling with light, non-lethal combat. All you need is any dice roller app, the LightShow omni-tool utility, dummy ammo for any gun you bring, and your own imagination. Meet friends and have fun in a supportive environment.

Contact poster for information on meet up times.

Community: New Fathers
From: Kormer Ryn

Any other males who have kids interested in getting together? Now that we're supposed to raise them along with the females instead of just visiting, I have a lot of questions. Let's get together with the little ones and figure out how to do this.

And maybe let's keep it safe. No explosive rounds, all right?

Contact poster for information on meet up times.

Community: New Fathers (Updated)
From: Kormer Ryn

Great meet up! I love how my little headbutter laughed when we took the hills at full speed, and hearing him sing along during story time was amazing. Thanks to whoever brought the VI that did the diaper-change and scale-chafe-check tutorial, and also to whoever brought the demolition charges. The way all their little eyes lit up when those things blew was fantastic.

Same time next week!

Notice: Building Regulations
From: Gulnaz Bin

Hey everyone. As we continue building new structures, remember that building is like firing your shotgun into a pack of varren: adjust your SAFETY FIRST.

We don't want to focus on the "cons," so let's have a "pro-versation" about safety:

- Please wear helmets while building unless you really don't want to.
- Don't use the welding torches for tattoos unless you're sure it's something you want on your skin forever.
- Quit stealing supplies. We've got computers, we know you're doing it, and we'll shoot you.
- Only add guns to things the plans say should have guns on them.
- Don't fire your guns into the air in celebration unless you shout that you're going to do so beforehand.

Thank you.

Notice: Social Interactions
From: Gulnaz Bin

All right, everyone, most of you are used to either gender-segregated camps back on Tuchanka or mostly male mercenary work offworld. But now we're all together, and it's time for us to make the most of this "probletunity."

With females sending breeding requests and males asking many questions about fertility, we've had some good dialogues so far, and in most cases, everyone has already recovered from their injuries. To that end, we've added some mandatory cultural education:

Blasto 6: Partners in Crime: Notice Blasto and Blasto's partner's sister agreeing to engage in mating rituals. Blasto's partner does not attempt to assert authority over his sister or shoot Blasto for mating with his sister without permission.

Fleet and Flotilla: Bellicus and Shalei are good models for behavior of a couple that is interested in courting despite cultural differences. Do not sing, though. Nobody sings while mating. That's just a thing they do in vids sometimes. I cannot stress that enough.

Krantt Hardly Wait: Now I know some of you got offended by having a young krogan court a human female, but since the vid is literally about a krogan male trying to learn appropriate courtship behavior, you are all going to shut up and watch it. Also, Vega Bull Jr. does a great job as the human female's father, and he should be made an honorary krogan.

Asari Confessions 26: True Blue: Couldn't hurt.

After that, we recommend that you try some "edu-tainment" in the form of one of the dating-sim vids available at any kiosk. I can think of few better ways for us all to learn about romance than by playing an interactive game on the subject.

Notice: Social Interactions (Updated)
From: Gulnaz Bin

Hello again, everyone. It's time for a little "care-frontation."

It's great that you studied the courtship material, but implementation has been tougher than boiled vorcha. Our medics have noted that the nettles you all are gathering and giving to each other in bouquets are poisonous. The females have been patient so far by only breaking your bones, but let's not test that any further. I'm pleased that our lone fatality was the stupid little pyjak who stood outside in the middle of a thunderstorm holding a sonic amplifier over his head in an attempt to gain breeding privileges.

Our own warlord has seen the trouble we're all having, and we will now be taking part in what she says is an ancient Earth tradition that is going to cut through the garbage and sort this mating stuff out for everyone.

Polish your suits and puff up your humps, males. The Nakmor Morda Dance is next week, and the females will be sending out invitations to the males they wish to accompany them!

Notice: Social Interactions (Updated) (Updated)
From: Gulnaz Bin

Females, though you have been trained not to do so, be honest in what you want. Males, grow a quad and communicate.

Let us all remember those we lost at the Nakmor Morda Dance. In a way, they are the true heroes.

Notice: Turret Upgrades
From: Wik Skarrin

Warlord Morda told me to upgrade the turrets before I left for APEX training, so I'm going to be pouring a little fire on them to make sure you're not crying like a volus with a busted suit as soon as I leave. Keep your IFFs up to date. I'm going to be firing off test rounds, and I don't want my little gun friends to mistake you for a kett.

Also taking requests. Anybody want cryo ammo in these? Maybe incendiary? Let me know if you want to shatter your enemies or just laugh while they roll around trying to put themselves out.

Also, also, any kills the turrets get count as mine for the colony standards.

Notice: Turret Upgrades (Updated)
From: Wik Skarrin

Did you all see how my turret blew up AN ENTIRE KETT GUNSHIP? I mean, yes, I'm pretty sure you saw it, because apparently the explosion damaged the optic nerves of some males who weren't wearing the safety goggles. Males: the goggles are your friends. Trust the goggles.

I'm off to APEX training, but I've left the codes, and you can contact me for help if they're killing everything too fast and making the rest of you pyjaks look bad. You're all the best krantt a female could ask for.

Let's show this galaxy what we can do!

Also: keep those IFFs up to date. I installed a behavior algorithm where the turret actually gets "happy" when it kills things, like blood rage but for a turret, and I'm PRETTY sure it works as intended, but you never know. Have fun!

Offer: Custom Microfabricator
By: Kariss Jinsinluk

Good working condition. Uses interlocking brick system to generate custom designs patterned as needed. Comes with instructions for template work.

No reasonable offer refused.

Warning: Don't step on the pieces.

Offer: Varren Jerky
By: Korten Ewudz

Yes, real genuine varren jerky, just like your battlemaster used to make it. It's the kind of jerky you can put between your lip and gum during a fight, and the smell of blood mixes with the taste of salt and sends you into blood rage that much faster.

Will be taking offers all week. Serious inquiries only.

Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated)
By: Korten Ewudz

I've gotten questions, and I want to make it clear that yes, this is genuine varren jerky. Not textured proteins covered in salt so that you can't tell the difference. Not some garbage I came up with that kind of tastes the same. This is prime-cut varren, slow-roasted klixen-style and then marinated in pyjak sauce. It's ready to kick down the door to your mouth and charge in shotgun-first to assault your taste buds. I've got a full crate, and the best offer takes them.

Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated) (Updated)
By: Korten Ewudz

Of course it's cloned, you whiny bunch of vorcha. I said it wasn't textured proteins. I never said it was original meat. It's built from a template of preserved tissue, though. You can ask a scientist. It's real varren meat, even if it never hung on a bone itself. Now quit whining and make an offer.

Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated) (Updated) (Updated)
By: Korten Ewudz

I'd like to offer a clarification. It was brought to my attention that while Clan Korten uses "pyjak sauce" as a general term for any flavored liquid topping meant to be reminiscent of the classic sauce, some people assumed that this was real sauce made from genuine pyjaks. This is not the case. The sauce on the jerky is a family recipe adapted for our new home here, and I'd serve it to my own clan with pride.

Offer: Varren Jerky (Updated) (Updated) (Updated) (Updated)
By: Korten Ewudz

As an additional clarification, I should point out that as there are no klixen in this galaxy, it is impossible for them to have been involved in the roasting process of this varren jerky. "Klixen-style" was only intended to mean that the meat had been flash-roasted at high temperatures and then tenderized with an acid bath to lock in the flavor. I apologize for any confusion.

Offer: Weapon Repair/Upgrades
By: Kariss Jinsinluk

Got a weapon that uses special parts and isn't worth paying for expensive repairs on? I've got a custom microfabricator and several hundred years of experience getting old guns firing again. Maybe you need a chemical spine augmentation on the stock, or maybe an internal reskin of your barrel can help your firearm stop pulling to the right and give you the accuracy you remember.

My microfabricator uses polymer printing to form interlocking bricks that can be adopted to any shape. Might not be pretty, but we'll get you shooting again.

Bring your old guns and something to offer.

Wanted: Cleaning Service
By: Kariss Jinsinluk

My custom microfabricator is great, but it's a stubborn beast, and every time I run a repair, I end up spitting extra pieces all over my workroom. You wouldn't think that would be a problem, but the bricks that fit together are tough little vorcha pellets, and they're sharp, too. I've had the worst pain of my life stepping on the damn things. Need somebody to come in and sweep the workroom out so I can walk around without punching holes in my feet.

Offering microfabrication for repair work on firearms or other small appliances in return.

Wanted: Ingredients for Gingerbeard Cookies
By: Jair Ulchee

I had these before we went into cryo, and I can't stop thinking about them. Pretty sure I got the name right. They're either asari or human, and they don't taste like much at first, just kind of sweet, but then they burn the back of your mouth after you swallow. I NEED MORE.

I wrote down the recipe, but there's some stuff I can't get here:

Ginger: I guess it's a plant.
Nutmeg: Not a nut, also a plant.
Cloves: Part of a hoofed mammal.
Cinamin: I have no idea what this is. May be misspelling it. Think it's a shelled animal.

I can get everything else.

Offer upon delivery: Copy-locked issue of Fornax '52, plus up to four gingerbeard cookies.

Wanted: Korten Ewudz's Head
By: Dahmbra Jaun

Don't care how you kill him. Don't care what shape the head is in. Can be attached to the body or in pieces for all I care. Just shut him up for good.

Offer upon delivery: Ryncol, 1 bottle. REAL.

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