A datapad has been recovered while attempting to recruit Archangel. It contains information that Aria T'Loak, ruler of Omega, will want to see.


Examine the datapad with the "Message to Tarak" near Jaroth, during the Archangel recruitment assignment.

I've spoken to Garm, and he and his men are on board. Assuming this operation is successful, we can count on high morale and extensive buy-in from the men. From the losses we've already taken, possibility exists that we won't have the men needed to continue on to the next objective. It's clear, though, that none of our organizations would be ready to move on Aria without the assistance of the other two.



Aria datapad
After the Archangel recruiting mission is over, pay a visit to Aria at the Afterlife Club. Inform her that a datapad with information that will likely interest her has been recovered. When you deliver it to her, she takes one look at it, then flings it in Garka's face. She asks how the information slipped the net, to which Garka replies that he'll look into it.

She is thankful that Shepard handed over the information and, if Omega: The Patriarch has already been completed, forwards coordinates to an Eclipse depot. If asked, she says that she has no use for it and maybe Shepard will get more out of it than she will.

Accepting the reward or stating "Just like that?" will result in +2 Renegade points.

Mission SummaryEdit

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)
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