Strux insists that Morda is planning a move against the Nexus. We need to visit the krogan colony and check it ourselves. We should look for Ravenor [sic] Brenk.

Acquisition Edit

Starts automatically upon completion of Conflict in the Colony.

Note: Beginning this mission - specifically the part about Drack arranging for Ryder to get into the colony - makes it possible to access the trigger point for Drack's loyalty mission, Nakmor Drack: A Future for our People. The loyalty mission can be triggered before or after meeting with Morda.

Walkthrough Edit

Go To Krogan Colony Edit

Head to New Tuchanka on Elaaden. A Forward Station can be brought down right next to the entrance to the colony.

Speak with the Krogan Lookout at the entrance to the colony, and with the help of Nakmor Drack, the guards let Pathfinder Ryder into the colony.

Before heading down into the tunnels, head north to the area with the Merchant. Head to the west through a large gated doorway to find two vehicles with four krogan standing in-between the vehicles. The right Krogan Vehicle can be scanned for +10 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Go To The Throne Room Edit

Travel down into the tunnels following the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconand Ryder can enter a room with a large stone throne.

Speak To Ravanor Brenk Edit

At the navpoint, Ryder can speak to Ravanor Brenk. Ryder barely begins to speak with him before being interrupted by Nakmor Morda, the overlord of the krogan in the Heleus Cluster. Morda is hostile towards the Nexus and Ryder, and can't be reasoned with.

Find Brenk And Speak To Him Privately Edit

Ryder can now go and finish the interrupted conversation with Brenk deeper in the cave system. Brenk has gone deeper down in the tunnels and doesn't want Morda to know he's talking to Ryder.

Brenk tells Ryder that Morda is trying to retrieve the drive core from the crashed Remnant ship to build a bomb and use it against the Initiative. However, most of the clans want peace with the Initiative - not war.

When the conversation is over the mission completes and the mission Investigate Remnant Derelict starts automatically.

Around the corner from where Brenk is located, there is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech that can be scanned for +100 Rd icon milkyway orange.

Rewards Edit

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