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Mass Effect 2 is based on Unreal Engine 3 and many settings can be modified in a way similar to Mass Effect, allowing the user to mod, tweak or cheat. Unlike the first Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2's in-game console is locked in a more serious way, but a multitude of effects and in-game commands can be activated through editing configuration files.


Backup Your Career

Using the modifications described in this article may alter your career permanently. It is recommended to backup your career for the option to revert back later on. The career files are located at:

Windows XP:
X:\Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save

Windows Vista/7:
X:\Users\%Username%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\Save

Where X is the drive letter where your Windows system is installed on (usually C:), and %Username% - username that you are logging into the system with.

The career folders are named in the format John_31_Soldier_060310 (first name, psych profile/history, class, date of creation). The ME1 folder contains the Mass Effect save files transferred over by ME2 Configuration Utility.

There is also a profile file called Player1.prf under the same folder in %Username%\Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 2\BIOGame\Profile that you may want to backup. This file stores your achievements and bonus power unlocks.

Enabling console

Mass Effect 2 console can be enabled by using two different methods:

  • Automatically patch main game configuration file (SFXGame.pcc) to remove the lock of game-based console (console use settings from Coalesced.ini). The program for patching can be found here.
  • Manually patch MassEffect2.exe to enable engine-locked console (console use default settings). This method requires HEX editor and recommended for advanced users only. Instructions are here.

Note: press "~", tilde key to open 3/4 console in game. "tab" for single bar console.


See also: PC Tweaks#Commands
Command Description Example
GiveTalentPoints int value Give (remove) talent points GiveTalentPoints -5
GiveXP int value Give experience GiveXP 1000
GivePower target power Temporarily give a power to the target (power list) GivePower self SFXPower_Shockwave
RemovePower target power Remove a power from the target RemovePower self SFXPower_Shockwave
SetRank target power int rank Set the rank of the target's power SetRank self SFXPower_Shockwave 3
GiveItem target object Give a specific object to the target (weapon list) GiveItem Self HeavyPistol
GiveSuperGun Give 99999 ammo clip and increases damage tremendously GiveSuperGun
SetParagon int value Set paragon points SetParagon 3000
SetRenegade int value Set renegade points SetRenegade 3000
EnablePowerCooldown bool value Set power cooldown (not working with class-specific skills) EnablePowerCooldown 1
God Toggle godmode God
KillTarget Kill the target under the reticle KillTarget
KillEnemies Kill all enemies KillEnemies
KillParty Kill henchmen KillParty
StasisParty Freeze henchmen StasisParty
KillSelf / Suicide Kill the player KillSelf
InitAmmo int value Set ammo InitAmmo 999
InitMedigel int value Set Medi-gel InitMedigel 5
InitProbes int value Set probes InitProbes 50
InitFuel int value Set fuel amount InitFuel 500
InitCredits int value Set credits amount InitCredits 10000
InitPalladium int value Set Palladium amount InitPalladium 1000
InitIridium int value Set Iridium amount InitIridium 1000
InitEezo int value Set Element Zero amount InitEezo 1000
InitPlatinum int value Set Platinum amount InitPlatinum 1000
ToggleFlyCam Toggle free camera mode ToggleFlyCam
Shot Take screenshot Shot
TiledShot int multiplier int overlapPixels Take screenshot at many times the screen resolution TiledShot 3x3 - with a grid of 3x3 (input 1440x900, result 4320x2700)
TiledShot 2 - twice the size of dimensions
TiledShot 2 200 - twice the dimension, overlaps 200 pixels from a grid cell
PlayersOnly / TogglePlayersOnly Freeze the game PlayersOnly
ShowHUD / ToggleHUD Toggle most parts of the HUD ToggleHUD
Show Scaleform Toggle Scaleform elements (text, quick slots). Show Scaleform
SloMo float multiplier Change the game speed SloMo 2
FOV int fovDegrees Modify field of view (overrides every game-initiated FOV change (sprint, cutscenes) until the load screen) FOV 80
UnlockAchievement int ID Unlock an achievement (achievement list) UnlockAchievement 3
At / Open string value Teleport to the level (level list) At BioP_ProCer
Stat FPS Toggle the framerate display Stat FPS
SetIntByName string nmVar int value Set integer variable (use to unlock upgrades) (upgrade list) SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistol 5
SetBoolByName string nmVar bool value Set boolean variable SetBoolByName Bloom 1
SetBoolByID int nmVar bool value Set story boolean variable SetBoolByID 27975 1
Exec filename Execute a file under the Binaries folder (type commands inside, and the game will run them) Exec powers.txt
Profile combat target Show combat data for the target Profile combat self
Profile power target Show powers data for the target Profile power target
Profile anim target Show animation data for the target Profile anim SFXPawn_Garrus_01_0
Profile camera target Show camera data for the target Profile camera self
Profile tech Show upgrades data Profile tech
Profile vehicle Show vehicle data Profile vehicle
Profile none Clear the screen from profile data Profile none
ce hench_picksquad Shows squad selection screen (note: after using this command, dialog and music may be disabled until you close and reopen the game) ce hench_picksquad


Full unlock: Command=("UnlockAchievement 0 | UnlockAchievement 1 | UnlockAchievement 2 | UnlockAchievement 3 | UnlockAchievement 4 | UnlockAchievement 5 | UnlockAchievement 6 | UnlockAchievement 7 | UnlockAchievement 8 | UnlockAchievement 9 | UnlockAchievement 10 | UnlockAchievement 11 | UnlockAchievement 12 | UnlockAchievement 13 | UnlockAchievement 14 | UnlockAchievement 15 | UnlockAchievement 16 | UnlockAchievement 17 | UnlockAchievement 18 | UnlockAchievement 19 | UnlockAchievement 20 | UnlockAchievement 21 | UnlockAchievement 22 | UnlockAchievement 23 | UnlockAchievement 24 | UnlockAchievement 25 | UnlockAchievement 26 | UnlockAchievement 27 | UnlockAchievement 28 | UnlockAchievement 29 | UnlockAchievement 30 | UnlockAchievement 31 | UnlockAchievement 32 | UnlockAchievement 33 | UnlockAchievement 34 | UnlockAchievement 35 | UnlockAchievement 36 | UnlockAchievement 37 | UnlockAchievement 38 | UnlockAchievement 39 | UnlockAchievement 40 | UnlockAchievement 41 | UnlockAchievement 42 | UnlockAchievement 43 | UnlockAchievement 44 | UnlockAchievement 45 | UnlockAchievement 46 | UnlockAchievement 47 | UnlockAchievement 48 | UnlockAchievement 49 | UnlockAchievement 50 | UnlockAchievement 51 | UnlockAchievement 52 | UnlockAchievement 53 | UnlockAchievement 54 | UnlockAchievement 55 | UnlockAchievement 56 | UnlockAchievement 57 | UnlockAchievement 58 | UnlockAchievement 59 | UnlockAchievement 60 | UnlockAchievement 61")

# Achievement Note
0 Highly Trained
1 Missing In Action Normandy is destroyed (intro)
2 Very Elusive Shepard joins Cerberus
3 The Convict Recruit Jack
4 The Krogan Recruit Grunt
5 The Archangel Recruit Garrus
6 The Professor Recruit Mordin
7 The Quarian Recruit Tali
8 The Justicar Recruit Samara
9 The Assassin Recruit Thane
10 Colony Defense
11 The Prodigal Miranda's loyalty mission
12 Ghost of the Father Jacob's loyalty mission
13 Catharsis Jack's loyalty mission
14 Battlemaster Grunt's loyalty mission
15 Fade Away Garrus' loyalty mission
16 The Cure Mordin's loyalty mission
17 Treason Tali's loyalty mission
18 Doppelganger Samara's loyalty mission
19 Cat's in the Cradle Thane's loyalty mission
20 Friend or Foe Recover Legion
21 A House Divided Legion's loyalty mission
22 Ghost Ship
23 Suicide Mission Use Omega-4 Relay
24 Mission Accomplished Finish the game
25 Against All Odds Survive suicide mission
26 Insanity
27 No One Left Behind No-one dies in suicide mission
28 Long Service Medal Finish game twice or use character from ME1
29 Paramour
30 Head Hunter Kill the thresher maw
31 Brawler
32 Big Game Hunter
33 Tactician
34 Master at Arms
35 Merciless
36 Overload Specialist
37 Warp Specialist
38 Incineration Specialist
39 Operative
40 Agent
41 Prospector
42 Explorer
43 Power Gamer
44 Scholar
45 Technician
46 Weapon Specialist
47 Scientist
48 Fashionista
49 Power Full
50 Revenge! Zaeed's loyalty mission
51 Broke, Blind, and Bedlam Kasumi's loyalty mission
52 Data Hound Overlord DLC
53 Digital Exorcist Overlord DLC
54 Detail Orientated Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
55 Most Dangerous Game Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
56 Heart of Darkness Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
57 The Hard Way Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
58 Catching Up Lair of the Shadow Broker DLC
59 The Ultimate Sacrifice Arrival DLC
60 Last Stand Arrival DLC
61 Covert Action Arrival DLC


Full unlock (with Squad Upgrades): Command=("SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistol 5 | SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistolR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_AutoPistolR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_AssaultRifle 5 | SetIntByName Tec_AssaultRifleR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_AssaultRifleR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_BioticUpgrade 5 | SetIntByName Tec_BioticR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_BioticR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_GruntUpgrade 2 | SetIntByName Tec_HeavyAmmo 5 | SetIntByName Tec_HeavyPistol 5 | SetIntByName Tec_HeavyPistolR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_HeavyPistolR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_LegionUpgrade 2 | SetIntByName Tec_MediGel 5 | SetIntByName Tec_MediGel 6| SetIntByName Tec_MediGelR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_MediGelR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_MiniGameDecrypt 1 | SetIntByName Tec_MiniGameHack 1 | SetIntByName Tec_ShepardHealth 5 | SetIntByName Tec_ShepardR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_ShepardR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_Shield 5 | SetIntByName Tec_ShieldR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_ShieldR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_Shotgun 5 | SetIntByName Tec_ShotgunR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_ShotgunR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_SniperRifle 5 | SetIntByName Tec_SniperRifleR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_SniperRifleR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_TechUpgrade 5 | SetIntByName Tec_TechR1 1 | SetIntByName Tec_TechR2 1 | SetIntByName Tec_BovineFortitude 1 | SetIntByName Tec_QuarianShields 1 | SetIntByName Tec_GruntShotgun 2 | SetIntByName Tec_GruntUpgrade 2 | SetIntByName Tec_JackUpgrade 1 | SetIntByName Tec_LegionSniper 2 | SetIntByName Tec_LegionUpgrade 2 | SetIntByName Tec_MordinUpgrade 1")

Note: After using the code, any collected upgrade will be added as an extra upgrade ('10' is upper limit).

Weapon Upgrades

Name Description Plot ID and Level
Tec_AutoPistol Submachine Gun Damage (Microfield Pulsar) Tec_AutoPistol 5
Tec_AutoPistolR1 SMG Shield Piercing (Phasic Jacketing) Tec_AutoPistolR1 1
Tec_AutoPistolR2 SMG Extra Rounds (Heat Sink Capacity) Tec_AutoPistolR2 1
Tec_AssaultRifle Assault Rifle Damage (Kinetic Pulsar) Tec_AssaultRifle 5
Tec_AssaultRifleR1 Assault Rifle Penetration (Tungsten Jacket) Tec_AssaultRifleR1 1
Tec_AssaultRifleR2 Assault Rifle Accuracy (Targeting VI) Tec_AssaultRifleR2 1
Tec_BioticUpgrade Biotic Damage (Hyper-Amp) Tec_BioticUpgrade 5
Tec_BioticR1 Biotic Duration (Neural Mask) Tec_BioticR1 1
Tec_BioticR2 Biotic Cooldown (Smart Amplifier) Tec_BioticR2 1
Tec_HeavyAmmo Heavy Weapon Ammo Upgrade (Microfusion Array) Tec_HeavyAmmo 5
Tec_HeavyPistol Heavy Pistol Damage (Titan Pulsar) Tec_HeavyPistol 5
Tec_HeavyPistolR1 AP Heavy Pistol (Sabot Jacketing) Tec_HeavyPistolR1 1
Tec_HeavyPistolR2 Heavy Pistol Critical (Smart Rounds) Tec_HeavyPistolR2 1
Tec_MediGel Medi-Gel Capacity (Microscanner) Tec_MediGel 5
Tec_MediGelR1 Trauma Module (Medical VI) Tec_MediGelR1 1
Tec_MediGelR2 Emergency Shielding (Shield Harmonics) Tec_MediGelR2 1
Tec_ShepardHealth Heavy Skin Weave (Lattice Shunting) Tec_ShepardHealth 5
Tec_ShepardR1 Heavy Bone Weave (Skeletal Lattice) Tec_ShepardR1 1
Tec_ShepardR2 Heavy Muscle Weave (Microfiber Weave) Tec_ShepardR2 1
Tec_Shield Damage Protection (Ablative VI) Tec_Shield 5
Tec_ShieldR1 Redundant Field Generator (Burst Regeneration) Tec_ShieldR1 1
Tec_ShieldR2 Hard Shields (Nanocrystal Shield) Tec_ShieldR2 1
Tec_Shotgun Shotgun Damage (Synchronized Pulsar) Tec_Shotgun 5
Tec_ShotgunR1 Shotgun Shield Piercing (Microphasic Pulse) Tec_ShotgunR1 1
Tec_ShotgunR2 Shotgun Extra Rounds (Thermal Sink) Tec_ShotgunR2 1
Tec_SniperRifle SniperRifleDamage (Scrum Pulsar) Tec_SniperRifle 5
Tec_SniperRifleR1 AP Sniper Rifle (Tungsten Sabot Jacket) Tec_SniperRifleR1 1
Tec_SniperRifleR2 Sniper Headshot Damage (Combat Scanner) Tec_SniperRifleR2 1
Tec_TechUpgrade Tech Damage (Multicore Umplifier) Tec_TechUpgrade 5
Tec_TechR1 Tech Duration (Custom Heuristics) Tec_TechR1 1
Tec_TechR2 Tech Cooldowns (Hydra Module) Tec_TechR2 1
Tec_BovineFortitude Calcified Endoskeleton (Bovine Fortitude) Tec_BovineFortitude 1
Tec_QuarianShields Quarian Shield Capacitor (Cyclonic Array) Tec_QuarianShields 1
Tec_HackModule Hack Module for hacking mini game

Tec_MiniGameHack 1

Tec_BypassModule Bypass Module for the bypass mini game

Tec_MiniGameDecrypt 1

These upgrades can't be normally obtained.

Squad Member Upgrades

Tec_GruntShotgun Krogan Shotgun (Custom Claymore) [Grunt] Tec_GruntShotgun 2
Tec_GruntUpgrade Krogan Vitality (Microfiber Weave) [Grunt] Tec_GruntUpgrade 2
Tec_JackUpgrade Subject Zero Biotic Boost (Multicore Implants) [Jack] Tec_JackUpgrade 1
Tec_LegionSniper Geth Sniper Rifle (Custom Widow Rifle) [Legion] Tec_LegionSniper 2
Tec_LegionUpgrade Geth Shield Strength 2/2 (Cyclonic Particles) [Legion] Tec_LegionUpgrade 2
Tec_MordinUpgrade Mordin Omni-Tool [Mordin] Tec_MordinUpgrade 1

Ship Upgrades

Warning: It is highly recommended to not use the codes below, because those may be unlocked but during the Suicide Mission they won't have any effect and squad members will die. Also the facial scars can't be healed.

Tec_FaceLift Medical-Bay Upgrade (Dermal Regeneration) Tec_FaceLift 1
Tec_ShipArmor Heavy Ship Armor (Silaris Armor Tech) Tec_ShipArmor 1
Tec_ShipGun Thanix Cannon (Particle Cannon) Tec_ShipGun 1
Tec_ShipScanner Advanced Mineral Scanner (Argus Scanner Array) Tec_ShipScanner 1
Tec_ShipShield Multicore Shielding (Cyclone Shield Tech) Tec_ShipShield 1
Tec_ShipProbes Modular Probe Bay (Probe Booster) Tec_ShipProbes 1

Configuration file

Coalesced.ini is the main configuration files, designed for easy adjusting the game parameters stored in .pcc files. The file can be found here:

Default location:
C:\Program Files\Mass Effect 2\BioGame\Config\PC\Cooked\Coalesced.ini

  1. Make a backup before you even move your cursor over it.
  2. You cannot edit it with Notepad, or the game will crash on load.
  3. Make sure the modified file is exactly the same size as the original, or the game may crash on load. This may depend on your version of the game. You can do this by adding extra spaces to the end of a line, or deleting unnecessary lines from the international keybindings.

If you want to edit the file manually, you will need a text editor that can handle UNIX-format files (e.g., Notepad++) and a way of "rebuilding" Coalesced.ini after your edits; the method is described here. Another rebuilder created by Corvin666 also exists and is known as the ME2Fixer. If you made your changes and can't compile the file try using this one, works great even if you previously edited Coalesced.ini in Notepad. Another approach is using a specific application such as the Mass Effect 2 Coalesced Editor for making changes.



Variable Description
StormRegen regeneration speed of combat storm stamina
StormRegenNonCombat regeneration speed of non-combat storm stamina
StormStamina determines how long Shepard can storm during combat
StormStaminaNonCombat determines how long Shepard can storm outside of combat


This section is where binds can be added to the game (or removed. Be careful when doing this.) There are several subsections which describe key bindings during various "modes" in the game.


Section Description
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeBase] All SFXGameModes inherit from this class. Bindings placed here would be usable in all modes, including engine-driven cinematics (making this the ideal place for screenshot and fast-forward bindings).
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault] This is the "Default" game mode, where you control Shepard and can move them around.
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeCommand] This mode is activated when in "command mode," where the game is paused, allowing you to give orders to your squad
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeConversation] This is the game mode used when in conversations.
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeCinematic] This mode is used when in-game, non-interactive cinematics are displayed. (While the shuttle lands on a planet, for instance.)
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeGalaxy] This mode is used while the Galaxy Map is open
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeGUI] This mode is used for hacking and decryption mini-games, as well as menus.
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeMovie] This mode is used when pre-rendered movies are being played
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeOrbital] This mode is used when scanning planets. Aside from bindings, several values which govern the speed of the scanning reticle are found here.
[SFXGame.SFXGameModeVehicle] This game mode is used when the player is in the Hammerhead.

Bindings format

To add a new bind to any of the above sections, use the format
Bindings=( Name= "Key name", Command="Command", Ctrl="True", Shift="True", Alt="True")

Ctrl, Shift, Alt commands are optional, if they are not specified default value is "False". The most common use for this is to bind a command to the press of single or combination of keys.

Example: adding this to the [SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault] section will allow the player to take screenshots while on foot by pressing F8: Bindings=( Name= "F8", Command="Shot" )


Weapon Properties

See also: #Weapon List

In the subsections dealing with weapon properties, there is a "base template" section in [SFXGame.SFXWeapon] that defines general weapon properties, which are then overridden by specific weapon settings in the other categories if necessary.

At least the following settings can be used (added if not existing by default):

Variable Description
AccFireInterpSpeed Determines how quick accuracy parameters approximate their maximal values
AccFirePenalty Determines cone of fire increase per shot from the hip
AI_AccCone_Max Maximal accuracy cone for AI
AI_AccCone_Min Minimal accuracy cone for AI
AI_AimDelay Time while AI is aiming
AI_BurstFireCount Amount of bursts enemies and henchmen make before returning to cover. First - minimal number, second is the maximum.
AI_BurstFireDelay Time enemies and henchmen wait between firing bursts from cover
AI_BurstFireMovingDelay Time enemies and henchmen wait between firing bursts when out of cover
AmmoPerShot Amount of ammo spent per shot
bCanDropAmmo Whether weapon drops ammo or not
bInfiniteAmmo Infinite ammo on/off (must reload, but spare ammo is not decreased)
bIsAutomatic The weapon doesn't require to rearrange the trigger to keep firing (considers RateOfFire parameter)
bUpgradesBasicWeapon Use parameters from the basic weapon type template
BurstRefireTime Delay before next burst (makes RateOfFire parameter irrelevant)
BurstRounds Number of rounds per burst (set to 0 for full auto)
bUseSniperCam Use sniper scope for a weapon
CrosshairRange Crosshair size (Min,Max)
Damage Base damage
DamageAI Damage multiplier for enemies
DamageHench Damage multiplier for squad members
fAmmoMultiplier Multiplier for dropped ammo (?)
GeneralDescription ID number for text to show in game to describe the weapon
GUIImage Image of the weapon, that will be shown upon acquisition, when choosing weapon in weapons locker and codex
IconRef Image ID to be shown on HUD during a fight
InitialMagazines The amount of ammo (x MagSize) given when starting a mission
LowAmmoSoundThreshold Threshold for low ammo warning
MagSize Size of magazine
MaxAimError Maximum bullet drift
MaxSpareAmmo Maximum amount of spare ammo
MaxZoomAimError Maximum bullet drift when zooming
MinAimError Minimum bullet drift
MinZoomAimError Minimum bullet drift when zooming
NoAmmoFireSoundDelay Delay before pulling the trigger and playing "click" sound for weapon without ammo
PrettyName In-game name for the weapon, requires string ID from .tlk
RateOfFire Rate of fire
RateOfFireAI Rate of fire for enemies and henchmen
Recoil Recoil
RecoilCap Recoil cap
RecoilFadeSpeed Rate of recoil fade
RecoilInterpSpeed Shakiness of the screen when firing
RecoilYawBias Diagonal deviation
RecoilZoomFadeSpeed Rate of recoil fade in zoom mode
ReloadFailureDuration Time which is required for weapon to be reloaded
ShortDescription Text line ID number for description in the command menu
SteamSoundThreshold Amount of ammo to be left in clip before playing "running low" sound along with normal shooting sound
TracerSpawnOffset Frequency of tracers (visible bullets)
ZoomAccFireInterpSpeed Determines how fast weapon parameters approximate their maximal values in zoom mode
ZoomAccFirePenalty Determines cone of fire increase per shot in zoom mode
ZoomCrosshairRange Crosshair size when zooming (Min,Max)
ZoomFOV Sniper Scope Magnification (Bigger Number=Smaller Zoom)
ZoomRecoil Recoil when zooming

Shield Properties

All non-template shield sections inherit parameters from the base section.

Section Description
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Base] Base shield template
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Armour] AI armor
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Armour_Player] Player's armor
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Biotic] AI barrier
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Biotic_Player] Player's biotic barrier
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Energy] AI kinetic barrier
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Energy_Player] Player's kinetic barrier
[SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy] AI geth energy shield
[SFXGame.SFXShield_GethEnergy_Player] Player's geth energy shields
[SFXGame.SFXShield_Player] Player's shield template
Variable Description
bAbsorbDamageOnBreak Shield absorbs full damage on breaking
bFastCoverRegen Shield recharges fast when in cover
bRechargeable Shield is rechargeable
DamageGateInterval Amount of damage shields can take before collapsing
ShieldDisplayName The ID of the line in a .tlk file
ShieldRechargeTime Time it takes for shields to recharge
ShieldRegenDelay Delay before shields recharge


Ability to take only certain weapon types

Now you'll be able to pick only certain weapon types like in Mass Effect 3.



Change Player Shield Recharge time

You can modify shield recharge time to increase/decrease combat pace to suit your play style:

The time shield needed to fully regenerate (in seconds).

The time before shield start regenerating (in seconds).

Change the values to 0.0 will cause shield unable to regenerate.

This also affects your squad members shield.

Carrying upgrades to New Game+

You can grab upgrades plot variables above.

Editing Shepard Template Face Codes

You can add or remove custom Shepard pregenerated codes in the game:


Note: If you have Kasumi DLC installed removing standard face codes will not work, because of rewriting section by DLC .ini file. In this case you have to modify DLC .ini directly.

Changing Power Cooldown Time

Go to appropriate for your difficulty section:


Set the values to 0.0 to completely remove cooldown.

Unlocking Weapons

There are three ways of unlocking weapons:

1. By setting weapon boolean parameters to true
Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_GethPulseRifle 1" )
To unlock all normal weapons, add: Bindings=( Name="NumPadOne", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_AssaultRifle2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_AutoPistol2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Locust 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_GethPulseRifle 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_HeavyPistol2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Shotgun2 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_SniperRifle2 1" )
To unlock all heavy weapons, add: Bindings=( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_CryoBlaster 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_GrenadeLauncher 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_NukeLauncher 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_ParticleBeam 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_Flamethrower 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_MissileLauncher 1" )
To unlock all Collector Ship weapons, add: Bindings=( Name="NumPadThree", Command="SetIntByName Wpn_SuperAssaultRifle 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_SuperShotgun 1 | SetIntByName Wpn_SuperSniperRifle 1" )
Unlocked weapons will stay unlocked for subsequent play-throughs for the current career, and it is possible to get all Collector Ship weapons (although you must still have the proper class to actually equip them).
2. By removing or changing weapon dependency conditions
Remove bNotRegularWeaponGUI and UnlockPlotID parameters.
If you want to make a special weapon available to your squadmates only when you've unlocked the weapon change the line to:
You can use the method to unlock all special weapons for your companions. The M-300 Claymore's (SFXWeapon_FlakGun) code is Wpn_SuperShotgun and the M-98 Widow's (SFXWeapon_MassCannon) is Wpn_SuperSniperRifle.
3. By typing in the command "SetIntByName Wpn_[WEAPON NAME] 1" into the console, with [WEAPON NAME] being whatever the game names the guns. (M-3 Predator is HeavyPistol, etc.)
To unlock the Revenant Machine Gun, type into the console: SetIntByName Wpn_SuperAssaultRifle 1
To unlock the M-98 Widow, type into the console: SetIntByName Wpn_SuperSniperRifle 1

Unlocking Bonus Powers

Change the AchievementID parameter to AchievementID=1

Unlocking Squad Appearances

Change the PlotFlag parameter to PlotFlag=-1

Note: If using the ME2 Coalesced Editor SFXGame.BioSFHandler_PartySelection is located under the BIOUI tab

Changing Squad Weapon Loadouts

You are able to define which weapon classes are available to which player classes and companions.

[SFXGame.SFXPlayerSquadLoadoutData], located under the BIOGame section

Replace a LoadoutWeapons_* value to one of the following: LoadoutWeapons_AssaultRifles LoadoutWeapons_Shotguns LoadoutWeapons_SniperRifles LoadoutWeapons_HeavyPistols LoadoutWeapons_AutoPistols LoadoutWeapons_HeavyWeapons

Unlimited Ammo

There are four ways to enable unlimited ammo:

  1. Open the properties of a weapon (e.g., [SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_Needler] section under for the M-15 Vindicator) and change bInfiniteAmmo=false into bInfiniteAmmo=true. The weapon will now spend ammo from the magazine and has to be reloaded, but spare ammo will never decrease. Other weapons are unaffected.
  2. In the [SFXGame.SFXWeapon] section change AmmoPerShot=1 into AmmoPerShot=0. None of your weapons will spend any ammo when firing and don't need to be reloaded. For M-920 Cain do the same in [SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_NukeLauncher].
  3. Changing the "reload" binding to ( Name="PC_Reload", Command="SwapWeaponIfEmpty | TryReload | initammo 999" ) in the [SFXGame.SFXGameModeBase] section.. This will refill spare ammunition every time the reload button is pressed. This affects only non-heavy weapons.
  4. Changing the "shoot" combat binding to read ( Name="Shared_Shoot", Command="initammo 999 | SwapWeaponIfEmpty | FireWeapon | OnRelease StopFiringWeapon" ) will reset the player's spare ammunition every time the fire trigger is pressed. This affects all weapons.

Note: By using second and fourth you won't able to reload your weapon. That will result in inability to make progress in the Lazarus Project medbay (the door won't unlock until you reload). The bInfiniteAmmo tweak will force you to empty your clip in order to leave. Once your clip is empty, the Shepard will reload the pistol and the door will be opened.

Toggle Command Menu

Note: Modifying this line of code inside Coalesced.ini may crash the game's API or prevent it from loading if you are not careful. See note above about config file size.

The default method to view the HUD screen is to press and hold a key until you want to return to the "action". A different approach is to toggle the HUD so it will stay on by pressing a key, and return to the game when the same button is pressed again. To enable Command Menu toggle find the line in [SFXGame.SFXGameModeBase] section.

Bindings=( Name="PC_ExitCommandMenu", Command="OnRelease ExitCommandMenu" ) Change it to Bindings=( Name="PC_ExitCommandMenu", Command="ExitCommandMenu" )

More Fuel and Probes for Normandy

Locate [SFXGame.SFXInventoryManager] section in BIOWeapon module and set appropriate values for these variables: MaxProbes and MaxFuel.

Do this before starting a new game and these values will be actual for free: just forget about refueling for whole game. Changing in the middle of the game also works, but with necessity of filling new capacity and spending (a lot of) money.

Collect More Resources From Planets

Locate [SFXGame.BioPlanet]. It should contain four variables, EezoMineralsBase, PlacedMineralsPool, RandomMineralsBase, and ScanBarMaxMineralSize. Multiply the values of all of them by the same value, such as 20, to then get that many times more resources from every probe launched onto a planet.

Bind Storm To A Different Key Than Use/Cover

Note: Using this tweak may crash the game's API or prevent it from loading if you are not careful. See note above about config file size.

Locate [SFXGame.SFXGameModeBase] section in BIOInput module, and find the line reading:
Bindings=( Name="Shared_Action", Command="Exclusive Used | TryClimbOrMantleCover | Exclusive TryAcquireCover | OnRelease StormOff | OnHold 0.2 StormOn | OnTap 0.3 TryExitCover 1" )

Change it to:
Bindings=( Name="Shared_Action", Command="Exclusive Used | TryClimbOrMantleCover | Exclusive TryAcquireCover | OnTap 0.3 TryExitCover 1" )

This will remove storming from the use/cover key. Now, locate the [SFXGame.SFXGameModeDefault] section, immediately below. Add a new line to the bottom of this section:
Bindings=( Name="LeftAlt", Command="OnRelease StormOff | OnHold 0.0 StormOn" )
Replace LeftAlt with whichever key you prefer to use.

Note that this change will significantly change the config file's size; if this causes crashes for you, you may have to adjust the file's size using padding spaces or removing lines for unneeded keybindings.

Reference Table

This section contains a list of possible parameters for commands.

Level List

BioP_Nor Normandy SR-2
BioP_CitHub Citadel - Zakera Ward
BioP_KroHub Tuchanka - Urdnot Camp
BioP_OmgHub Omega - Merchant District
BioP_TwrHub Illium - Nos Astra
BioP_ProNor Normandy SR-1
BioP_ProCer Lazarus Research Station
BioP_ProFre Freedom's Progress
BioP_HorCr1 Horizon
BioP_ShpCr2 Collector Vessel
BioP_RprGtA Derelict Reaper
BioP_EndGm1 Tartarus Debris Field
BioP_EndGm2 Collector Station
BioP_EndGm3 Suicide Mission Epilogue
BioP_BchLmL Aeia - Hugo Gernsback Crash Site
BioP_BlbGtl Heretic Station
BioP_JnkKgA Korlus - Blue Suns Facility
BioP_OmgGrA Omega - Archangel's Base
BioP_OmgPrA Omega - Slums District
BioP_SunTlA Haestrom - Quarian Landing Zone
BioP_TwrAsA Illium - Dantius Towers
BioP_TwrMwA llium - Commercial Spaceport
BioP_CitAsL Citadel - 800 Blocks
BioP_CitGrL Citadel - Factory Distric
BioP_JunCvL Pragia - Teltin Facility
BioP_KroKgL Tuchanka - Urdnot Ruins
BioP_KroPrL Tuchanka - Weyrloc Facility
BioP_PrsCvA Prison Ship Purgatory
BioP_PtyMtL Bekenstein - Hock's Party
BioP_QuaTlL Migrant Fleet
BioP_TwrVxL Illium - Transport Station
BioP_ZyaVtL Zorya - Eldfell-Ashland Refinery
BioP_Unc1Explore Aite
BioP_Unc1Base1 Aite - Hermes Station
BioP_Unc1Base2 Aite - Vulcan Station
BioP_Unc1Base3 Aite - Prometheus Station
BioP_Unc1Base4 Aite - Atlas Station
BioP_Exp1Lvl1 Illium - Market District
BioP_Exp1Lvl2 Illium - Hotel Azure
BioP_Exp1Lvl3 Hagalaz - Ship Exterior
BioP_Exp1Lvl4 Hagalaz - Ship Base
BioP_Exp1Lvl5 Hagalaz - Broker Base
BioP_ArvLvl1 Aratoht
BioP_ArvLvl4 Project Base - Station Port
BioP_ArvLvl3 Project Base - Med Bay
BioP_ArvLvl2 Project Base - Generator Room
BioP_ArvLvl5 Project Base - Station Exterior
BioP_N7BldInv1 Tarith - Blood Pack Comm Relay
BioP_N7BldInv2 Zada Ban - Blood Pack Base
BioP_N7Crsh Zanethu - MSV Estevanico Site
BioP_N7DriveBy Corang
BioP_N7Geth1 Lattesh
BioP_N7Geth2 Canalus
BioP_N7Ruins Kopis - Dig Site
BioP_N7ShipWreck Zeona - Firewalker
BioP_N7Spdr1 Joab - Dig Site
BioP_N7Spdr2 MSV Strontium Mule
BioP_N7Spdr3 Sanctum - Blue Suns Base
BioP_N7VIQ1 Neith - MSV Corsica Site
BioP_N7VIQ2 Jarrahe Station
BioP_N7VIQ3 Capek - Hahne-Kedar Facility
BioP_N7Mine Helyme - Eldfell-Ashland Facility
BioP_N7mmnt1 Daratar - Eclipse Cache
BioP_N7mmnt2 Gei Hinnom - Quarian Crash Site
BioP_N7mmnt3 Taitus - Mining the Canyon
BioP_N7mmnt4 MSV Broken Arrow
BioP_N7mmnt5 Lorek - Eclipse Base
BioP_N7mmnt6 Sinmara - Magnetic Shield Generator
BioP_N7mmnt7 Franklin - Javelin Mk.II Silo
BioP_N7mmnt8 Karumto
BioP_N7mmnt10 Aequitas - Mining Facility
BioP_N7NorCrash Alchera - Normandy SR-1 Site

Weapon List

SFXGame.SFXWeapon Base template
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_HeavyPistol M-3 Predator
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_HandCannon M-6 Carnifex
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_AutoPistol M-4 Shuriken
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_SMG M-9 Tempest
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_AssaultRifle M-8 Avenger
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_Needler M-15 Vindicator
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_Machinegun M-76 Revenant
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_GethPulseRifle Geth Pulse Rifle
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_Shotgun M-23 Katana
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_HeavyShotgun M-27 Scimitar
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_FlakGun M-300 Claymore
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_SniperRifle M-92 Mantis
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_AntiMatRifle M-97 Viper
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXWeapon_MassCannon M-98 Widow
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_GrenadeLauncher M-100 Grenade Launcher
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_MissileLauncher ML-77 Missile Launcher
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_FreezeGun M-622 Avalanche
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_NukeLauncher M-920 Cain
SFXGameContent_Inventory.SFXHeavyWeapon_ParticleBeam Collector Particle Beam
SFXGameContentDLC_Pistol.SFXWeapon_LaserPistol M-5 Phalanx
SFXGameContentDLC_HEN_MT.SFXWeapon_TacticalMachinePistol M-12 Locust
SFXGameContentDLC_PRE_Collectors.SFXWeapon_CollectorAssaultRifle Collector Assault Rifle
SFXGameContentDLC_Desert.SFXWeapon_DesertAssaultRifle M-96 Mattock
SFXGameContentDLC_PRE_Cerberus.SFXWeapon_CerberusShotgun M-22 Eviscerator
SFXGameContentDLC_MCR_02.SFXWeapon_GethShotgun Geth Plasma Shotgun
SFXGameContentDLC_PRE_Incisor.SFXWeapon_IncisorSniperRifle M-29 Incisor (Deluxe Edition)
SFXGameContentDLC_CER_02.SFXWeapon_IncisorSniperRifle_CER_02 M-29 Incisor (Aegis Pack)
SFXGameContentDLC_HEN_VT.SFXHeavyWeapon_FlameThrower_Player M-451 Firestorm
SFXGameContentDLC_CER_Arc.SFXHeavyWeapon_ArcProjector Arc Projector
SFXGameContentDLC_PRE_Gamestop.SFXHeavyWeapon_Blackstorm M-490 Blackstorm

Power List

Note: Not all powers work on all characters.

Companion Usable Powers

These powers can be assigned to your companions and work correctly.

Power Name Description Example
SFXPower_AIHacking GIve AI Hacking to companion GivePower Garrus SFXPower_AIHacking
SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo GIve Armor Piercing Ammo to companion GivePower Miranda SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo
SFXPower_WarpAmmo_Player GIve Warp Ammo power to companion GivePower Miranda SFXPower_WarpAmmo_Player
SFXPower_Cloak GIve Infiltrator cloaking power to companion GivePower Miranda SFXPower_Cloak
SFXPower_CombatDrone GIve Combat Drone power to companion GivePower Garrus SFXPower_CombatDrone
SFXPower_ConcussiveShot GIve Concussive Shot power to companion GivePower Miranda SFXPower_ConcussiveShot
SFXPower_Crush GIve Miranda's Slam power to a companion GivePower Garrus SFXPower_Crush
SFXPower_CryoAmmo GIve Cryo Ammo to a companion GivePower Garrus SFXPower_CryoAmmo
SFXPower_Singularity GIve Singularity to a companion GivePower Garrus SFXPower_Singularity

ALL Powers


SFXPower_AIHacking SFXPower_AIHacking_Engineer SFXPower_AIHacking_Heavy SFXPower_AIHacking_Infiltrator SFXPower_AIHacking_Legion SFXPower_AIHacking_Radius SFXPower_AIHacking_Tali


SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Garrus SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Heavy SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Infiltrator SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Soldier SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Squad SFXPower_ArmorPiercingAmmo_Thane


SFXPower_AdrenalineRush SFXPower_AdrenalineRush_Evolved1 SFXPower_AdrenalineRush_Evolved2

SFXPower_Barrier SFXPower_Barrier_Adept SFXPower_Barrier_Damage SFXPower_Barrier_Heavy SFXPower_Barrier_Mordin SFXPower_Barrier_NPC SFXPower_Barrier_Samara SFXPower_Barrier_Sentinel

SFXPower_BioticCharge SFXPower_BioticCharge_Radius SFXPower_BioticCharge_Slam

SFXPower_Carnage SFXPower_Carnage_Heavy SFXPower_Carnage_NPC SFXPower_Carnage_Radius SFXPower_Carnage_Soldier SFXPower_Carnage_Vanguard

SFXPower_Cloak SFXPower_Cloak_Damage SFXPower_Cloak_Enhanced SFXPower_Cloak_Infiltrator SFXPower_Cloak_NPC


SFXPower_CombatDrone SFXPower_CombatDroneAttack SFXPower_CombatDroneDeath SFXPower_CombatDrone_Engineer SFXPower_CombatDrone_NPC SFXPower_CombatDrone_Rocket SFXPower_CombatDrone_Tali SFXPower_CombatDrone_Tech

SFXPower_ConcussiveShot SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Garrus SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Heavy SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Infiltrator SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Radius SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Soldier SFXPower_ConcussiveShot_Zaeed


SFXPower_CryoAmmo SFXPower_CryoAmmo_Evolved1 SFXPower_CryoAmmo_Evolved2

SFXPower_CryoFreeze SFXPower_CryoFreeze_Mordin SFXPower_CryoFreezeInstant_Evolved1 SFXPower_CryoFreezeInstant_Evolved2

SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Grunt SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Heavy SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Infiltrator SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Legion SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_NPC SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Soldier SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Squad SFXPower_DisruptorAmmo_Vanguard


SFXPower_Fortification SFXPower_Fortification_Grunt SFXPower_Fortification_Heavy SFXPower_Fortification_NPC SFXPower_Fortification_Soldier SFXPower_Fortification_Squad

SFXPower_GethJuggernautDeath SFXPower_GethPrimeDeath SFXPower_GethPrimePulse SFXPower_GethTrooperDeath SFXPower_GethTrooperDeath_Red

SFXPower_GunShipRocketSlow_Left SFXPower_GunshipRocketSlow_Right SFXPower_GunshipRocket_Left SFXPower_GunshipRocket_Right SFXPower_HeavyMechExplosion SFXPower_HeavyMechRocket


SFXPower_HuskMelee_Left SFXPower_HuskMelee_Right SFXPower_HuskTesla

SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Grunt SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Infiltrator SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Jacob SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_NPC SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Radius SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Soldier SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Squad SFXPower_IncendiaryAmmo_Vanguard

SFXPower_Incinerate SFXPower_Incinerate_Engineer SFXPower_Incinerate_Garrus SFXPower_Incinerate_Heavy SFXPower_Incinerate_Mordin SFXPower_Incinerate_Infiltrator SFXPower_Incinerate_NPC SFXPower_Incinerate_Radius

SFXPower_KasumiCloakTeleport SFXPower_KasumiCloakTeleport_Evolved1 SFXPower_KasumiCloakTeleport_Evolved2 SFXPower_KasumiUnique SFXPower_KasumiUnique_Evolved1 SFXPower_KasumiUnique_Evolved2 SFXPower_KasumiUnique_Player

SFXPower_KroganCharge SFXPower_KroganMelee SFXPower_KroganRegen

SFXPower_Lift SFXPower_Lift_Adept SFXPower_Lift_Heavy SFXPower_Lift_Jack SFXPower_Lift_NPC SFXPower_Lift_Samara SFXPower_Lift_TwrMwA

SFXPower_LightMechShock SFXPower_LoyaltyRequirement SFXPower_MechDeathExplosion SFXPower_MechDogTaser

SFXPower_NeuralShock SFXPower_NeuralShock_Radius SFXPower_NeuralShock_Heavy SFXPower_NeuralShock_Mordin

SFXPower_Overload SFXPower_Overload_Garrus SFXPower_Overload_Heavy SFXPower_Overload_Kasumi SFXPower_Overload_Radius SFXPower_Overload_Engineer SFXPower_Overload_Miranda SFXPower_Overload_Sentinel SFXPower_Overload_Tali

SFXPower_PhaseShift SFXPower_PlayerMelee SFXPower_PlayerMeleePistol SFXPower_PraetorianDeathChoir

SFXPower_Pull SFXPower_PullProjectile SFXPower_PullProjectile_Heavy SFXPower_PullProjectile_Radius SFXPower_Pull_Adept SFXPower_Pull_Heavy SFXPower_Pull_Hench SFXPower_Pull_Jack SFXPower_Pull_Jacob SFXPower_Pull_Radius SFXPower_Pull_Samara SFXPower_Pull_Vanguard

SFXPower_RobotDeathExplosion SFXPower_RocketDroneAttack SFXPower_Sabotage SFXPower_ScionTesla

SFXPower_ShieldBoost SFXPower_ShieldBoost_Advanced SFXPower_ShieldBoost_Engineer SFXPower_ShieldBoost_Hardened SFXPower_ShieldBoost_NPC


SFXPower_Singularity SFXPower_Singularity_Adept SFXPower_Singularity_Heavy SFXPower_Singularity_Radius SFXPower_Singularity_Liara


SFXPower_StasisNew SFXPower_StasisNew_Evolved1 SFXPower_StasisNew_Evolved2 SFXPower_StasisNew_Liara


SFXPower_Throw SFXPower_ThrowProjectile SFXPower_ThrowProjectile_Heavy SFXPower_ThrowProjectile_Radius SFXPower_Throw_Adept SFXPower_Throw_Heavy SFXPower_Throw_Jack SFXPower_Throw_Miranda SFXPower_Throw_Morinth SFXPower_Throw_NPC SFXPower_Throw_Radius SFXPower_Throw_Sentinel SFXPower_Throw_Thane

SFXPower_Varren SFXPower_VorchaRegen

SFXPower_Warp SFXPower_WarpProjectile SFXPower_WarpProjectile_Heavy SFXPower_WarpProjectile_Radius SFXPower_Warp_Adept SFXPower_Warp_Heavy SFXPower_Warp_Jacob SFXPower_Warp_Liara SFXPower_Warp_Miranda SFXPower_Warp_Morinth SFXPower_Warp_NPC SFXPower_Warp_Radius

SFXPower_ZaeedUnique SFXPower_ZaeedUnique_Evolved1 SFXPower_ZaeedUnique_Evolved2 SFXPower_ZaeedUnique_Player

SFXPower_AdeptPassive SFXPower_AdeptPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_AdeptPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_EngineerPassive SFXPower_EngineerPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_EngineerPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_InfiltratorPassive SFXPower_InfiltratorPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_InfiltratorPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_SentinelPassive SFXPower_SentinelPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_SentinelPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_SoldierPassive SFXPower_SoldierPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_SoldierPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_VanguardPassive SFXPower_VanguardPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_VanguardPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_GarrusPassive SFXPower_GarrusPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_GarrusPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_GruntPassive SFXPower_GruntPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_GruntPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_JacobPassive SFXPower_JacobPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_JacobPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_JackPassive SFXPower_JackPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_JackPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_KasumiPassive SFXPower_KasumiPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_KasumiPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_LiaraPassive SFXPower_LiaraPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_LiaraPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_LegionPassive SFXPower_LegionPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_LegionPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_MirandaPassive SFXPower_MirandaPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_MirandaPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_MordinPassive SFXPower_MordinPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_MordinPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_SamaraPassive SFXPower_SamaraPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_SamaraPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_TaliPassive SFXPower_TaliPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_TaliPassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_ThanePassive SFXPower_ThanePassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_ThanePassive_Evolved2 SFXPower_ZaeedPassive SFXPower_ZaeedPassive_Evolved1 SFXPower_ZaeedPassive_Evolved2

SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Evolved1 SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Evolved2 SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Infiltrator SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Soldier SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Thane SFXPower_ConcussiveRounds_Vanguard SFXPower_Fissure SFXPower_Fissure_Engineer SFXPower_Fissure_Garrus SFXPower_Fissure_Heavy SFXPower_Fissure_Infiltrator SFXPower_Fissure_Mordin SFXPower_Fissure_NPC SFXPower_Fissure_Radius SFXPower_Flashbang SFXPower_Flashbang_Damage SFXPower_Flashbang_Radius SFXPower_Flashbang_Garrus SFXPower_Flashbang_Legion SFXPower_Flashbang_Soldier SFXPower_Flashbang_Vanguard SFXPower_Negotiate SFXPower_NeuralShock_Miranda SFXPower_NeuralShock_Infiltrator SFXPower_NeuralShock_Engineer SFXPower_NeuralShock_Sentinel SFXPower_Stasis SFXPower_Stasis_Adept SFXPower_Stasis_Damage SFXPower_Stasis_Heavy SFXPower_Stasis_Morinth SFXPower_Stasis_Sentinel SFXPower_Stasis_Thane

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