The Orcus Mech is a Cerberus mech unit found on the Barn space station. The Orcus Mech is a bipedal, humanoid robot used as security forces for security purposes. It appears to be a modified model of LOKI Mech — Orcus Mechs have larger shoulder plates and are equipped with the M-96 Mattock Auto instead of the M-4 Shuriken or M-3 Predator. They are fought by Randall Ezno during his escape.

Tactics Edit

  • Orcus Mechs are the only enemy in the game that only possesses health and lacks shielding or armour of any kind. To compensate for this fragility, they're always released in large groups.
  • They wield powerful rifles, which prevents most rush tactics used on them. Pick them off with the Mattock or Incisor before rushing in, or use a chain kill to take out several mechs quickly for extra style points.
  • Like humanoid enemies, they're vulnerable to headshots, which will inflict bonus damage to them.
  • To prevent a group of Orcus Mechs from overwhelming you, use biotic abilities like Salvo or Pull.
  • Be careful, some group of Orcus mechs in the Medical Bay will pop out the ground and then quickly arrive in front of you.
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