Nick Donahue is a biotic student at the Ascension Project in Jon Grissom Academy.

Mass Effect: Ascension Edit

Nick is twelve in 2183 and received his L4 implant when he was eleven. Though one of the more talented biotics in the program, Nick is also known for being a bully. Hendel Mitra puts him in lockdown for three weeks, after Nick reacts to his friend Seshaun's teasing by biotically pushing him over.

Nick's arrogance gets him in trouble when he picks on the wrong victim. On a dare from Seshaun and his friends, Nick goes to speak to Gillian Grayson in the Academy's cafeteria and starts making fun of her. Finally he uses his biotics to knock her milk over; Gillian responds by throwing him twenty feet across the cafeteria before using her own abilities to wreak havoc. Nick survives, though he suffers a concussion and a bruised spine.

Mass Effect: Retribution Edit

In 2186, he is older and more developed in his biotic abilities. After Gillian's departure, he becomes the most talented biotic child at Grissom Academy. When the Reaper-modified Paul Grayson attacks the Academy, Nick "works together" with Kai Leng to defeat Grayson. Kai Leng uses him to attack Grayson, resulting in Nick getting shot in the stomach. Kahlee Sanders and David Anderson manage to save his life and he recovers from his injury.

Nick has an undeniable crush on Kahlee. At one time when Kahlee comes to his room to check on his implant, his adolescent body takes notice of her. His dislike of Anderson because of the relationship Kahlee shared with him also is a proof of his attraction to Kahlee.

Mass Effect: Deception Edit

Note: This section features material from the first edition of Mass Effect: Deception, which BioWare has acknowledged contains discrepancies with other Mass Effect lore. Once revised editions of the book are released, this section will be updated.

In Mass Effect: Deception, Nick is on the Citadel with David Anderson and Kahlee Sanders as they present evidence to the Citadel Council about Reaper involvement in Paul Grayson's attack on Grissom Academy. While Anderson and Sanders speak with the Council, Nick runs away to join a biotic supremacist group known as the Biotic Underground.

Trivia Edit

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