Mass Effect 3 is based on Unreal Engine 3 and many settings can be modified in a way similar to Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, allowing the user to mod, tweak or cheat.


Preface[edit | edit source]

Back Up Your Career[edit | edit source]

Using the modifications described in this article may alter your SP career permanently. It is recommended to backup your career for the option to revert back later on. The career files' default locations are in the following:

Windows XP:
Documents and Settings\%Username%\My Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save

Windows Vista and up:
Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save

The career folders are named in the format John_31_Soldier_160312_4a1d758 (first name, psych profile/history, class, date of creation, unique hash numbers).

There is also a profile file called LocalProfile.sav under the same folder in Documents\BioWare\Mass Effect 3\Save that you may want to backup. This file stores your achievements and bonus power unlocks.

Tools[edit | edit source]

Wenchy Coalesced Utility
This is the recommended editor for novices. It has a User interface. Easy to browse and search by address all .ini files that are in coalesced.bin container, and move values across different inis. You can only copy or move one value at a time, though. This tool does not properly work with DLC coalesced.

Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager / ME3Tweaks Mod Manager

Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager (ME3CMM) and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager (M3) are end-user focused mod managers for Mass Effect 3 and the trilogy, respectively. They facilitate the installation and uninstallation of most non-texture mods, as well as other user features such as DLC backup, keybindings injection, diagnostics and more. It also contains tools for developers like starter kit (easy DLC mod creation).

For Coalesced editing, TankMaster's Coalesce Tool is available as part of Mass Effect 3 Mod Manager, and is available in ME3Tweaks Mod Manager starting with Build 105. This tool extracts Coalesced files into xml files which can be easily manipulated with your favorite text editor.

To decompile a Coalesced file, simply drag and drop a Coalesced file (.bin) onto Mod Manager's interface. To recompile, drag the manifest file (named the same as the original dropped file, but with a .xml extension) back onto the interface. If the file does not compile, ensure your xml files are valid with a tool such as XML Validation.

Gibbed Coalesced.bin Extractor | Gibbed DLC Coalesced.bin Extractor These tools work with the basegame Coalesced.bin and DLC ones (either or, but not both, there are two tools). It converts .bin into .json text files when you drag the coalesced.bin file onto the .exe. When you are done with editing, drag the decompiled folder onto the .exe again and it will compile a new .bin.

Note: Gibbed's DLC Coalesced.bin Extractor does not properly serialize Type 3 and Type 4 entries which will make duplicate elements appear in multiple places in the game, such as maplists and store items. You should use the TankMaster version if you want to edit DLC.

Gibbed's compiler has been deprecated and should be avoided due to the bugs in it.

Note: This tool converts the file into .json format. This means you can use certain JSON-editors to see an overall structure, but navigating the text file itself will be different from what's described in this article. However, if you search for the parameters mentioned in this document, you should be able to find them.

ME3Tweaks has guides for modding ME3 through Coalesced edits, PCC editing, and using the console for modding. It additionally hosts mods for Mass Effect 3.

ME3Tweaks ModMaker is an online editor that lets you tweak the stats of many multiplayer variables such as wavelists, powers, and maps to name a few. Decompiling/recompiling files by hand is not required. It is designed to work with Mod Manager.

A toolset with tools to mod all three games in the trilogy, including package editing, scripts, meshes, and more. This toolset is used for nearly all mod development. Ensure you are using the ME3Tweaks Fork as the main version (3.0) has been abandoned.

Location of Configuration File[edit | edit source]

Note: Before making any edits, make sure to make a backup of an original Coalesced.bin file. If you happen to lose your Coalesced.bin file, right click on ME3 in Origin and do a repair install. It will find Coalesced.bin is invalid and download a new copy.

Windows XP/Vista/7 64bit:
Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\CookedPCConsole\Coalesced.bin

DLC configurations files are stored in a .sfar archive. It can be found in a specific DLC folder under DLC folder.
Mass Effect 3\BIOGame\DLC\%DLC_FOLDER_NAME%\CookedPCConsole\Default.sfar

After unpacking Default.sfar you should get a set of catalogue. Configuration files can be found here:

Multiplayer warning[edit | edit source]

BioWare employees have stated in multiple forum sessions that single-player modifications are allowed, but changes that affect the multiplayer aspect of the game may result in a ban if you attempt to use them online.

Many of tweaks contained in this article will affect both SP and MP gameplay. If you choose to use them for SP, it is recommended that you switch to an unmodified Coalesced.bin for any multiplayer matches.

Misc Coalesced.bin Tweaks[edit | edit source]

This section is for assorted tweaks and cheats that enhance or alter gameplay.

Codex Voiceover Delay Length[edit | edit source]

This tweak delays the voiceover in Codex entries, effectively silencing it if given a large enough number.

Go to [bioui.ini > sfxgame > sfxgui > journalcodex]

fvoiceoverdelay = 999.0

Eliminate Store Mark-up[edit | edit source]

Go to [bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > normandy]

markuppercent = 0.1f

Change 01f to 0.0f.

This will eliminate the store mark-up at the Acquisition Board on the Normandy, allowing you to buy things there at the same price as at the various stores.

Note: You can change it to negative values for a discount, but anything equal or higher than 1.0f crashes the game at start up. Having too many credits while buying might also crash your game.

Unlock Stores and Bonuspowers[edit | edit source]

Stores: [bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > normandy > storeitemarray]

Bonuspowers: [bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > bonuspowers > storeitemarray]

To unlock each item, remove the part "PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX" from each line you wish to unlock.

Note: Leviathan DLC will revert these changes. You must edit the DLC coalesced in the same way. Extract Default_DLC_EXP_Pack001.bin from \\DLC_EXP_Pack001\Default.sfar with program "ME3 Explorer" > DLCexplorertool > File > Load > selectDLCpackage. and then edit the coalesced. After editing you need to replace the original Default_DLC_EXP_Pack001.bin in Default.sfar with your modified one.

Editing War Assets[edit | edit source]

Go to [bioui.ini > sfxgame > sfxgawassetshandler > allassets]

To change the value of a War Asset, edit the "StartingStrength" value. To negate the Galactic Readiness penalty, for example, you can double all the values.



Note: Any changes to War Assets already collected in a game in progress will not be affected by any changes to Coalesced. (You can only change assets you don't already have.) For maximum effect, make any changes before starting a new game.

Find interaction objects more easily[edit | edit source]

Setting the highlight distance to make it easier to find interactable objects:

Go to [Biogame.ini > sfxgame > bioplayerselection]


8000 works nicely and highlights objects far enough out to cover your visible range easily.

Split and rebind the Use/Cover/Roll/Storm keys[edit | edit source]

A better/easier way to improve the controls is installing the Intuitive Controls Mod.

Eliminate Weight Penalty[edit | edit source]

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxcharacterclass]

Change encumbrancemaxcooldown and encumbrancemincooldown both to -2.0f.

This will eliminate the weight penalty on your powers, allowing you to take the full 200% cooldown bonus with any combination of weapons.

Increasing encumbrancemaxcooldown will increase your base cooldown bonus. Changing it to -3.0f, for example, would result in a 300% cooldown bonus.

Exploration Tweaks[edit | edit source]

Expand the Normandy scan range
Go to [Biogame.ini > sfxgame > bioplanet]


Anything over 240 should cover an entire system in one scan.

Increase the Fuel Capacity
Go to [Bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxinventorymanager]


This can go up to 9000 and beyond.

Improve Normandy Fuel Efficiency:
Go to [Bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxinventorymanager]


The lower the number, the less fuel used (0.0 - Infinite).

Speed of the Planet Scan Reticle:
Go to [Bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodeorbital]


This is the reticle speed when not scanning. (Higher number = faster.)


This is the default reticle speed when scanning. (Higher number = faster.)

Reapers' detection time and Chase
Go to [Biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgalaxymapreaper]

Reduce all of these to nerf the reapers, or increase them to make searching for war assets more of a challenge.

How quickly they catch up to you:

acceleration = 5.0

How easily they find you:

m_fscandetectionrange = 300

How fast they can go:

maxspeed = 67.5

Get Maximum Level and Talents for all Squad Members[edit | edit source]

To generate enough skill points to max all skills at level 60:

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxgameconfig > levelrewards]

Go to the first line and change it to:


Note: Because ME3 recalculates skill points at every scene load, you can add the extra points needed to any levelrewards line and it will update your character with the extra points automatically. If you are already partway through a game, add the extra to your next level.

Quick skip to level 60:

Go to [bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindings]

Add this line:

( Name="NumPadOne", Command="givexp 180000" )

Editing Store Contents[edit | edit source]

All stores can be found here: [bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxguidata > store]

Here you will find subsections, corresponding to each stores in the game ("asari" is nos astra, "batarian" is batarian state arms, and so on).

Each of those "stores" have a subsection called "storeitemarray". In this subsection, you will see items available from the store. Items are categorized in several 'types'. Type name is in capital letters. To unlock item, modify the item's line.

  • For types - WEAPON and MOD:
    set PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX to PlotUnlockConditionalID=0
    OR remove PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX,PlotPurchaseID[0]=XXXXX
    set PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX to PlotUnlockConditionalID=0
    OR remove PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX


For instant purchase access to level 5 SMG damage upgrade, go to "asari > storeitemarray = multiple", and modify the value:
When in game, you will be able to purchase the SMG damage mod from lvl 1 to 5 instantly from Nos Astra Sporting Goods.

Editing Intel Bonuses[edit | edit source]

The Intel bonus "store" can be found here: [bioui > sfxgamecontent > sfxguidata > store > intel > storeitemarray]

To unlock each intel bonus, remove the part ",PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX" from each intel drop you wish to unlock. Also, setting the value XXXX to 0 (zero) should do the trick too.

Note: This is tested and mostly working. The intel drops are unlocked and you can pick a bonus from each one but they don't disappear after as they're intended to and it allows both bonuses to be obtained.

Additionally, you can alter the values of the bonuses by going here: [biogame > sfxgame > sfxpawn > player > permanentgameeffects]

This list contains both of the unlocked bonuses for each of the 13 intel drops (26 total). Altering the field "Value=0.05" will alter the value of the bonus.


Value=0.05 = 5% bonus

Value=0.10 = 10% bonus

Editing FOV[edit | edit source]

Go to [bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindings]

( Name="F1", Command="set SFXGame.SFXCameraMode FOV 90" )

You can change "F1" to any other key you want. You can also change 90 to another value acceptable for you; it is said that the best FOV would be in the range of 90 to 120, inclusive[1].

Enable joystick move (useful for those who want to use mouse while having access to analog movement)[edit | edit source]

Go to [Bioengine.ini > winDrv > windowsClient]

change this:


into this:


Go to [bioinput.ini > SFXGame > SFXGameModeBase > Bindings]

Paste in:

( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftX",Command="Axis aStrafe Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
( Name="XboxTypeS_LeftY",Command="Axis aBaseY Speed=1.0 DeadZone=0.3")
( Name="XboxTypeS_RightX",Command="Axis aTurn Speed=0.2 DeadZone=0.3")
( Name="XboxTypeS_RightY",Command="Axis aLookup Speed=0.2 DeadZone=0.3")

Comes in useful for steam controller users or gamepad users who want to bind gyro to a mouse.

Disable the intro movie (EA logo)[edit | edit source]

Go to [bioengine.ini > fullscreenmovie > startupmovies] and add a semicolon in front of the ME3_sig_logo value to show like this


Tweaking the Bloom lighting setting[edit | edit source]

The setting can be found here: [Biogame.ini > sfxgame > bioworldinfo]


This value has a long string of settings, but you would only change


and leave everything else intact.

The higher the value, the brighter/bigger Bloom lighting will be. Work with small increments, lower than 1 recommended. The game accepts negative values.

Turn the CommandMenu into toggle on/off instead of 'hold key' mode[edit | edit source]

Go to [BioInput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodebase > bindings]

change this:

( Name="PC_ExitCommandMenu", Command="OnRelease ExitCommandMenu" )

into this:

( Name="PC_ExitCommandMenu", Command="ExitCommandMenu" )

Now you don't need to hold the button for the CommandMenu to stay active. Instead it is now a toggle: push once to activate, push again to exit.

Change reputation thresholds for dialog options[edit | edit source]

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxgame]

In this section is a variable "reputationthresholds". It lists the various lower limits for reputation dialog unlocks and can be tweaked however you see fit.

In-game Console[edit | edit source]

This section is for information on how to enable and use console on PC. Unlike bindings, console can be used any time in the game.

Enabling game console[edit | edit source]

Mini version of console. Covers one line of the height.

Using WarrantyVoider's DLC Patcher is the simplest and easiest way to enable the console without having to modify any files. WarrantyVoider's DLL will also unlock the full set of console commands, where hex editing the .exe does not and will not enable modified DLC.

Note: This DLL-based patcher mechanism is now maintained by Erik-JS on Github; you can click on the "Releases" link on Erik-JS' Github page to get the DLL files.

The patching method described below is kept for historical purposes only.

As of 2014 This tutorial is the most recent (and easiest) way to enable the console.

In order to use the console you require a HEX editor (e.g., HxD). In build 1.5.5427.124, you need to patch the bytes in MassEffect3.exe (at file offset 0x1515D64 from (20 1D 6B) to (30 A3 D5). Video tutorial

  • In case that option not appear, try search at 0х1514564
  • Origin Trilogy version has offset at 0x1515d60
  • Origin Digital Deluxe Edition has offset at 0x1515d61
  • The Ultimate Collectors Edition from 3DM has offset at 0x1514533 or 0x151456E

Note: An alternative to ingame console. There is a tool/plugin for managing key-bindings. You can assign buttons to execute commands from external text files. "External console"

Outdated game versions:

  • Patch 1.2, build 1.2.5427.16: MassEffect3.exe, offset 0x1518AEC from (A0 7B 6B) to (60 31 D6).
  • Patch 1.3. build 1.3.5427.46: MassEffect3.exe, offset 0x151DCEA from (90 38 6A) to (B0 91 D5).
  • Patch 1.4. build 1.4.5427.111: MassEffect3.exe, offset 0x151DCEA from (40 7E 6B) to (90 25 68). Video tutorial
  • Demo: MassEffect3Demo.exe, offset 0x150699C from (00 53 D3) to (70 47 D5).

Bear in mind that there could be no visible output from your commands, but they will work (if properly entered). For example, from the main menu, try the command open BioP_MPNov.

On non-US Windows setups you may need to redefine the console keys (Tilde usually doesn't work otherwise). Example:

coalesced.bin -> bioinput.ini/engine/console
consolekey = F11
typekey = F12

List of commands[edit | edit source]

With console commands you can instantly change different aspects of the game; for example, give Shepard and squad weapons, change camera modes, slow time, open maps and more.

All commands can be entered in console or keybinded (See "In-game Commands" chapter). Commands are NOT case sensitive (except for 'loadgame' and 'savegame'). If you want, you can write only small letters.

A master list was dumped by FemShep and can be found here. ME3Tweaks also has some information on console commands which can be found here.

Level List[edit | edit source]

Use the commands At or Open, followed by the level name in the left column below. Example:

at biop_nor / open biop_nor
BioP_Cat001 Priority: Eden Prime
BioP_Cat002 Priority: Thessia
BioP_Cat003 Priority: The Citadel II
BioP_Cat004 Priority: Cerberus Headquaters (See Note Below)
BioP_CerJcb Arrae: Ex-Cerberus Scientists
BioP_CerMir Priority: Horizon
BioP_Char Character Creation Menu
BioP_Cit001 Citadel Wards: Ambush
BioP_Cit003 Citadel: Identity Theft
BioP_Cit004 Citadel Archives: Escape
BioP_CitApt Citadel: Shore Leave
BioP_CitCas Silversun Strip
BioP_CitHub Citadel
BioP_CitSam Kallini: Ardat-Yakshi Monastery
BioP_DHME2 Mass Effect: Genesis 2
BioP_End001 Priority: Earth
BioP_End002 Priority: Earth - The Citadel
BioP_End003 Broken - Loads first Dream Sequence instead
BioP_Gth001 Priority: Geth Dreadnought
BioP_Gth002 Priority: Rannoch
BioP_GthLeg Rannoch: Geth Fighter Squadrons
BioP_GthN7a Rannoch: Admiral Koris
BioP_Kro001 Priority: Sur'Kesh
BioP_Kro002 Priority: Tuchanka
BioP_KroGar Priority: Palaven
BioP_KroGru Attican Traverse: Krogan Team
BioP_KroN7a Tuchanka: Turian Platoon
BioP_KroN7b Tuchanka: Bomb
BioP_Lev001 Citadel: Dr. Bryson
BioP_Lev002 Leviathan: Find Garneau
BioP_Lev003 Leviathan: Find Ann Bryson
BioP_Lev004 Despoina: Leviathan
BioP_MPCer Firebase Glacier
BioP_MPDish Firebase Dagger
BioP_MPGeth Firebase Hydra
BioP_MPMoon Firebase Condor
BioP_MPNov Firebase White
BioP_MPRctr Firebase Reactor
BioP_MPSlum Firebase Ghost
BioP_MPTowr Firebase Giant
BioP_Nor Normandy SR-2
BioP_Omg000 Citadel: Aria T'Loak
BioP_Omg001 The Invasion of Omega
BioP_Omg02A Talon Territory
BioP_Omg003 The Mines
BioP_Omg004 The Assault on Afterlife
BioP_OmgHub Aria's Bunker
BioP_OmgJck Grisson Academy: Emergency Evacuation
BioP_ProEar Prologue: Earth
BioP_ProMar Priority: Mars
BioP_SPCer N7: Cerberus Lab
BioP_SPDish N7: Communication Hub
BioP_SPNov N7: Cerberus Fighter Base
BioP_SPRctr N7: Fuel Reactors
BioP_SPSlum N7: Cerberus Abductions
BioP_SPTowr N7: Cerberus Attack

Note: Priority: Cerberus HQ doesn't load properly when opened via console commands. You are spawned in the Normandy's Bridge that's used for Cutscenes and most soundeffects are inaudible. To walk around in the Cerberus HQ, use the ToggleFlyCam and Teleport Commands to teleport yourself into the HQ that is located above the Bridge. You can spot it more easily with viewmode unlit. To continue on as normal through the mission, teleport yourself into the left upper control room and interact with the console. Audio will still be impaired.

Bindings and commands[edit | edit source]

This section is for information on commands that can be activated through key bindings. For a full list of keys that are bindable, see the UDK/UE3 documentation. The Xbox keys are bindable if bUseConsoleControls and AllowJoystickInput values in Coalesced are set to true. Xbox controls do not work in the interface without specific interface mods.

Keybinds are one or several console commands assigned to any key on keyboard or mouse or controller. Most of them do not work during cutscenes, depending on the command itself and its placement/s within the file, and some effects may be reset when you are not in control of Shepard. But if you want to make keybinds for cutscenes and other game modes, refer to this tutorial project:

All normal mode keybindings are found here:

bioinput.ini > sfxgame > sfxgamemodedefault > bindings

On the right side of the editor you will see the existing keybindings. Scroll down to the bottom where there will be a blank line. Add any new bindings one at a time. Press 'enter' once you've entered a new binding to start a new line.

Keybinding command structure:

( Name="BUTTON",Command="COMMAND" ) 

For BUTTON, substitute any key not already in use on another binding.

For COMMAND, substitute any valid ME3 command.

Multiple commands can be executed on a single binding by separating them with <space>|<space> like this:

( Name="BUTTON",Command="COMMAND1 | COMMAND2 | COMMAND3" ) 
  • Note: You can map commands to any key, provided it's not already used in-game. If it is, remap that key in-game using the Option/Key Bindings menu before you make any changes to the coalesced.bin file.

Keybind examples[edit | edit source]

Unlock EVERY weapon in the game (for real this time):

 ( Name="NumPadZero", Command="giveitem self argus | giveitem self avenger | giveitem self cobra | giveitem self collector | giveitem self falcon | giveitem self gethplasma |  giveitem self mattock | giveitem self reckoning | giveitem self revenant | giveitem self saber | giveitem self valkyrie | giveitem self vindicator | giveitem self carnifex | giveitem self eagle | giveitem self ivory | giveitem self phalanx | giveitem self predator | giveitem self scorpion | giveitem self talon | giveitem self thor | giveitem self claymore | giveitem self crusader | giveitem self disciple | giveitem self eviscerator | giveitem self graal | giveitem self katana | giveitem self raider | giveitem self scimitar | giveitem self striker | giveitem self hornet | giveitem self hurricane | giveitem self locust | giveitem self shuriken | giveitem self tempest | giveitem self blackwidow | giveitem self incisor | giveitem self indra | giveitem self javelin | giveitem self mantis | giveitem self raptor | giveitem self valiant | giveitem self viper | giveitem self widow | giveitem self sfxweapon_shotgun_geth | giveitem self sfxweapon_assaultrifle_prothean" ) 

Enough credits to buy everything up to Level X:

( Name="NumPadSeven", Command="initcredits 9000000" )

To set your paragon / renegade scores:

( Name="NumPadEight", Command="setrenegade 1000" )
( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="setparagon 1000" )

To reset paragon / renegade scores, set value to 0.

( Name="NumPadEight", Command="setrenegade 0" )
( Name="NumPadTwo", Command="setparagon 0" )

Double movement speed while holding a key:

( Name="NumPadSix", Command="SloMo 2 |  OnRelease SloMo 1" )

Unlimited ammo and grenades on Reload:

( Name="PC_Reload", Command="SwapWeaponIfEmpty | TryReload | initammo 999 | initgrenades 10")

To upgrade your current weapon to the SuperGun (9999 ammo / ultra-high damage):

( Name="F4", Command="givesupergun" )

To upgrade your current armor's damage protection:

( Name="F5", Command="givesuperarmor" )

For God Mode:

( Name="NumPadZero", Command="God" )

For no Power Cooldown period:

( Name="NumPadZero", Command="ENABLEPOWERCOOLDOWN 0" )

Note: Both God Mode and Power Cooldown effects reset every time you lose control of Shepard (cutscenes) and need to be re-enabled.

FlyCam[edit | edit source]

The flycam allows you to detach the camera from the player and fly around the map. It can be used to view normally inaccessible areas of the game or to set up screenshots from alternate angles. To make the flycam work properly you have to set up the following command...

( Name="F9", Command="ToggleFlyCam" )

Replace "F9" with a key of your choice.

in the following directories...


Toggling the flycam during conversation mode will not allow you to move or look around unless you add the following commands (one line for each command) to Bioinput.ini/sfxgame/sfxgamemodeconversation

( Name="MouseX", Command="PC_LookX" )
( Name="MouseY", Command="PC_LookY" )
( Name="A", Command="PC_StrafeLeft" )
( Name="W", Command="PC_MoveForward" )
( Name="D", Command="PC_StrafeRight" )
( Name="S", Command="PC_MoveBackward" )

Making the "T" Key Available[edit | edit source]

By default, you're not able to remap the "T" key using the in-game options menu. To allow "T" to be remapped, look in each of these four sections:


and change the "T" in the entry:

"(Name="T", Command="PC_Talk")"

to whatever key you would like to use as the new multiplayer communication key (this key will then become unbindable in game.)

Launching commands from an external batch file[edit | edit source]

The batch file trick for executing multiple commands that worked with Mass Effect 2 will also work with Mass Effect 3. You can assign a key to execute a text file and in-game it will run whatever command in the text file through the console. Doing so makes it easy to change console commands on the fly by alt-tabbing and saving a new command into the text file.

( Name="NumPadNine", Command="exec powers.txt" )

Note: : the powers.txt file in this case should be placed under Mass Effect 3/Binaries folder, along side with MassEffect3Config.exe.

Editing Powers[edit | edit source]

This section is for information on adding / editing powers.

You will find the list of all the available powers in the game here:

[Biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxpowercustomaction]

Unlocking Bonus Powers[edit | edit source]

All available bonus powers can be found here:

 bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > bonuspowers > storeitemarray

Remove the PlotUnlockConditionalID=XXXX or set XXXX to -1 on the desired powers to unlock them.

Alternative method:
A more apt option will be to replace the XXXX of desired power with XXXX of a power easily/already unlocked.
One may edit the reave power to become-
XXXX originally was 1276 but here it is replaced with 1281, allowing it to be unlocked along with fortification (unlocked after one good long paragon conversation with Mr. Vega), see Powers (Mass Effect 3) for reference.
Note: Some users report the correct number to use for Vega's conversation to unlock bonus powers is 1282, not 1281.

To change the cost of switching bonus powers, go here:

[bioui.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgamechoiceguidata > storedata > bonuspowers > storeitemarray]

From here, change BaseCost=5000 to the value of your choice.

Temporarily Adding Any Power[edit | edit source]

There is a simple method to add any power to your character; however, all talents which are NOT Bonuspowers will be removed every time another save game is loaded or mission start. Just keep checking your active powers and hitting the Num Pad button you bind. On the other hand, Bonuspower talents (Carnage Marksman ProximityMine Decoy ProtectorDrone EnergyDrain InfernoGrenade Reave Stasis WarpAmmo Barrier GethShieldBoost Fortification ArmorPiercingAmmo Slam DarkChannel) will stay after load or mission start. You can add all bonus powers at once and they won't disappear.

Go into bioinput.ini...

 bioinput.ini > engine > playerinput > bindings

copy and paste the following string into a blank line on the right of the editor

 ( Name="NumPadFour", Command="givepower self cryoammo" ) 

Simply change "cryoammo" to any power name [most correct names have no space, should be straight forward for all powers]

The command's effect will add a talent to your character with the first level already active. You can add as many powers as you like. Simply copy and paste into a second blank line, and change the Num Pad number key being targeted as well as the power itself).

Make Powers Penetrate Cover[edit | edit source]

In coalesced.bin,

biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxpowercustomaction > 

For many, though not all, of the powers listed here, there is an attribute that includes the statement:


If this is currently set to true, changing it to false will cause any radius effects of the power to ignore cover, making the power hit enemies behind cover. Note that this does not make the deployment of the power succeed if hitting cover would cause it to fail - i.e. it won't make your Pulls and Throws penetrate cover, even if set, but it can make your Nova (listed as discharge here) hit enemies behind cover.

In addition, some powers also list this statement, usually in the same line:


If set true, this will cause the power to hit Cerberus Engineer turrets. If false, it will either bass through the turret and ignore it, or simply give an error and not allow targeting, depending on the power in question. Most powers with this attribute are already set properly, but in some cases this can still be useful to change, such as setting some powers that are more effective against the Engineer himself to false will allow you to target him with the power directly, even if he's behind the turret.

NOTE: ImpactPlaceables may affect something besides Cerberus Engineer turrets, but nothing else is yet known.

Zero Squad Power Cooldown Time[edit | edit source]

In coalesced.bin,

biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxpowercustomaction > 

This is a list of all powers in singleplayer. If a power has the following attribute:

henchmancooldowntime = (basevalue=number, some other irrelevant data)

Then it is useable by a squadmate. Change the number value to .5 for an almost instant recharge. The lower the number, the faster the cooldown.

Edit Power Combo Damage/Radius/Force[edit | edit source]

In coalesced.bin,

biogame.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxgameeffect > powercombo > biotic

These are the attributes that control the damage, force, and radius of biotic combo explosions. Editing for tech bursts is in the other nearby sections, namely cryo, electric, and fire. Editing the values here appears to change the damage, force, or radius for detonating one rank 6 power with another rank 6 power.

Make powers penetrate shields/armors[edit | edit source]

This will allow you to use throw (or any other moving power) on enemy that has any armor like "armor" "shield" etc.

Go to Coalesced.bin,

biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxgameconfig

In line bShieldsBlockPowers set value to "false"

Editing Weapons[edit | edit source]

Unlimited ammo[edit | edit source]

Go into bioweapon.ini > sfxgame > sfxweapon . Change the relevant variable into the one below. Default value is false.

binfiniteammo = true

For bottomless clip/no reload,

ammopershot = 0

To change it back, default value is 1.

Certain weapons (like the N7 Hurricane) have a special parameter for the ammo per shot. You'll have to find them using the method described below and edit their particular value.

Individual weapon tweaks[edit | edit source]

If you want to change the stats of an individual gun, such as fire rate, damage, or recoil go to

bioweapon.ini > sfxgamecontent > sfxweapon

From there you can open up the files for each weapon which are broken up into sections based on weapon type.

Here are some editable attributes.

maxaimerror = (X= , Y= )
minxaimeror = (X= , Y= )

X and Y fields should be the same. Bigger values mean less accurate. The above two values fix accuracy when not holding down right mouse, or aiming. "zoomaimerror" is for accuracy while aiming.

maxzoomaimerror = (X= , Y= )
minzoomxaimeror = (X= , Y= )
Crosshair size
maxzoomcrosshairrange = (X= , Y= )
minzoomcrosshairrange = (X= , Y= )

Crosshairs DO NOT scale with accuracy. It is up to you to fix the cross hair size to fit the accuracy that you have modded.

recoil = (X= , Y= ) 

This is for recoil when not aiming. Bigger means more recoil.

zoomrecoil = (X= , Y= ) 

This is for recoil while aiming.

damage = (X= , Y= )

X is value of weapon damage at level I, while Y is the damage value at level X. Note: Make sure you also fix the statbardamage attribute to be the same values as the damage that you set. There are two other values for stat bars: accuracy and rate of fire. These two values don't correspond with the values that actually affect the behavior of the gun.

Rate of fire
rateoffire = (X= , Y= )

Both X and Y values should be the same.

encumbranceweight = (X= , Y= )

Value x is the weight of the weapon at level I, and value Y is the weight at level X. For example, a weight of 1.4 means your cooldown will be slowed by -140% if you equip this weapon.

Customized weapon mods[edit | edit source]

To modify the mods usable by each weapon go to

bioweapon > sfxgame > sfxweapon > weapon type > base

and edit the allowableweaponmods field.

Example: Adding SFXGameContent.SFXWeaponMod_SMGMagSize to SniperRifle unlocks the SMG Heat Sink to the list of possible mods for the sniper rifle.

Customizing squad member loadouts[edit | edit source]

biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayersquadloadoutdata > henchloadoutinfo

then change the appropriate henchman's line.

Example: Change




Tali's weapon set is now assault rifles and heavy pistols.

Note: Squadmates are only allowed to equip up to 2 weapons. Trying to mod them to take on more will be useless since selecting their weapons in the HUD ingame would only allow for 2.

Disable Enemy Grenades or Change Grenade Frequency[edit | edit source]

You can change the frequency that grenades are thrown (both smoke and frag) by changing the difficulty level configuration in Coalesced.bin. This setting is per difficulty level, per enemy type.

In a Coalesced editor, open:

biodifficulty.ini > sfxgame > sfxdifficultyhandler > level5difficultydata

Difficulty level range from 1 to 5, where "Insanity" is 5. The example above, level5difficultydata is for insanity. Choose the one you want to modify.

Next, choose the enemy type of modify. In this case, Centurion. Find the section that reads StatName=SmokeFrequency,StatRange=(X=1f,Y=2f), and change the x and y values. The higher the number, the less often they will use smoke grenades. You can also change GrenadeFrequency in the same way.

Editing Armor and Casual Appearance[edit | edit source]

This section is for customizing armor and appearances and the bonus stats.

All armor and appearances can be found here: [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization]

Unlocking Armor[edit | edit source]

  • armappearances - Arm
  • helmetappearances - helmet
  • legappearances - Leg
  • shoulderappearances - Shoulder
  • torsoappearances - Torso
  • fullbodyappearances - Non-component armor

To unlock, set the PlotFlag for the armor that you want to -1.



Editing component armor bonuses[edit | edit source]

List of all component armor bonuses:


Each gives a 10% bonus to that stat.

Note: ConstraintDamageBonus is headshot damage bonus. Adding _Weak to the end after Bonus will halve the effect to 5%.

For this example, the arm piece of the N7 armor (the first item on the list) is edited to become this:


This piece will now contain EVERY bonus stat available. Copy-paste the GameEffects terms into other armor pieces to give them all stats.

You can also add these effects to the "No Helmet" component if you prefer to play that way.

Editing complete armor set bonuses[edit | edit source]

Complete armor sets (non-component) can also be tweaked this way. The bonus stats for these armors are below and can be added to all armor in the same method as adding to the components above.


For this example, all custom armor powers are added to the Inferno armor that is inherited from ME2:


These effects do appear to stack in-game.

Changing Armor Appearances[edit | edit source]

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization]

The default line for the armor's helmet appearance:


Changing the mesh reference in the line so that it would look as follows:


This would result in the armor using Death Mask helmet model, complete with the flanging effect when Shepard speaks.

Removing the mesh reference completely in the line so that it would look as follows:


This results in the helmet mesh being removed, leaving Shepard without any headgear. Neither modification alters the armor bonuses in any way, and is purely cosmetic.

Unlocking Casual Appearances[edit | edit source]

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization > casualappearances]

To unlock, set the PlotFlag for the armor that you want to -1.



Adding a new casual appearance[edit | edit source]

Go to [biogame.ini > sfxgame > sfxplayercustomization > casualappearances]

Copy the last line to a new line and replace the Male and Female parameters' with the name of the new mesh.

Next, set new Id field (make sure, it's not a existing id) to add this new outfit.



References[edit | edit source]

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