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Niftu Cal is a male volus in Nos Astra on Illium.

When Commander Shepard finds him in the Eclipse base as part of Samara's recruitment mission, he is standing in front of a vending machine. When he notices that there is someone behind him, he slowly turns around and waddles towards Shepard who pushes him back, nearly causing the volus to fall over. After regaining his balance, he starts to walk around and talks about his "powers". He claims that he has become immortal and refers to himself as a "biotic god". By speaking with him, the Commander learns that the mercenaries pumped the volus with biotic-enhancing drugs (probably Minagen X3 and/or Red Sand) and that Niftu Cal is a member of Pitne For's trade group.

The Commander can convince the volus to give up fighting the mercenaries and find a place to rest. He refuses, and Shepard can tap him on the head, sending him off balance and down into drowsiness. If so, Niftu later appears at the spaceport with his wits restored and thanks Shepard for stopping him earlier.

Otherwise, Shepard can tell him to go right on ahead and charge the mercs. Niftu Cal attempts to fight Captain Wasea by sending a feeble Warp field at her that dissipates just in front of her nose, which she responds to in kind with one of her own, resulting in his ignominious demise.