Nexus + 3 Arks

Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Zheng He / Unnamed Gas Giant (Zheng He)

Description Edit

Station name: Nexus
Length: 15.47km (when completed)
Anchorage wheel diameter: 5.3km
Status: Under construction

Headquarters of the Andromeda Initiative, the Nexus is a massive space station designed to anchor the returning arks, process resources, and support colonists before their departure to new worlds. All new arrivals must pass quarantine.

History Edit

The Nexus is intended to be the hub of the Andromeda Initiative once the project reaches the Andromeda galaxy. Taking inspiration from the much larger Citadel, the Nexus contains features comparable in form and function to those found in the Milky Way station and houses the command echelons of the project.

At launch, the Nexus resembles two Wards of the Citadel joined together at the base. Upon reaching Andromeda, construction is due to commence on the station in order to give it a Presidium-like central torus and another Ward-like superstructure. The arks are to dock with the station on its central support column to provide it with extra power and storage.

The Nexus was activated a year before the Hyperion arrived in Andromeda. With its original leadership decimated in the Scourge disaster shortly after arrival, and unable to establish contact with any of the First Wave Arks, the staff on board began having disputes, this eventually led to a rebellion against the Nexus leaders, after this conflict the crew on board who had rebelled were banished from the Nexus and labeled as "Exiles". There has also been reports of terrorist activity and sabotage from other crew members who did not agree with the senior staff on topics of survival within the Andromeda Galaxy. The krogan who were originally part of the Nexus team had been told by the Nexus leadership that if they stopped the rebels they would be given more control over what happens on the Nexus, however they were not given anything for their efforts, and so virtually all krogan left to form their own colony.

Furthermore, the first two attempts at establishing outposts both ended in disaster. Run-ins with the hostile kett, and lacking the resources and manpower supposed to be provided by the Arks, coupled with food shortages, the standing Nexus leadership were forced to cease all construction on the Nexus, and stretch their dwindling food stores via rationing.

Nexus reunion - Hyperion arrival
Approximately fourteen months after the Nexus' arrival, its inhabitants began to give up hope of rendezvousing with the other arks, but that all changed when Ark Hyperion arrived and docked with the station. Despite the Nexus leadership's lack of faith in the success of Pathfinder Ryder, the station itself slowly began working to revitalize the Initiative, culminating in the successful settlement of Eos and subsequent first contact with the angara. The angara have received reports of the Nexus' encounter with the Scourge prior to this, but due to their disastrous first contact experience with the kett they did not choose to immediately offer aid.

Locations Edit

  • Operations - oversees security and management for the entire Nexus.
    • Pathfinder HQ - a section under Operations where Pathfinders can share and discuss their findings. Also houses Jarun Tann's office.
    • Addison's Office - what looks to be the bridge of the Nexus with a breathtaking view of the ship
    • Kesh's Office - a small office dedicated to the ship's superintendent.
    • Militia Office
  • Common Area - docking area for incoming ships, central hub for social activity, immigration, and commerce contains all the below locations:
    • Residential Blocks - temporary living quarters for the colonists until the Pathfinders have secured homeworlds for them.
    • Cultural Center - its archives contain the combined history of the numerous Milky Way races and can assist newly-encountered races in learning about the colonists' origins. Later also hosts the angaran delegation to the Nexus.
    • Hydroponic Gardens - for quiet contemplation.
    • The Vortex - the local bar for off-duty indulgences.
    • Tech Lab - research and development.
  • Docking Bay - the Tempest and other incoming ships dock here to exchange supplies, information, resources or people.

Nexus Leadership Edit

Current Edit

Former Edit

  • Jien Garson - Director of the Andromeda Initiative (deceased)
  • Matriarch Nuara - Jien Garson's intended successor (deceased)
  • Sloane Kelly - Nexus Security (exiled)

Missions Edit

The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired on the Nexus:

The following Allies and Relationships missions take place or are acquired on the Nexus:

The following Heleus Assignments missions take place or are acquired on the Nexus:

The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired on the Nexus:

Datapads Edit

Found in William Spender's apartment:

A Formal Letter to Tann
Director Tann,

I am writing to request an official review of Nakmor Kesh's suitability as Nexus superintendent.

The krogan indeed helped suppress the mutiny by those we now dub "exiles." However, given the krogan's conduct during the uprising, and their decision to leave the Nexus after their requests for more authority were denied, it is not hard to see Kesh's current position as a conflict of interest.

I understand it may be politically beneficial to keep a krogan on staff, for optics if not diplomacy. But for one of them to hold the power of a superintendent, given their brethren's negative opinion of us, is frankly playing with fire.

It is my opinion, as an experienced public servant, that Kesh should be placed in a role where she can do less damage. Perhaps in charge of archives.

William Spender
Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs

Nexus Report on Krogan Colony
Colony Name: New Tuchanka
Location: Elaaden
Estimated Population: 700+ (about 1,200 krogan came to Andromeda)
Key People: Nakmor Morda (leader), Jorgal Strux (potential agitator), Nakmor Drack (Initiative freelancer, grandfather of Nakmor Kesh)

The colony is thriving by krogan standards. They are storing water and have enough to be self-sufficient. They have time for entertainment. There is a fighting pit. A distillery. Even a greenhouse, where they appear to be growing plants in an attempt to sustain the colony long-term. This is spearheaded by a botanist named Vorn.

The krogan built their colony into the side of a sinkhole. Some construction materials were apparently taken from the Nexus. Other materials are locally sourced. The compound is heavily guarded and it is difficult to get in unless you are krogan.

Supplies Ready for Shipment
- Medical Supply Crate x2
- Ration Crate x5
- Map
- Toy Pistol x2
- Surveyor Camera
- Battery Cells x6
- 2,000 Credits

Located in the Militia Office:

APEX Status

Based on status report 16-C, it seems we're no closer to gaining a foothold in any sector. Without decent recon and greater intel on this enemy, I'm starting to think our efforts are futile. The risks involved and continued loss of resources and lives makes it hard to justify.

With morale this low, we need to scale down expectations again.


Found in Jien Garson's quarters:

Garson Notes
Entry 1.1 (2819)

In 2179, once mentioned "A storm is coming." Said "evidence was clear." Meaning?

Andromeda —why?

Hyperion, still no contact. Where is Alec? Did they get him, too?

Located in the Pathfinder HQ:

Notable European Interplanetary Missions
Donated to the Andromeda Initiative Historical Records Council
 All dates are in Common Era (CE).

1985-1992: Giotto — First ESA deep space mission; First ESA mission to intercept an asteroid (Halley & Grigg-Skjellerup)
1990: Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope
1992: Ulysses — First ESA mission to Sol; first polar orbit around Sol
1997: Huygens - First ESA mission to Titan, a Saturn moon
2003: Mars Express — first ESA mission to Mars
Also in 2003: SMART-1 — First ESA mission to Luna
2004: Rosetta — First ESA mission to orbit an asteroid (67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
2006: Venus Express — First ESA mission to Venus
Also in 2006: Huygens — First successful landing on an outer Solar System world (Titan)
2014: Rosetta — First artificial probe to make a soft landing on an asteroid (67P)
2016: ExoMars - First ESA probe landing on Mars (contact lost)
2018: BepiColombo — First ESA mission to Mercury
2022: Juice — First ESA mission to the Jupiter system

Located in Nakmor Kesh's office in Operations:

Same shit, different day
For posterity, in case the Initiative goes belly-up.

The Nexus is a four-ring circus. Don't like how Tann operates, and his disdain for the krogan is obvious. I believe his intentions are ultimately good, but he's an opportunist who's likely to create dissent. I don't see the Nexus coming together if he's left unchecked.

It's already polarizing Addison—she's taking the cue to circle the wagons. I think I can talk to Kandros about this and at least try to get the two of us more coordinated. Or maybe not.

Seriously hate this kind of drama

Trivia Edit

  • According to the dev team[1], Arkcon was the original name for the Nexus as the space station connects the Arks.
  • The Nexus was renamed the same day the villain was named Archon for "completely unrelated reasons," according to lead designer Ian Frazier[2][3].
  • The Avina VI plays the same role on the Nexus as it did on the Citadel from the original trilogy.
  • Two arks are docked to the Nexus differently on the galactic map and in the approaching sequence, at least after "The Journey to Meridian".


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