Aria's mechanic requires your assistance. Find a Kehri power inverter, and bring it back to the bunker.

Acquisition Edit

After entering Aria's Bunker, speak with the batarian mechanic. The bunker's power inverters keep shorting out, and he needs Commander Shepard to retrieve a new one.

Walkthrough Edit

Omega - kehri power inverter
When you reach the Talon Outpost, after the cutscene explaining the Adjutants, there is a group of boxes by the left wall near the entrance.

The power inverter should be behind these boxes, beside a salarian who's hiding behind them. Beside the salarian are some turians, a batarian and a stripe-faced krogan. Be sure to grab it before you go to fight Cerberus at the landing pad, either before or after talking to Nyreen.

Trivia Edit

  • The mechanic and the hacker in Aria's bunker are some of the only NPCs in the entire game who will react if you walk away mid-conversation. Note: If you do this too quickly, your journal may not update with the missions they offer. If the conversation is interrupted prematurely, just talk to them again and stick around until your journal updates.
  • Even if you don't find the inverters, the mechanic will still thank you for retrieving them. Since the mission will not be considered as completed, however, no experience or Reputation points will be awarded. It will not disappear from the journal even after the DLC is completed.
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