A quarian named Kenn is trying to raise enough money to leave Omega, but is being undercut by Harrot, a powerful merchant.


Speak with Kenn at Kenn's Salvage on the lower level of Omega and offer help.


The simplest way to complete this assignment is to give Kenn the 1000 credits he needs to get off the station. This option rewards Shepard with 5 Paragon points.

Struggling quarian
Shepard can also arrange with Kenn to talk to Harrot, which rewards Shepard with a discount from Kenn. With high enough Paragon, there will be a dialogue option that convinces Harrot to leave Kenn alone. This option also provides the player with 5 Paragon points and requires no credits. If successful, this will also convince Harrot to give Shepard a discount on his wares.

Even if Shepard convinces Harrot to leave Kenn alone, it is still an option to buy Kenn's ticket off of the station, in which case he will leave.

To maximize Paragon points for this mission, talk to Harrot first and convince him to leave Kenn alone to receive 5 Paragon points. After that is done, go to Kenn and buy his ticket off Omega for 1000 credits for an additional 5 Paragon points (10 Paragon points total).

The Renegade path requires Shepard to talk to Harrot and convince him to put the quarian out of business by buying him out. This option requires that Shepard have enough Renegade points to enable the required dialogue option. Shepard receives 5 Renegade points for pursuing this course of action. Shepard will also get Harrot's discount at both Harrot's Emporium and Kenn's salvage.

Note: If Kenn leaves the station, through giving him 1000 credits, the discount will still be valid.

Mission Summary Edit

  • Experience reward: 40 (50)
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