A batarian bartender is poisoning humans and has made a personal attack.


Ask the bartender for a drink in the lower area of the Afterlife nightclub. You will get a choice to buy a drink or leave. Buy a drink to initiate the assignment.

Walkthrough Edit

In the Lower Afterlife Club on Omega, Shepard has the option to order a drink from a batarian bartender named Forvan. Upon consuming the drink, Shepard falls unconscious. After waking, they're informed that the batarian has a personal bias against humans due to an incident in which some batarians ended up killed, causing him to poison drinks served to humans. The Commander then has the option of confronting Forvan at the bar, with the following possible outcomes and corresponding morality points available:

  • You can simply shake your head and leave. Talking to Forvan again is possible and will present you with the same choices as this and below.
  • Forvan bartender
    With a sufficiently high Renegade score, there will be an option to force Forvan to consume his own drink. He does, and collapses on the floor.
  • With a high enough Paragon score, Shepard may instead incite the crowd. Forvan denies all allegations, pulls a gun at Shepard, and gets shot by a turian patron named Ogrinn.
  • If neither convincing option is available, or if you want to learn the batarian's side of the story, you can tell him he's done poisoning people. You can then still choose either Charm or Intimidation option outlined above provided you have the requisite points, or you can read on below.
    • The final option is to tell Forvan he's not worth your time, whereupon he is let off the hook and runs away. This option only unlocks if you called him out above, and rewards you with Paragon points.

Regardless of the resolution, Forvan will be replaced by a salarian bartender who will serve Shepard free drinks whenever the Commander visits Afterlife.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience reward: 40
  • Free drinks in Afterlife
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