Tech Officer Alud Ochren is the salarian technology specialist aboard Pinnacle Station. Ochren is the lead programmer of the combat simulator aboard the station, and oversees the various scenarios. He is impatient and generally indifferent as a result of his feeling underappreciated by the various soldiers who come to Pinnacle Station to train, and often forget their passwords.

If Commander Shepard requests him to fire up Admiral Ahern's challenge, Ochren notes his disapproval of deactivating the safeties and the prospect of making repairs for weeks. However, he breaks his usual indifferent candor to wish Shepard luck.

Ochren observes that Shepard may have actually impressed Ahern if the admiral's scenario is beaten. If Shepard orders another go at the simulator despite beating everything, he snidely points out the Commander's insatiability before resuming his job.


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