Aria's hacker requires your assistance. Hack the flagged terminals.

Acquisition Edit

After entering Aria's Bunker, speak with Aria's hacker. She will ask the Commander to trigger terminals scattered throughout Cerberus-controlled areas of Omega in order to increase the bunker's operational capabilities and control over the station.

Walkthrough Edit

Omega - hacker consoles
After starting the Talon Territory mission, head forward until you climb up the ladder to the airlock. The first console should be to your right as you reach the top of the ladder, next to some lift controls.

After continuing along the mission, there will be a door that you need to enter, followed by some stairs going down. You will enter a room with many monitors and Cerberus troops. After taking them out, the second console will be in the lower monitor area, in the right corner.

In the next area, after taking out more Cerberus troops, there will be two rooms off to the right. One that deactivates the Cerberus lockdown, and another with an Injured Talon. Right next to the Talon is the final console.

If all consoles were found, Aria's hacker will say that she blocked enemy access to critical areas and that the frontal assault should be less treacherous now.

Trivia Edit

  • The hacker and the mechanic in Aria's bunker are some of the only NPCs in the entire game who will react when you walk away mid-conversation. Be aware that if you do this too quickly, your journal may not update with the missions they offer. They won't be angry, though, so just go back and talk to them again, and stick around until your journal updates.
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