Serviceman Nirali Bhatia is an Alliance marine serving on Eden Prime and the wife of Samesh Bhatia.

Mass Effect Edit

Nirali is a member of the 212, Ashley Williams' unit. Nirali joined the Alliance military under the 'Deferred Education Plan', intending to open a restaurant when she left the service. According to Ashley's dossier, Nirali thinks very highly of the gunnery chief's leadership skills. Ashley can tell Samesh that Nirali missed him and used to listen to recordings of his voice every night.

Unfortunately, Nirali is killed by the geth in the Eden Prime assault. She sustains unique injures and the Alliance retains her corpse for study, hoping to develop new defenses against the geth, much to the distress of her husband.

A news report in an elevator on the Citadel features a tribute to Nirali as part of an Alliance military 'Profiles in Courage' series.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

If Commander Shepard made sure that Nirali's body was returned to Samesh for a proper burial on Earth in 2183, the Commander receives an e-mail from him in 2185. Samesh thanks Shepard for taking action and letting Shepard know that he has fulfilled his wife's dream of opening up a restaurant on Earth. A galactic news report also reveals that Systems Alliance recruiting quotas are down due to a lack of public faith in the Alliance's ability to counter geth technology.

Trivia Edit

  • In-game, Nirali is referred to as 'serviceman'. However, as a marine, her rank would likely be 'private'. The serviceman ranks are currently only for naval personnel. Alternatively, Nirali may have been a corpsman attached to the marine unit, as corpsmen use the naval ranking system.