Disambiguous This article is about the Mass Effect class specialization. For the Mass Effect 2 class power, see Operative (power).
Operative Specialisation Shot
Operative is a specialist class for Engineers and Infiltrators. Operatives are masters at manipulating their environment to maximum advantage. Bonuses include reduced recharge on all tech attacks, and improvements to Overload and Sabotage.

Talent Level BonusesEdit

Bonus: Reduces recharge time on tech attacks
Rank Bonus Notes
7 4% Stacks with Engineer/Infiltrator bonuses.
8 6%
9 8% Increase Overload's radius by 2m, explosion damage by 50, shield damage by 200, and damage vulnerability by 5%.
10 10%
11 12%
12 14% Increase Sabotage's radius by 2m, explosion damage by 50, burn damage by 1 per second and duration by 5 seconds.
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