Location: Milky WayMaroon SeaVostok System Second planet

Prerequisite: Feros: Geth Attack (Mass Effect)

Description Edit

Nodacrux is a verdant world with abundant water, temperate climate, a thick oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere and a rich ecosystem. It would seem to be perfect for life. The relatively high percentage of oxygen makes humans feel energized and alive, though it has also allowed insect analogues to grow to frightful sizes.

Unfortunately, Nodacrux is a case of "almost but not quite." Thunderstorms are as common as on Earth, but in Nodacrux's thicker, oxygen-rich atmosphere, they are deafening and spark constant wildfires. More damning, however, are the large and ubiquitous tufts of pollen that float in the high-pressure air. In humans and other oxygen-breathing species, they cause severe or lethal allergic reactions.

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Points of Interest Edit

Location Appearance Description
1 Initial ExoGeni facility (UNC: ExoGeni Facility)
2 Initial Crashed probe (salvage)
3 Initial Ancient wreckage (UNC: Turian Insignias)

“This escape pod is half-buried in material that has washed down from the mountains. Though it has obviously been here for centuries, the computer still has power. Linking in with your hardsuit, you recover a batch of files containing data on the Thracia Colony.”

4 Unmarked Crashed ship and Thorian Creepers
5 Unmarked Abandoned camp and Thorian Creepers (salvage). The "song" commonly associated with the rachni can be heard here.
6 Unmarked Space Cow herd

Mineral Deposits Edit

Nodacrux SLI
Main article: UNC: Valuable Minerals
Location Element Class
1 Gold Heavy
2 Cobalt Light

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The planet has a very rugged mountain complex that is difficult to navigate even with the Mako's climbing abilities. Minerals and other points of interest are usually nestled either on top of sheer cliffs or below them.

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