Ogrinn is an ill-tempered turian customer in the lower level of the Afterlife Club on Omega.

Depending on Commander Shepard's actions, Ogrinn may shoot Forvan, the batarian barkeeper in Afterlife's lower level, as he is confronted after attempting to poison the Commander. Ogrinn overhears Shepard alleging that Forvan poisons the drinks. Forvan brusquely brushes him off, claiming it doesn't concern the turian, but Ogrinn presses him to face Shepard's accusations. When Forvan tries to put a gun in Shepard's face and shoot, Ogrinn pulls out his M-4 Shuriken and shoots faster, not taking any chances with the batarian.

After the incident, Ogrinn shares some of his musings to anyone passing by. He believes Forvan deserved what he got, and disparages the quality of drinks at the bar, comparing even the normal ones to poison. He has a mate and a ship, but he brought only one of them with him to Omega. He also mentions that one of his friends was put out of business by Archangel.

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