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Disambiguous This article is about tweaks for the first Mass Effect game. For Mass Effect 2 tweaks, see PC Tweaks (Mass Effect 2). For Mass Effect 3 tweaks, see PC Tweaks (Mass Effect 3).

Mass Effect was built from the Unreal Engine (UE) 3 games engine, which allows many modifications by the user to enhance the in-game graphics and controls.

Mass Effect's in-game configuration options have very little tweaking possibilities and only support basic graphic and key mapping. This article intends to serve as a guide to players who want to have more control on game performance and personalization, by highlighting options which players can tweak to better suit their needs.


Back up your data[]

All of the changes that are described in this article should only be tested on the files in the documents folder:

  • On Windows XP/2000: %SystemDrive%\Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config
  • On Windows Vista/7/8/10: %SystemDrive%\Users\%Username%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config

(%SystemDrive% will be replaced with the drive letter where your Windows system is installed on following a colon, and %Username% with the current user that you are logged into the system with.)


  • Files location: The Mass Effect game will read the files inside the Config folder. If it fails to do so, or if the files have incorrect data, the game will read the default config files that are located in the folder where you installed your game. By default they are located at 'X:\Program Files\Mass Effect\BioGame\Config'. Those files will be prefixed with the word Default (to avoid editing them by mistake).
  • Backup your files: To ensure that your gaming experience will not be damaged, make sure to back up every file that you are about to change. A good way to do this is to copy the Mass Effect or Config folder to a safe place. Alternatively, you can archive the folder to avoid confusion.
  • Game Patches: BioWare have released two patches that fix various issues. Installation of a patch will overwrite changes made to the configuration files, and update their version (indicated at the bottom of each file).

Writing style[]

The configuration files implement the CamelCase writing style for functions and variables names. For example: the 'Caps Lock' key will be written as CapsLock, 'Right mouse button' will be written as RightMouseButton, etc.

Note, however, that this is merely a writing convention. When entering commands in the console, you may use any case, or combination of cases, you prefer. For example: "GiveBonusTalent 14", "givebonustalent 14", "GIVEBONUSTALENT 14", and "Givebonustalent 14" will all yield the same result.

Data types[]

Generally, there are three types of data used in the configuration files:

  • Strings - Any sequence of letters or symbols (generally enclosed with quotation marks). These have no prefixing.
  • Floating points - Any number with decimal point. These will be appended with the letter f.
  • Boolean - a Boolean data type is a true/false variable and can only accept True or False.

Configuration Files[]

Input File (BioInput.ini)[]

This file is separated into six sections:

Engine.PlayerInput Basically, how the game will handle the input device that the player is using. Generally, you don't want to change anything in this section. Changes made here could harm your gaming experience.
Editor.EditorViewportInput The section applies to the editor the developers used. It has no impact on the game.
Engine.Console This section defines the Console keys and behavior. More information is in the section about the console.
Engine.UIInputConfiguration This section deals with how the mouse or gamepad will operate (sensitivity, movement emulation, etc.) Most likely, you won't need to alter anything in here, but you are free to experiment.
BIOC_Base.BioPlayerInput This section deals with the mapping of keys.
IniVersion This section is used for internal identification.

[Engine.PlayerInput] (Device Input)

This section deals with the way the controls work:

MoveForwardSpeed The in-game running speed. Any changes made here could ruin the game experience by giving the player an advantage. If you want to shorten the time of traveling, see the section referring to changing the game speed.
MoveStrafeSpeed The same as MoveForwardSpeed but controls sideways movement.
LookRightScale Deals with Shepard's neck, and how much it can be turned for a wider field of vision. This can actually be useful when trying to take screenshots.
LookUpScale The same as LookRightScale, but deals with the up/down motion.
MouseSensitivity The sensitivity of the mouse. It's probably better to alter this from the in-game menu.
GamepadAnalogSensitivity The sensitivity of the gamepad. Again, probably better to alter this from the in-game menu.
DoubleClickTime The time between clicks that register as a double-click. As Mass Effect does not treat double-clicks any differently than single clicks, changing this should not have any effect.
bInvertTurn Invert the axis of the mouse / keypad, if you want to change this, do it from the in-game menu.
bEnableMouseSmoothing Adds smoothing to the mouse movement. Change this through the in-game menu.

[BIOC_Base.BioPlayerInput] (Player Input)

This section has many behaviors that can be changed. It is advised to leave any line that does not start with the word 'Binding' alone. The exceptions to this are:

m_fDPadCooldownTime Handles some of the cooldown times of the input devices and should not be altered.
m_fStormCooldownTime The same as m_fDPadCooldownTime.
m_fQuickOrderTime Unknown function, but should not be touched, regardless. Experiment at your own risk. (Could be a boolean to determine whether time keeps progressing or not while giving quick commands to your team-mates.)
m_bDisableCinematicAccelerate Allow or deny the acceleration option for cinematic cut-scenes. This has no effect in the game.
m_bDisableCinematicSkip Allow or deny the ability to skip cinematic cut-scenes (will be discussed later on).
m_fCinematicSkipTriggerDelay The delay in milliseconds before the actual skip occurs.
m_fSlowMotionSpeed The game has no slow motion scenes, so this option doesn't effect anything in-game.

Changing anything other than the recommended behaviors can cause severe gameplay bugs!

Binding overview[]

The binding of new keys, or changing behavior of existing keys is handled in the following way: Bindings=(Name="",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

  • Name: Define the key that will execute the behavior.
  • InputMode: Defines the engine predefined inputs. Should not be changed.
  • Command: The command you want to assign to the key.
  • Control, Shift, Alt: Does the key work in combination with one of these keys. Make sure to only set True/False here.
  • Combining Commands: You can specify multiple commands, provided they don't interfere with each other. (A good example of this is left shift making you sprint or zooming the Mako's cannon). If you include the word "onrelease" before the command, then that particular command will only activate when the user releases this button.

Generally, you only want to alter the Name and Command, unless you have a specific behavior you want to achieve.

Key combinations[]

When binding a key with Control, Shift, or Alt combination in addition to the same key without that combination, make sure that the declaration with the combination precedes the one without. For example:

Bindings=(Name="N", InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE, Command="ToggleHUD",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=True)

Toggle the HUD when the "N" and "Alt" key combination are pressed.

Bindings=(Name="N", InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE, Command="ToggleFlyCam",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Switch to fly cam when only the "N" key is pressed.

Mass Effect comes with a set of commands that can be executed through the console or bound to keys, most are hidden and can only be found through trial and error.

Please note, that changing critical game-play keys may cause you to not be able to interface with objects, start conversations, etc. There are also some keys that control several action and sub-actions, removing parts of the binding command can cause that key to stop behaving as expected.

Common Tweaks[]

Toggle HUD


The default method to view the HUD screen is to press and hold the 'Spacebar' key until you want to return to the "action". A different approach is to toggle the HUD so it will stay on by pressing a key, and return to the game when the same button is pressed again. It is recommended to use a key other than the 'Spacebar' to preserve the default method.

Example: switching the spacebar menu into a toggle on/off mode
open the file BIOInput.ini in a decent text-editor
search for keyword "spacebar" and replace the correct line with this one:
Bindings=(Name="SpaceBar",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="ToggleCommandMenu | VehicleThrustersOn | OnRelease VehicleThrustersOff | GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_X | OnRelease GuiKey BIOGUI_EVENT_BUTTON_X_RELEASE",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

Skip Cutscenes

The game has a lot of repetitive cutscenes, i.e. docking on the Citadel, or traveling through the mass relays. Those cutscenes can be skipped, and there is no need to alter the binding keys. To activate the ability to skip cutscenes by pressing the "Draw/Holster Weapon" button (Q is default), just edit the lines:


The first line enables you to skip the cutscenes (make sure to only set True/False here). The second line indicates the time that it takes from the button press to the actual skip. Note: some locations have the cutscene for a reason (Shepard walk or say something that triggers another event). Skipping that cutscene, therefore, may leave you stuck. Experiment at your own risk.

Quick-slot keys

There are eight lines for the ability keys, they are numbered from 0 to 7, and are easy to alter.

Command="UseAbility 0"

This example, modifies the shift parameter, to allow more control over what keys can be used, what allows the usage of already bound keys to be used with the shift key (A, S, D, or W, for example). Setting the Shift option to True instead of False will activate that combination, and will make Shepard use the first ability instead of moving to the left.

Squad Commands

Sometimes you want to give commands to a certain party member (to move forward, most of the times) and not to both of them.

Command="SquadCommandMoveTo 1"
Command="SquadCommandMoveTo 2"

The numerical parameter value is to indicate what squad member will execute the order. Either 1 (first squad member) or 2 (second squad member).


It is possible to add a quickload option to the game. The problem is that you have to manually set the save name in the configuration file.

Command="LoadGame John00_QuickSave" The LoadGame function receive the name of the save as a parameter: [profile_name]00_QuickSave. Replace [profile_name] with the name of your current character. This can be done with any save game file - look in your documents folder for desired name (x:\Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Save\).

Note that should you desire to use an F Key to bind quickload, you will also need to delete its corresponding line, such as

"Bindings(Name="F9",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="exec FKEY_F9.txt",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)". Otherwise the quickload bind won't do anything.

Fast game speed for travel and cutscenes

This hotkey increases game speed tenfold while holding the key.

Bindings=(Name="MiddleMouseButton",InputMode=BIO_INPUT_MODE_NONE,Command="SloMo 10 | OnRelease SloMo 1",Control=False,Shift=False,Alt=False)

While holding the middle mouse button, game speed will increase ten times. It's helpful when traveling big distances, such as hub zones or planetary surface. It also works in Mako, and even in cutscenes, allowing you to fast-forward normally unskippable cutscenes. Speed multiplier may be arbitrary. Using this on a keyboard key sometimes causes glitches (e.g. it may freeze the game when fast-forwarding Mako landing), but binding on a mouse key doesn't.

Game Engine (BioEngine.ini)[]



bSmoothFrameRate Determines if the engine will enforce the framerate settings (True) or if it will let the graphic card manage them. This may cause spikes in FPS and unwanted graphic behavior.

MinSmoothedFrameRate and MaxSmoothedFrameRate determine the minimum and maximum framerate. Setting the maximum value too high can sometimes degrade quality, rather then enhance it. It is recommended to set those values to the system refresh rate for best performance.



This setting controls the presentation of shadows in the game. Setting it to false may increase performance, but at the same time can degrade the presentation of shadows.


Control shadow filtering to determine how sharp or soft the shadows will appear in the game. Higher value will make the shadow softer, and lower value will make them sharper.

DepthBias=0.012000 Controls the depth of shadows and how dynamic shadows appear. Higher value reduces the number of shadows shown, up to 1.0 that removes shadows altogether, and a lower value increase the number of shadows shown. This setting can cause glitches or fix them by changing the value.

Note: Patch 1.02 set this setting to 0.030 that remove shadowing. Setting this to 0.012 will return them.


Determine the minimum and maximum shadow resolution. Higher minimum value will increase the richness of shadows. Lower maximum value will degrade the appearance of shadows. Note, that setting the minimum too high (or maximum too low) may result in glitches and loss of performance.


Controls the distance from where shadows will be visible. Higher value will cause shadows to be visible in the near vicinity, while lower value will cause shadows to be shown at greater distance, increasing quality and degrading performance.




Depending on your sound card, and glitches you encounter, you can play with the values to enhance performance with sound or fix glitches.

Misc. Graphical Settings[]



Controls the appearance of weapon fire left by players. Setting this setting to False enhances performance, but reduces game experience.


Controls the Depth of Field that simulate how object inside the "focus area" are sharper than objects outside that field. It most noticeable while using the Sniper Rifle zoom feature that makes targeted objects more crisp and clear, and others blurred. Setting this option to False improves performance.


Originally meant to control the quality of the Bloom Effect, but does not seem to have any effect in-game, although setting it to False may improve performance.


Enables or disables the Trilinear Filtering that can improve the quality of textures, but at the same time can cause glitches and loss of quality.


If the game is set with Anisotropic as the filtering mode in-game, this setting can control the level of Anisotropic Filtering used. Specifying numbers between 0 (no anisotropic filtering, better performance, but poorer image quality) to 16 (maximum filtering, degraded performance but crisper and more detailed textures) - the default is 4.


TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Diff=(MinLODSize=32,MaxLODSize=512,LODBias=0) TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Norm=(MinLODSize=32,MaxLODSize=512,LODBias=0) TEXTUREGROUP_Character_Spec=(MinLODSize=32,MaxLODSize=256,LODBias=0) Setting the Min sizes to match the Max will force the game to always use the highest resolution textures on characters. This may decrease performance, but it will ensure a high resolution texture for Garrus's face - due to a bug, the game will always use the minimum resolution for his face texture.

Raising the Max size is not recommended, this may cause graphical glitches.



Setting this to vs_3_0, improves game performance with minimal to none drop in graphics. Only recomended to users with GPU newer than the GeForce FX 5900 and the ATI Radeon X850.


Character Behavior[]



Enables you to be injured by your squad, and vice-versa. This makes combat more realistic, but at the same time a problem with the current squad AI. Can also result in the 'death' of non-targetable NPCs.



Determines how much time it takes to the character to enter cover, when walking in-front of it.


Determines the camera angle that execute exiting from cover.


Determines the movement speed when in cover.


Determines the movement speed when zooming with a weapon.




Changes the maximum number of Credits, Grenades, Omni-gel, and Medi-gel. Changing any of these values may hamper game-play experience.




Changes the color and transparency of the subtitles. The values are in RGB (red, green, and blue) and alpha, which determines the transparency (lower the value to make the subtitles more transparent).


In conversations, determines how much time passes between the NPC last line and the appearance of the dialogue wheel. Setting this to 0.0 will cause the wheel to appear immediately, and helps prevent choosing unwanted answers when skipping dialogue.


Determines if Shepard will holster his/her weapon when initiating a conversation. Setting this option to False will cause also cause others present to keep their weapons drawn during the conversation. Can create some strange situations in which Shepard waves an assault rifle at people.


Changing this to 20.0 makes the dialogue wheel appear as soon as an NPC's last line of dialog starts.

Misc. Behaviors[]



Dead bodies will react more realistically, and shooting them results in minor movement and blood. Enabling this setting may result in degraded performance.



Determines the time until the game engine will attempt to remove enemy corpses for the first time, and how many retries it will execute. This will increase realism, but degrade performance (especially on intense combats). Note: Those settings also appear in [BIOC_Base.BioArtPlaceable], and might require the additional change, there.




Removes the time limit for ability cooldown. Removing the cooldown also applies to NPCs. For example, geth shock troopers will be able to spawn hex shields without limit, making them very difficult to kill.




Changes the amount of items that you can buy back after selling to Merchants.




Setting this to False will show all the profile's save games from all characters, and will not filter them based on the current active character profile.


Determines the maximum number of saves allowed. Note: This setting might require to change m_bEnableLimitedSaves from False to True.

Weapon Light Colours[]



Controls the RGB hue of weapon lights when the weapon is drawn, in multiples of 10.


Controls the RGB hue of weapon lights when the weapon is holstered, in multiples of 10.




Determines the amount of Paragon and Renegade points needed to reach a full bar (squad window), accordingly.



On the shield bars indicator, determines how many shield points per bar.




Determines the buy and sell prices modifier.





Determines how large your inventory can get until you are required to reduce new items into omni-gel, and when the game will warn you about reaching the limit.




Determines the amount of Experience Points awarded for a kill performed in the Mako, relative to the amount you would get on foot. Raising this to 1.0 will give you the same XP in the Mako as on foot. Raising over 1.0 also works (useful for speedruns with necessity of max level achievement).

In-Game Console[]

Enabling The Console[]

To enable the console, browse to and open the file ...Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect\Config\BioInput.ini (the full location is mentioned above) in any text editor (Notepad, for example), but not with rich text editor (Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, WritePad, and the likes).

In the file you opened, search for [Engine.Console], and add the line ConsoleKey=Tilde just under it. This will create a console around 3/4 the height of your screen. Adding the line TypeKey=Tab underneath ConsoleKey (or whatever keys you prefer) will instead create a console that is only one line wide at the bottom of your screen, allowing you full use of the console while allowing you to see in-game going-ons.

By default the [Engine.Console] section will contain:


The code addition is marked as italicised text

Note: some keyboard layouts, specifically on non-US English layouts, the Tilde key will map differently, and the game engine will not recognize the Tilde keyword. In this case, you will need to select a different key, such as Backslash, Tab, CapsLock, or any other to function as the console key.

Be advised that when Mass Effect boots, the BIOInput.ini may be overwritten, and thus will not have the console enabled. To prevent this, set the file to read-only after making your changes.


GiveItem Self nSophistication Qa_SuperGun nmManufacturer Each command requires zero (0) or more arguments to be executed. The GiveItem code works the following way:

  • The GiveItem command - marked in bold text.
  • The Self keyword - indicates the target for the item (Use Target instead, when giving an item to a squad member).
  • The Qa_SuperGun item - marked in bold text with the indication of the keyword string in italic text. Indicates the item you want.
  • The nmManufacturer code - indicates the code of the manufacturer of that item.
  • The nSophistication number - represents the 'level' of the item, which is the roman numeral (I, II, V, X, etc.) you see after the item name, but in the console is just a number (1-10).


Command Description Example
AddTargetToParty Adds the targeted pawn to your party.
ChangeSize float value Sets Shepard's physical size. 1 is default, 0.5 is half-sized, 2.0 is twice the size, etc. ChangeSize 0.01
God Invulnerability. Does not protect against hardcoded instant death scenarios. Mass Effect Legendary Edition only.
GiveXP int nValue Gives/takes experience to player - cannot lower current level. GiveXP 100
GiveTalentPoints int numPoints Gives/takes talent points to player. GiveTalentPoints -12
Set BioAttributesPawnParty m_TalentPoints int numPoints Sets all active squad members' available talent points to the given value. Set BioAttributesPawnParty m_TalentPoints 10
GiveBonusTalent int bonusIdentifier Gives bonus talents to player. See 'Talent Codes' below. GiveBonusTalent 14
GiveSpectreTalents Unlocks Spectre talents.
PickSpecialization Unlocks bonus classes.
GiveSuperArmor Gives a light "Survivor X" armor with 8000 shields.
GiveItem Self string QaSuperArmor nmManufacturer Gives ultimate armor with 10000-20000 shields, depending on which manufacturer string is used GiveItem Self 10 QaSuperArmor Manf_Spectre03_Armor
GiveSuperGun Gives a geth assault rifle with 25000 points of damage. Legendary Edition: The supergun is never automatically unholstered and must be manually selected from the menu or the previous/next weapon keybinds.
GiveItem Self string Qa_SuperGun nmManufacturer Gives geth-style Assault Rifle which does 30000 to 40000 damage, depending on which manufacturer string is used. Non-geth manufacturer codes may or may not be geth-style. GiveItem Self 10 Qa_SuperGun Manf_Geth_Weap
Set BIOC_Base.BioPawnBehavior m_fInsanityEnemyDamageReduction ##F Changes how much damage enemies take on Insanity. A higher number means more damage, while a lower number means less damage. set BIOC_Base.BioPawnBehavior m_fInsanityEnemyDamageReduction 500F
GiveAll Gives one of each weapon, weapon mod, bioamp, omnitool, and grenade. Does not give armors.
GiveAllBioAmps string nmManufacturer Gives all bioamps to player. GiveAllBioAmps Manf_Serrice_Bioamp
GiveAllOmniTools string nmManufacturer Gives all omnitools to player. GiveAllOmniTools Manf_Serrice_OmniTool
GiveAllGrenades string nmManufacturer Gives all weapons of grenades to player.
GiveAllWeapons string nmManufacturer Gives all weapons of manufacturer to player. GiveAllWeapons Manf_Spectre03_Weap
GiveAllArmor string nmManufacturer Gives all armors of manufacturer to player. GiveAllArmor Manf_Spectre03_Armor
GiveAllArmorHuman string nmManufacturer Gives all human armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorTurian string nmManufacturer Gives all turian armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorQuarian string nmManufacturer Gives all quarian armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllArmorKrogan string nmManufacturer Gives all krogan armors of manufacturer to player.
GiveAllXMods Gives all weapon and armor mods.
GiveItem string nmActor int nSophistication string nmItemLabel string nmManufacturer Gives item to player. The manufacturer string is optional. nSophistication determines the 'level' (I, II, ... X) Armor: GiveItem target 10 QuarianL manf_kassa_armor_colossus
Weapon: GiveItem self 1 assault_rifle manf_hk_weap
GiveArmor string nmActor int nSophistication string nmArmorLabel Gives armor to player.
SetParagon int Points Sets paragon points to specified value. (340 is max)
SetRenegade int Points Sets renegade points to specified value. (340 is max)
AdjustCredits int ####### Increments or decrements the value of the party's credits, to a maximum of 9,999,999. AdjustCredits +250000
InitCredits int ####### Sets the party's current credits to this amount, with a maximum value of 9,999,999.
InitSalvage int ### Sets the amount of the party's total omni-gel count, to a maximum value of 999.
InitMedigel int ## Sets the amount of the party's CURRENT medi-gel count; maximum value can only be increased by purchasing medi-gel count upgrades from stores.
InitGrenades int ## Sets the amount of the party's CURRENT grenade count.
Set BIOC_Base.BioInventory m_nMaxGrenades Int ## Sets the MAX amount of Grenades you can have.
KillCurrentTarget Kills the currently targeted pawn.
KillAll BioPawn Removes the player's henchmen from the party and all nearby pawns from the world. This is reported to cause problems when attempting to play through the full game without a party.
SetRunSpeed float speed Sets your running speed to the specified value SetRunSpeed 99 (for slow speed), SetRunSpeed 9999 (for fast speed)
SuperSpeed Toggles on and off super-fast movement. Using this twice will cancel out changes made by the SetRunSpeed command.
UnlockAchievement int nAchievementID Unlocks an achievement. See Achievement Codes below. UnlockAchievement 5
SetGender int ## Changes the PC's gender; 0 is male, 1 is female. Appears to affect body and voice, but not dialog flags, and doesn't seem to kick in until you zone.
Ghost Disables collision clipping, prevents falling.
Fly Disables falling.
Walk Enables collision clipping and falling.
Teleport Moves player to location at crosshair.
Pause Pauses the game. Useful for pausing during dialogs.
At string newArea Moves player to new area, places player 'at' the area specified.
SpawnVehicle Spawns a Mako vehicle at the cursor location.
upgradevehicle 6 vehthrusterforcebooster Triples the thrust (power) of the Mako underjets. Original game only.
Using 5 instead of 6 allows for same boost, but Mako doesn't have to touch ground for the thruster to function again, allowing for repeated thrusts to stay off the ground. Gentle thrusts are needed to avoid falling damage.
FOV int ## Changes the Field of View to the specified degrees. FOV 45
Setbind string key string command Binds the specified command to the specified key Setbind CapsLock Showhud
SloMo float multiplier Changes the game speed by the given multiplier (2.0 is twice as fast, 0.5 is half-speed)
StasisAll Freezes all NPCs in place permanently. This cannot be reversed without loading a savegame and should not be used aside from things like taking screenshots.
ToggleFlyCam Toggles free camera mode
CamToggleDebug Moves the camera slightly up and back of the player.
Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar float Fine-tune the free camera's directional speed. Does not work in Mass Effect Legendary Edition. Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar 1.00 (very slow)
Set BioCameraBehaviorFree m_fMovementScalar 6000.00 (very fast)
ShowHUD / ToggleHUD Toggles most parts of the HUD.
Show Scaleform Toggles all of the Scaleform elements off (HUD, menus text, quick power bar).
Show Vignette Toggles the vignette effect on or off. Mass Effect Legendary Edition only.
PlayersOnly Toggles the game pause, allowing the player to line up a screenshot.
SaveGame string Saves the game to filename indicated by string (See note 1).
LoadGame string Loads saved game indicated by string filename (See note 2).
Quit / Exit Exit game
Shot Takes a screenshot exactly as it appears on the screen Shot
TiledShot int multiplier int overlapPixels Takes a screenshot at many times the resolution of the screen. Postprocessing effects are rendered at default resolution rather than the target one, however, which may result in visual artifacts around the 'tile' edges. TiledShot 3x3 - takes a screenshot with a grid of 3 by 3. If the game is running in resolution of 1440x900, this will produce a 4320x2700 screenshot.
TiledShot 2 - produces a screenshot twice the size of the game resolution.
TiledShot 2 200 - takes a screenshot twice the size of the game resolution, and overlaps 200 pixels from every grid cell. The overlap may help ensure image continuity although it is not 100% assured.
Stat FPS Toggles the display of your framerate
Obj Classes See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Dependancies See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Hash See Unreal engine console documentation.
Obj Linkers See Unreal engine console documentation.
Get string propertyidentifier string value See Unreal engine console documentation.
Set string propertyidentifier string value See Unreal engine console documentation.
SetSensitivity int mouseSensitivity Sets mouse sensitivity from the console. Overrides any settings.
Exec string filename Executes a specified file under the Mass Effect\Binaries directory
ce hench_picksquad Select a new squad from the selection screen


  1. SaveGame John00_QuickSave. The first part is the character name followed by the number count of that character name (such as having more than one John). The second part is the save name. John00_1 will result in "Save 1" in the loading screen user interface. John00_tester will result in "Save 0" in the loading screen.
    Excluding the Name00 from the string will result in a save file that cannot be accessed via the user interface and can only be loaded with the LoadGame command.
  2. LoadGame John00_QuickSave. Loading a game such as tester without having loaded a previous save in the career the save game was created from will result in unrecoverable errors and you will be forced to exit the game via exit or quit.


Generic types[]

  • Heavy_Armor
  • Medium_Armor
  • Light_Armor
  • Assault_Rifle
  • Sniper_Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Bioamp
  • Omnitool
  • Gethgun_Pulse
Example codes

BIO AMP: Giveitem self 10 bioamp manf_serrice_bioamp (Mark 10 Serrice bioamp).

OMNITOOL: Giveitem self 10 omnitool manf_serrice_omnitool (Mark 10 Serrice Omnitool).

ARMOR: Giveitem self 10 TurianM manf_kassa_armor_colossus (Mark 10 Medium Turian armor).

WEAPON: Giveitem self 10 Assault_Rifle manf_Spectre03_Weap (Mark 10 Spectre Assault rifle).

ARMOR MODS: Giveitem self 10 x_armor_shieldVI (Mark 10 shields mod for armor).

GRENADE MODS: Giveitem self 10 x_Gammo_HE (Mark 10 High Energy Explosive).

WEAPON AMMO MODS: giveitem self 10 x_wammo_Harpoon (Mark 10 Harpoon rounds).

WEAPON GEAR MODS: Giveitem self 10 x_wgear_frictionlessMAT (Mark 10 frictionless mats)

Race-specific types[]

  • HumanL
  • HumanM
  • HumanH
  • QuarianL
  • TurianL
  • TurianM
  • TurianH
  • KroganM
  • KroganH

Manufacturer Codes[]

Item Code Manufacturer
Agent Armor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Agent Aldrin Labs
Hydra Armor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Hydra
Onyx Armor Manf_Aldrin_Armor_Onyx
Bluewire Omnitool Manf_Aldrin_OmniTool
Solaris BioAmp Manf_Aldrin_BioAmp
Mercenary Armor Manf_Ariake_Armor_Mercenary Ariake Technologies
Weapon Manf_Ariake_Weap
Logic Arrest Omni-Tool Manf_Ariake_OmniTool
Predator L/M/H Armor Manf_Armax_Armor_Predator Armax Arsenal
Weapon Manf_Armax_Weap
GeminiBio-amp Manf_Armax_BioAmp
Nexus Omni-tool Manf_Armali_OmniTool Armali Council
Prodigy Bio-amp Manf_Armali_BioAmp
Explorer Armor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Explorer Devlon Industries
Liberator Armor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Liberator
Survivor Armor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Survivor
Thermal Armor Manf_Devlon_Armor_Thermal
Weapon Manf_Devlon_Weap
Duelist Armor Manf_Elanus_Armor_Duelist Elanus Risk Control
Guardian Armor Manf_Elanus_Armor_Guardian
Warlord Armor Manf_Elanus_Armor_Warlord
Weapon Manf_Elanus_Weap
Assassin Armor Manf_Elkoss_Armor_Assassin Elkoss Combine
Gladiator Armor Manf_Elkoss_Armor_Gladiator
Weapon Manf_Elkoss_Weap
Cipher Omni-tool Manf_Elkoss_OmniTool
Battlemaster Armor Manf_Geth_Armor_BattleMaster Geth Armory
Berserker Armor Manf_Geth_Armor_Berserker
Rage Armor Manf_Geth_Armor_Rage
Weapon Manf_Geth_Weap
Geth Pulse Rifle Gethgun_Pulse_Player Manf_Geth_Weap
Geth Shotgun Gethgun_Shotgun Manf_Geth_Weap
Geth Sniper Rifle Gethgun_Sniper Manf_Geth_Weap
Geth Anti-Tank Gun Gethgun_AntiTank Manf_Geth_Weap
Silverback Armor Manf_HK_Armor_Hornet Hahne-Kedar
Mantis Armor Manf_HK_Armor_Mantis
Predator Armor Manf_HK_Armor_Predator
Scorpion Armor Manf_HK_Armor_Scorpion
Ursa Armor Manf_HK_Armor_Ursa
Weapon Manf_HK_Weap
Weapon Manf_HK_WeapAppr2
Colossus Armor Manf_Kassa_Armor_Colossus Kassa Fabrication
Weapon Manf_Kassa_Weap
Polaris Omni-tool Manf_Kassa_OmniTool
Polaris Bio-amp Manf_Kassa_BioAmp
Titan Armor Manf_Rosen_Armor_Titan Rosenkov Materials
Weapon Manf_Rosen_Weap
Phantom Armor Manf_Serrice_Armor_Phantom Serrice Council
Omni-tool Manf_Serrice_OmniTool
Bio-amp Manf_Serrice_BioAmp
Phoenix Armor Manf_Sitta_Armor_Phoenix Sirta Foundation
Note: 'Sitta' is not a typo
Omni-tool Manf_Sitta_OmniTool
Bio-amp Manf_Sitta_BioAmp
Weapon Manf_Haliat_Weap Haliat Armory
Crisis Armor* Manf_Jorman_Armor_Crisis Jormangund Technology
Hazard Armor* Manf_Jorman_Armor_Hazard
Weapon Manf_Jorman_Weap
Partisan Armor* Manf_Batarian_Armor_Partisan Batarian State Arms
Skirmish Armor* Manf_Batarian_Armor_Skirmish
Weapon Manf_Batarian_Weap
Freedom Armor* Manf_Cerberus_Armor_Freedom Cerberus Skunkworks
Hoplite Armor* Manf_Cerberus_Armor_Hoplite
Weapon Manf_Cerberus_Weap
Janissary Armor* Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Janissary Hahne-Kedar Shadow Works
Spectre Armor* Manf_HKShadow_Armor_Spectre
Weapon Manf_HKShadow_Weap
Predator L/M/H Armor VI Manf_Spectre01_Armor Spectre Master Gear
Predator L/M/H Armor VII Manf_Spectre02_Armor
Predator L/M/H Armor X Manf_Spectre03_Armor
Weapon - Basic Gear* Manf_Spectre01_Weap
Weapon - Advanced Gear* Manf_Spectre02_Weap
Weapon - Master Gear Manf_Spectre03_Weap
Omni-tool - Basic Gear* Manf_Spectre01_OmniTool
Omni-tool - Advanced Gear* Manf_Spectre02_OmniTool
Omni-tool - Master Gear* Manf_Spectre03_OmniTool
Bio-amp - Basic Gear* Manf_Spectre01_BioAmp
Bio-amp - Advanced Gear* Manf_Spectre02_BioAmp
Bio-amp - Master Gear* Manf_Spectre03_BioAmp

Note: Items marked with an asterisk(*) are not normally obtainable in-game, and can only be acquired through the console.

Armor Mods[]

Example: GiveItem Self 10 X_Armor_MedicalExo

Grenade Ammo Mods[]

Example: GiveItem Self 10 X_GAmmo_Incendiary

Weapon Ammo Mods[]

Example: GiveItem Self 10 X_WAmmo_SnowBlind

Weapon Mods[]

Example: GiveItem Self 10 X_WGear_ScramRail


Example: GiveBonusTalent 7

Difference between same specializations are first 6 points that are same as starting class mentioned in brackets.

When adding the bonus talents string be very careful for the game will only allow you to use around 5-6 offensive abilities for use in game, no matter how many abilities you add. So keep in mind that firstly you should add the abilities which are most useful(ex.- Warp & Singularity) fully upgrade them, then go for the other bonus talents. Also one might wanna start adding talents with spectre & class talents like - "commando".


Example: UnlockAchievement 12

Achievement Mass Effect™ (2007) Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition
Medal of Honor Achievement 1 0
Medal of Heroism Achievement 2 1
Distinguished Service Medal Achievement 3 2
Council Legion of Merit Achievement 4 3
Honorarium of Corporate Service Achievement 5 4
Long Service Medal Achievement 6 40
Distinguished Combat Medal Achievement 7
Medal of Valor Achievement 8
Pistol Expert Achievement 9
Shotgun Expert Achievement 10
Assault Rifle Expert Achievement 11
Sniper Expert Achievement 12
Lift Mastery Achievement 13 5
Throw Mastery Achievement 14 6
Warp Mastery Achievement 15 7
Singularity Mastery Achievement 16 8
Barrier Mastery Achievement 17 9
Stasis Mastery Achievement 18 10
Damping Specialist Achievement 19 11
AI Hacking Specialist Achievement 20 12
Overload Specialist Achievement 21 13
Sabotage Specialist Achievement 22 14
First Aid Specialist Achievement 23 15
Neural Shock Specialist Achievement 24 16
Scholar Achievement 26 18
Completionist Achievement 27
Tactician Achievement 28
Medal of Exploration Achievement 29
Rich Achievement 30
Dog of War Achievement 31
Geth Hunter Achievement 32
Soldier Ally Achievement 33 23
Sentinel Ally Achievement 34 24
Krogan Ally Achievement 35 25
Turian Ally Achievement 36 26
Quarian Ally Achievement 37 27
Asari Ally Achievement 38 28
Power Gamer Achievement 39
Extreme Power Gamer Achievement 40
Renegade Achievement 41
Paragon Achievement 42
Paramour Achievement 43
Spectre Inductee Achievement 44
Charismatic Achievement 45
Search and Rescue Achievement 46
Colonial Savior Achievement 47
Undisputed Achievement 48
New Sheriff in Town Achievement 49
Best of the Best Achievement 50

Achievement 25 (in the original Mass Effect) is unknown.

Area Codes[]

Structure: Level development code - Official name - Console command

Main levels[]
Group: 00 Files (Masters)
ICE00 Master Noveria At BIOA_ICE00
JUG00 Master Virmire At BIOA_JUG00
LAV00 Master Therum At BIOA_LAV00
LOS00 Master Ilos At BIOA_LOS00
STA00 Master Citadel At BIOA_STA00
WAR00 Master Feros At BIOA_WAR00
Group: END (End-game in Citadel)
END20_00 Citadel At BIOA_END00 Start_END20_00
END70_00 Citadel Plaza At BIOA_END00 Start_END70_00
END80_00 Citadel Tower Space Walk At BIOA_END00 Start_END80_00
Group: ICE (Noveria)
ICE20_01 Alpine City At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE20_01
ICE25_01 Aleutsk Valley At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE25_01
ICE50_01 Peak 15 Utility Station At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE50_01
ICE60_01 Science Station At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE60_01
ICE60_14 Binary Helix Hotlabs At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE60_14
Group: JUG (Virmire)
JUG20_00 Vehicle approach to the Salarian encampment At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG00_01
JUG20_01 Vehicle landing zone and first barricade At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG20_01
JUG20_02 Anti-Aircraft turret and second barricade At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG20_02
JUG20_03 Final approach to the salarian encampment At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG20_03
JUG40_00 Pontoon approach to Saren's Facility At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_00
JUG40_01 Entrance from the Salarian Camp and the first combat At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_01
JUG40_02 Geth Communications Tower At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_02
JUG40_03 Jungle approach to the pontoons (mine field) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_03
JUG40_04 Pontoons: Entrance and artillery relay (optional objective) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_04
JUG40_05 Pontoons: Geth Flyer landing pad (optional objective) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_05
JUG40_06 Pontoons: Artillery ammo dump At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_06
JUG40_07 Pontoons: Geth Flyer landing pad (optional objective) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_07
JUG40_08 Entrance to Saren's facility At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG40_08
JUG70_00 Saren's indoctrination and Krogan Genophage research facility At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_01
JUG70_01 Front entrance to the warehouse At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_01
JUG70_02 Warehouse combat with indoctrinates At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_02
JUG70_03 Security Office and Detention cells At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_03
JUG70_04 Krogan Genophage/Indoctrination Labs At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_04
JUG70_05 Indoctrinated Prisoner Barracks At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_05
JUG70_06 Sewer combat with indoctrinates At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_06
JUG70_07 Walkway between Sovereign's Tower and the Breeding Facility At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_07
JUG70_08 Security Hardpoint before Sovereign's Tower At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_08
JUG70_09 Facade for the Interior trench At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_09
JUG70_10 Facade for the ecterior ocean view At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_10
JUG70_11 Communications tower (Uplink to Sovereign) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG70_11
JUG80_00 Krogan Breeding Facility At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_01
JUG80_01 Spiral Breakwater path At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_01
JUG80_02 Entrance Combat on the Breakwater At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_02
JUG80_03 Facade of the ocean view At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_03
JUG80_04 Turret one Interior (Sabotage) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_04
JUG80_05 Krogan breeding trench entrance At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_05
JUG80_06 Empty Trench At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_06
JUG80_07 Central trench hub (Bomb Site/Saren Encounter) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_07
JUG80_08 Upper trench fortification At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_08
JUG80_09 Sealed Krogan Breeding Trench At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_09
JUG80_10 Breakwater combat corridor At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_10
JUG80_11 Upper facade structure (Sailes and Details) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_11
JUG80_12 Lift to Turret two At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_12
JUG80_13 Turret two interior (Sabotage) At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_13
JUG80_14 Lift from Turret two to breakwater At BIOA_JUG00 Start_JUG80_14
Group: LAV (Therum)
LAV60_01 Ring of Fire At BIOA_LAV00 Start_LAV60_01
LAV70_01 Knossos Ruins At BIOA_LAV00 Start_LAV70_01
Group: LOS (Ilos Ruins)
LOS10_01 Landing Zone At BIOA_LOS00 Start_LOS10_01
LOS30_02 Security Station At BIOA_LOS00 Start_LOS30_02
LOS40_01 Archives At BIOA_LOS00 Start_LOS40_01
LOS50_01 Trench Run At BIOA_LOS00 Start_LOS50_01
Group: NOR (Normandy)
NOR10_01 Cockpit At BIOA_NOR00 Start_NOR10_01
NOR10_02 Hallway to Cockpit At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_02
NOR10_03 Galaxy Map At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_03
NOR10_04 Comm Room At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_04
NOR10_05 Stairwell At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_05
NOR10_06 Dining At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_06
NOR10_07 Medical Bay At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_07
NOR10_08 Liara's Room At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_08
NOR10_09 Captain's Quarters At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_09
NOR10_10 Elevator to 2nd Deck At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_10
NOR10_11 Garage At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_11
NOR10_12 Engineering At BIOA_NOR00 START_NOR10_12
Group: PRO (Eden Prime)
PRO10_01 Landing Zone At BIOA_PRO00 Start_PRO10_01
Group: STA (Citadel)
STA20_01 The Presidium At BIOA_STA00 start_STA20_01
STA20_02 Elevator to Citadel Tower AT BIOA_STA00 START_STA20_02
STA30_01 Marshal's Training Grounds At BIOA_STA00 Start_STA30_01
STA60_01 Wards At BIOA_STA00 Start_STA60_01
STA70_01 Citadel Council Tower At BIOA_STA00 Start_STA70_01
Group: WAR (Feros)
WAR20_01 Human colony At BIOA_WAR00 Start_WAR20_01
WAR30_01 Thorian Lair At BIOA_WAR00 Start_WAR30_01
WAR40_01 War Zone At BIOA_WAR00 Start_WAR40_01
WAR50_01 Imperator Camp At BIOA_WAR00 Start_WAR50_01
Group: UNC52 (Asteroid X57)
Exterior of Main Base At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_EXT_MAINBASE
Interior of Main Base At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_INT_MAINBASE
Exterior of Torch 1 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_EXT_TORCH1
Interior of Torch 1 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_INT_TORCH1
Exterior of Torch 2 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_EXT_TORCH2
Interior of Torch 2 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_INT_TORCH2
Exterior of Torch 3 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_EXT_TORCH3
Interior of Torch 3 At BIOA_UNC52 START_UNC52_INT_TORCH3
Group: UNC (Uncharted)
UNC10 Klensal At BIOA_UNC10
UNC11 Xawin At BIOA_UNC11
UNC13 Mavigon At BIOA_UNC13
UNC17 Antibaar At BIOA_UNC17
UNC20 Trebin At BIOA_UNC20
UNC21 Rayingri At BIOA_UNC21
UNC24 Altahe At BIOA_UNC24
UNC25 Edolus At BIOA_UNC25
UNC30 Chohe At BIOA_UNC30
UNC31 Amaranthine At BIOA_UNC31
UNC42 Nonuel At BIOA_UNC42
UNC51 Luna At BIOA_UNC51
UNC53 Agebinium At BIOA_UNC53
UNC54 Presrop At BIOA_UNC54
UNC55 Solcrum At BIOA_UNC55
UNC61 Tuntau At BIOA_UNC61
UNC62 Nepheron At BIOA_UNC62
UNC71 Metgos At BIOA_UNC71
UNC73 Nepmos At BIOA_UNC73
UNC80 Nodacrux At BIOA_UNC80
UNC81 Chasca At BIOA_UNC81
UNC82 Ontarom At BIOA_UNC82
UNC83 Casbin At BIOA_UNC83
UNC84 Eletania At BIOA_UNC84
UNC90 Sharjila At BIOA_UNC90
UNC92 Binthu At BIOA_UNC92
UNC93 Maji At BIOA_UNC93
Group: FRE (Freighters)
FRE31 Freighter of Doom (SP116) Tarrus IV Freighter At BIOA_FRE31
FRE32 Hostage Situation (SP111) MSV Ontario Freighter At BIOA_FRE32
FRE33 CSI (SP104) MSV Worthington Freighter At BIOA_FRE33
FRE34 Garrus' Subplot (SP201) MSV Fedele Freighter At BIOA_FRE34
FRE35 Depot Sigma-23 (SP107) Gorgon System Depot Freighter At BIOA_FRE35
Group: PRC2 (Pinnacle Station)
Pinnacle Station At BIOA_PRC2
Intai'sei (Shepard's Apartment) At BIOA_PRC2AA
Removed levels[]

Areas of this group were used during game development and are no longer available.

Group: DEV (Development)
TEST_BuildCheck1 At TEST_BuildCheck1
TEST_BuildCheck2 At TEST_BuildCheck2
Character & Placeable Gallery At zGB_CharGallery
BIOA_CoverDemo At BIOA_CoverDemo
BIOA_CombatTest100 At BIOA_CombatTest100
BIOA_CombatTest200 At BIOA_CombatTest200
Combat Stress Test At zGB_CombatStressTest
characterprep_00 At characterprep_00
test_into_nor00 At test_into_nor00
LAV20_01 Throw Down Plaza At BIOA_LAV00 Start_LAV20_00
LAV40_01 Foundry At BIOA_LAV00 Start_LAV40_01
ICE70_01 Binary Helix Hot Labs At BIOA_ICE00 Start_ICE70_01
STA90_02 Oculon AT BIOA_STA00 START_STA90_02
LOS20_02 Power Station At BIOA_LOS00 Start_LOS20_02
Group: FRE (Freighters)
FRE13 Light content: Freighter Template 04 At BIOA_FRE13
FRE14 Light content: Freighter Template 05 At BIOA_FRE14
FRE15 Light content: Freighter Template 06 At BIOA_FRE15
FRE16 Light content: Freighter Template 07 At BIOA_FRE16
FRE17 Light content: Freighter Template 08 At BIOA_FRE17
FRE18 Light content: Freighter Template 09 At BIOA_FRE18
FRE19 Light content: Freighter Template 10 At BIOA_FRE19
Group: MIN (Mine)
MIN_00 Light Content: mining Template 01 At BIOA_MIN00
MIN_01 Light Content: mining Template 02 At BIOA_MIN01
MIN_02 Light Content: mining Template 03 At BIOA_MIN02

Disable Intro Videos[]

To bypass the intro videos and boot the game directly to the start menu, rename these three files in YOUR GAME DIRECTORY\BioGame\CookedPC\Movies:

  • BWLogo.bik
  • db_standard.bik
  • ME_EAsig_720p_v2_raw.bik

Enable joystick move[]

This tweak may be useful for those who want to use the mouse while having access to analog movement. Comes in useful for Steam controller users or gamepad users who want to bind gyro to a mouse.

In BIOEngine.ini add


In BIOinput.ini add

Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_LeftY",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightX",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=0.2 DeadZone=0.3")
Bindings=(Name="XboxTypeS_RightY",Command="Axis aLookup Speed=0.2 DeadZone=0.3")

Additional resources[]

Beyond changes to the configuration files, it is recommended to set your graphics card driver and settings to enhance graphic quality and performance. Below, are some recommendations for further readings:

Tweak Guides: