MEA Journal - Havarl
Initiative scientists have asked you to analyze mutated wildlife in order to determine what's causing the accelerated growth rate of life on Havarl.

Acquisition Edit

Speak to the Nexus Scientists Dr. Tassana Rilar and Dr. Erich Baumgarten (marked with aMEA New Mission Map Icon) on Havarl in Pelaav Research Station. Only available after activating the Havarl and ushering in Initiative-angaran cooperation.

Walkthrough Edit

Cross-reference genetic markers with known creature dens Edit

Activate the Genetic Archive Database in the nearby building and upload the three messages within.

Mutated challyrion
A challyrion of abnormal size and aggressiveness is decimating local wildlife. The navpoint for the beast's hunting ground has been uploaded to you. Recommend approaching with extreme caution. The challyrion is likely to consider you a threat. It may be curious how you taste.

Mutated rylkor
The malfunctioning Remnant vault appears to have modified a rylkor to be more territorial and adaptable. It has been observed defending its feeding grounds at the navpoint uploaded to you. Scans of the rylkor may reveal the nature of its mutations.

Mutated eiroch
An eiroch bearing physical and behavioral signs of genetic modification by Havarl's Remnant vault has made its home near the navpoint just uploaded to you. Scans of the creature should reveal the nature of its mutations and how they've altered the beast from its baseline.

Collect data from a mutated challyrion Edit

The Mutated Challyrion are located to the north of the Pelaav Research Station. There are five Mutated Challyrion. Scan one after they are dead.

You receive +50 Rd icon heleus orange for scanning the mutated creature.

Collect data from a mutated rylkor Edit

The Mutated Rylkor are located just to the east of the Forward Station in the Central Wilds. There are two Mutated Rylkor, and they can be scanned after you kill them.

You get +50 Rd icon heleus orange for scanning the mutated creature.

Collect data from a mutated eiroch Edit

Find the Mutated Eiroch located south of the Forward Station in the Ancient Courtyard.

Defeat the Roekaar and the mutated eiroch Edit

You will stumble upon a group of Roekaar attacking the Mutated Eiroch. There are two Roekaar Raiders and two Roekaar Sharpshooters. The Mutated Eiroch's body will remain after death for a scan.

Ryder receives +50 Rd icon heleus orange for scanning the mutated creature.

Search the Roekaar hunting party's suppliesEdit

There is a Roekaar Datapad in the middle of the camp.

Research Progress
Translated from Shelesh:

Close to confirming Vaaren's theory. We found correlating mutations in both animal and plant life, indicating a singular mechanism tailored to variant cellular and genetic structures. Estimate an 82% chance the mutant strains ravaging Havarl can be replicated elsewhere, allowing us to introduce this toxic process to other planetary biomes.

If Vaaren is correct, we may even improve on the process, generating more destructive efforts on reduced timelines. We could render any world poisonous to outsiders and drive them away for good. No more kett, no more "Initiative." Only our worlds and our people, as it should be.

There is a small cave with a lootable container and a Mineral Cache slightly to the west of the camp. There is also an Angaran Integrated Tech Node in the middle of the camp that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon heleus orange.

Investigate the Roekaar camp Edit

Reading the datapad reveals the location of a Roekaar base in the north of the Ancient Courtyard. Clear out the base and head to the back to find the Roekaar Genetic Research Log, and access it to learn about the Roekaar's plans. SAM asks whether the files should be immediately deleted, or if you would like to copy them before wiping the computer.

Note: Neither deleting nor copying the data has known consequences.

There are a number of lootable containers and a Mineral Cache in the camp.

There is a Roekaar Communications terminal next to the Roekaar Genetic Research Log:

Come home
Translated from Shelesh:

Anivaal, stop this. You think you're doing the right thing, but you've turned your back on your people. On your family. Your sisters have to face their Resistance superiors and explain why their only brother has defected. Do you think that's easy for them?

I know you believe you're fighting for your home, just like they are. But this isn't the way to do it. The Roekaar have dangerous ideas. Evfra says you'll be welcomed back, so please come home. For all of us.

RE: Checking in
Translated from Shelesh:

This is a surprise—I didn't expect to hear from you. I guess they called you back to the base, then. Good. You deserve a rest after what you've been through.

We're still on our assignment. I can't tell you more, obviously, since you're not part of us anymore. But we're slowly pushing the kett back. And I hear there's been a new development involving an outsider. At this rate, Commander might even call us back early.

And about the other thing you asked… no, I can't. I respect you for following your beliefs, but I don't share them. The Resistance needs me, and I intend to see this fight through to the end. You made our choice, and I made mine. It doesn't make me love you any less. And when this is all over, we'll meet at the tavetaan for a drink.

I hope the stars are on your side. I want to see you come back in one piece, okay?


Need Advice
Translated from Shelesh:

I had an encounter with one of the outsiders today, in that disgusting pit they call a port. He tried to steal my supply cache while I had my back turned. I called him out, and he made enough noise to attract friends. Suddenly I was looking at a five-to-one fight, so I ran.

Was that the wrong thing to do? Should I have faced them, knowing they could have killed me? If I had died, maybe Evfra would've finally taken the action we need. Or maybe he would've ignored it completely. I feel like such a coward. I wish I was brave, like you. You would've taken the whole lot of them, no matter the odds. You're the soldier the Roekaar need.

I'll be better next time. I'll be ready.

Report from the field
Translated from Shelesh:

Mission is going well. Won't say more, in case this message gets intercepted. We've gathered a decent amount of supplies so far, and we hope to get more soon. Will check in again closer to completion.


Return to the scientists Edit

Head back to Pelaav Research Station. The scientists are delighted over the data you've returned to them.

Rewards Edit

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