Paaran Shie is the governor of Aya.

Background Edit

Paaran's homeworld was destroyed by the kett and her family helped settle Aya and ultimately became the governor. She has ten brothers and eight sisters. When her family gets together, she likens the noise to standing next to Aya's largest waterfall. She doesn't have someone special in her life currently, but may one day.

Mass Effect: Andromeda Edit

Ryder encounters Paaran after leaving the Tempest at gunpoint during first contact with the angara. Paaran introduces herself as the civilian leader of Aya and tells Ryder some things about her people. Paaran then leads the Pathfinder to the Resistance Headquarters to meet with Evfra de Tershaav.

After the Pathfinder and the Resistance rescue Moshae Sjefa Paaran declares that Aya is open to the Andromeda Initiative.

Ryder can later speak with Paaran in her office on a variety of subjects. When questioned about Evfra, Paaran states that while her counterpart would prefer secrecy and isolation, she believes that neither the angara nor the Initiative can defeat the kett on their own.

When questioned on why she never mentioned Kadara Port when the Pathfinder first arrived, Paaran admitted she assumed Ryder already knew, stating the angara were unaware of the schism between the Initiative and their exiles. Furthermore, now knowing that Evfra kept Vehn Terev's betrayal of the Moshae to the kett secret from everyone, she vows to make the Resistance leader answer for that.

If Ryder avoided killing Akksul, Paaran will commend the Pathfinder's restraint, as this weakens the Roekaar's cause.

Following the revelations at Khi Tasira that the Jardaan created the angara, Paaran asks Ryder's help in assuaging her people's shock, stating that just because they were created doesn't mean they don't control their own destiny.

Romance Edit

Ryder can flirt with Paaran but she turns down the advances. No romance is possible with her.

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