Disambiguous This article is about the mission in Mass Effect 2. For the mission in Mass Effect 3: Omega, see Omega: Aria T'Loak (Mass Effect 3).

Aria T'Loak, ruler of Omega, wants all important new arrivals to pay their respects to her at Afterlife. She may be a valuable source of information.

Acquisition Edit

This mission is acquired automatically the first time Commander Shepard arrives at Omega. A batarian mercenary who works for Aria, named Moklan, will instruct Shepard to meet with Aria as soon as possible.

Walkthrough Edit

Omega aria
This is one of the first missions Commander Shepard can receive, should Shepard decide to first go to the Omega station, in order to recruit potential team members, especially if following Miranda's advice to first go after the scientist, who is required to unlock access to the research lab.

Upon docking on Omega, a salarian named Fargut initially tries greeting Shepard and attempts to ingratiate himself with the Commander's company. He's interrupted in the process by Moklan, who muscles him out of the way, and instructs the Commander to pay a visit to the asari Aria T'Loak. Both Fargut and Moklan have no further interactions with Shepard afterwards.

Aria resides in the Afterlife club, at the top of the platform on the far side of the main area, accessible from stairs on both sides.

Her guards will try to scan you. You may resist the scan to gain Renegade points. After letting her scan you, you may ask questions about Omega, and the dossiers. After the conversation, the mission will be completed.

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