Disambiguous This article is about the capital city on Illium. For the shop on the Citadel, see Nos Astra Sporting Goods. For the character in Mass Effect: Andromeda, see Astra.
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Nos Astra is the capital city of the asari colony world Illium in the Crescent Nebula. The city includes a port, a bar, and a commercial area containing several shops. Though it seems like a gleaming, beautiful city outwardly, it is remarked by some characters that the city is not as safe as it looks and that it can be as dangerous as Omega. Illium has also been compared to Noveria because of its policies on trade.

Mass Effect: Evolution Edit

Shortly after the First Contact War, Jack Harper and Eva Coré arrive at Nos Astra on the trail of Desolas Arterius, a turian general in possession of a powerful alien artifact, the Arca Monolith. Jack had been briefly exposed to the Monolith and was able to sense its presence on Illium from across the galaxy. Jack and Eva take an aircar to a building in the city where Jack believes the artifact is located. This turns out to be a trap concocted by Desolas: the general wanted to test the Monolith's link with those it affects, and Jack's ability to trace it confirms his theories. Jack and Eva are subdued by Desolas' forces and taken from Nos Astra to Palaven.

Mass Effect 2 Edit

Commander Shepard travels to Nos Astra in 2185 to recruit the assassin Thane Krios and the asari justicar Samara. Shepard can also run into former teammate Liara T'Soni, and can choose to help her in her mission to hunt down the Shadow Broker. Also, at the bar Eternity, Shepard can reunite with fan Conrad Verner and can decide to help him or not. Gianna Parasini can also be found depending on Shepard's actions on Noveria in 2183.

The city hosts regular shuttle schedules to local and offworld destinations. Known areas covered by local transport include the Nos Astra Commercial Spaceport, Dantius Towers, Manjoros Plaza, and Saefos Valley. Offworld destinations include Thessia, the Citadel, Palaven, Irune, Kahje, and Amaterasu. Elysium, Mindoir, and Shanxi used to be serviced as well, but due to the recent Collector attacks on human colonies, flights to them are delayed until further notice.

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