MEA Journal - Kadara
Outcast recruit named Grayson Wessler wrongly banished Remi Tamayo to the badlands. You have agreed to help track Remi down before Kaetus finds out about Grayson's mistake.

Acquisition Edit

Prerequisite: Hunting the Archon

The mission starts when Pathfinder Ryder has spoken to Grayson Wessler in Kadara Port marked with a MEA New Mission Map Icon, after talking to Vehn Terev.

Note: This mission will be unavailable after High Noon if you side with Reyes Vidal.

Walkthrough Edit

Speak to the Warden Edit

The Warden is in the Kadara Slums guarding the entrance to the badlands. The last time he saw Remi, she was with Johan and his crew - a nasty bunch. You get the navpoint MEA Tracked Objective Map Icon for their last known location.

Travel to the navpoint Edit

The navpoint leads to the far southeast of the map in the Spirits' Ledge region. Head southeast of the Forward Station in the area and the mission updates to the next objective when you approach.

Defeat Johan and his gang of exiles Edit

Johan and his group will come out of the building to attack. Defeat them and then head into their base.

Find Remi Edit

Remi is in a locked prison cell in the building. On the floor are several dead bodies. Scanning them reveals that some of the organs are missing and that they died from blood loss. Scanning a frying pan reveals that it was used for cooking human flesh.

Free Remi Edit

Release Remi from her cell by using the Cell Control Panel.

Speak to Remi Edit

Remi says they were going to eat her like they did with the others. Ryder contacts Grayson over the comm and he is sending a shuttle to pick her up and bring her back to Kadara Port. She is no longer exiled to the badlands. If you sided with the Collective Ryder asks Suvi to contact them to send a shuttle.

Aftermath Edit

If you return to Grayson Wessler, he says that Remi is back in her home, and that he is personally paying for several months of her protection fee.

Rewards Edit

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