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Omni-gel is a technological material with a wide variety of applications. Omni-gel is composed of common, reusable industrial plastics, ceramics, and light alloys kept in a semi-molten state. It can be obtained by looting or scavenging it; by purchasing it from stores and vendors; and, most usefully, by synthesizing it through a process that breaks down existing equipment and converts it into the gel. Rendering down non-essential or obsolete hardware into omni-gel allows it to remain useful while keeping weight and storage space requirements to a minimum.

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Mass Effect[]

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In 2183, omni-gel is designed for use with omni-tools to do electronics or decryption work. Omni-gel can also be used to repair vehicles such as M35 Mako tanks, though doing so sometimes requires the vehicle to be temporarily immobile or offline.

Breaking down unwanted weapons, armor, and equipment upgrades will usually provide four units of omni-gel per item recycled. Commander Shepard can carry a maximum amount of 999 units of omni-gel while wearing a standard combat hardsuit.

Mass Effect 2[]

By 2185, common security updates prevent the use of omni-gel to bypass locks or other security systems.

Mass Effect: Andromeda[]

During the Andromeda Initiative, omni-gel is used as a major resource in the crafting of equipment based on Milky Way technology. It is generally transported in specialized canisters.


  • In Mass Effect, a human customer at a shop in the Upper Markets can be overheard arguing with a turian about receiving a refund for an unnamed item. In Mass Effect 2, the same customer can be found arguing with a salarian by the warehouse on Zakera Ward, claiming that he was sent there to receive a "Cision omni-gel converter" as an exchange for the item for which the customer was originally seeking a refund—which, by his own admission, was over "two years" ago.
  • In the Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC when defending the bypassing program required to open the hatch on the Shadow Broker's base, Shepard asks Liara how long the program will take, with Liara responding that she doesn't know. Shepard continues, "Remember the old days when you could just slap omni-gel on everything?" to which Liara responds, "That security upgrade made a lot of people unhappy," explaining omni-gel's absence in Mass Effect 2.