Omni Grenade is a Combat skill in Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Skill Ranks Edit

Rank Label Icon Description Bonus
1 Omni Grenade TAP BUTTON: Throws a grenade that causes area damage after 2 seconds fuse.

HOLD BUTTON: Shortens the grenade's fuse timer before throwing. The grenade will explode if held too long.

Activation requires one power cell from Omni Grenade's limited power cell supply.

Area Damage: 1000

Damage Radius (m): 4
Power Cell (Grenade) Capacity: 1

2 Grenade Capacity - +1 Power Cell (Grenade) Capacity
3 Damage - +20% Direct Damage
4 Sticky Grenade Grenades stick to surfaces and enemies before detonating. Holding the button no longer affects fuse time (and the grenade can no longer explode while held). -
4 Frag Grenade - +25% Direct Damage

+60% Damage Radius

5 Grenade Capacity - +2 Power Cell (Grenade) Capacity
5 Shrapnel Affected enemies take additional damage over time. Damage per Second: 45

Damage Duration (s): 5

6 Anti-Armor - +50% Damage vs. Armor
6 Anti-Shield - +50% Damage vs. Shields

Player Notes Edit

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Availability Edit

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