Asteroid Edit

M-type asteroid
Diameter: 267 km
Surface gravity: 0.01 G


This asteroid is honeycombed with artificial caverns. A few fragments of Remnant technology remain, though it appears another party—perhaps the kett—removed the rest.

Awards a random small amount of Copper when scanned.

Ditivios Edit

Ditivios is the second planet orbiting the star Nol.

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Pas-55 Edit

Pas-55 is the first planet orbiting the star Nol.

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Voeld Edit

Voeld is the third planet orbiting the star Nol.

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ZK Resource Tracker Edit

Note: This anomaly is part of The Little Things That Matter.

  • Satellite ID: Encrypted
  • Power readings: ERROR
  • System report: ERROR
  • Status: ERROR

This satellite tracks Initiative shipments and allocates emergency drops without authorization. No ZK-Tracker satellites were authorized or deployed by the Nexus.

Awards +50 Rd icon milkyway orange, +29 AVP AVP icon, +2% Voeld viability.

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