Orinia is the turian ambassador to the Citadel in 2186 CE, and a former general who served during the First Contact War.

When Kahlee Sanders gives Paul Grayson's evidence on Cerberus to David Anderson, Anderson knows that he cannot trust anyone in the Alliance so he turns to Orinia. While she points out that Cerberus was the reason that the turians opposed humanity's addition to the council, Anderson fires back with what happened with Saren Arterius. Nevertheless she listens to what Anderson and Sanders has to say. After the conversation, and at Anderson's request, Orinia lets Kahlee stay in the turian embassy for her protection.

For the operation against Cerberus, since Orinia has a limited number of troops under her command, they have to choose their targets carefully. She asks one of her former subordinates, who also happened to be the head of C-Sec, Executor Pallin, for assistance, he forms a turian-exclusive task force. With Anderson's assistance, they manage to organize the strike against Cerberus. When Kahlee wants to come along on the mission, Orinia reminds her that the commanders had spent thousands of hours preparing and honing their teams, and that she would only get in the way.

After the strikes have been completed, Orinia informs Kahlee of their success, and how Udina is angry beyond belief. After some discussion, where Kahlee reminds her that while the turians have experience in the field, they don't think like humans, and Anderson chiming in that they only have a limited time to find one of the missing turian teams. After Anderson speaks up, Orinia nods and she allows Kahlee and Anderson to visit the base where Grayson is being held. After which she reminds the two humans that turians are punctual and the shuttle will leave in one hour whether they are there or not. Along with Anderson and Sanders, she sends a half-dozen scientists with them to assist in dissecting the information aboard the Cerberus station.


  • Prior to Mass Effect: Retribution, all notable turian characters featured in the Mass Effect universe have been male; Orinia has the distinction of being the first major character that is a turian female.
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