Pathfinder HQ

The Pathfinder Headquarters is a location on the Nexus where Pathfinders and their immediate crew may congregate and display important milestones.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Pathfinder HQ becomes available once Pathfinder Ryder successfully establishes an outpost on Eos. Cora Harper loiters here while the Tempest is docked at the station.

As the Pathfinders from other arks are gradually discovered, they or their replacements can subsequently be found here during their mission downtimes. If all three arks are recovered, the other Pathfinders invite Ryder to HQ for drinks (unless more pressing issues require attention first).

Layout[edit | edit source]

The headquarters is multi-leveled with the lowest level containing a secretary desk adjoining the door to the rest of the Operations wing. Beside the secretary desk is a waiting lounge for receiving visitors. The middle tier contains several display cases with scannable objects and holographs documenting the exploratory accomplishments of the Milky Way races. The upper tier contains the Andromeda Initiative director's desk now occupied by Director Jarun Tann.

The glass case near the stairs houses a rock collection from Luna, Mars, and the salarian Jaeto colony. The memorial nearby features the holographic outlines of Pathfinders confirmed to have died or lost in the line of duty, as well as a short dedication. The planetary holo displays viability levels for extant golden worlds and progress towards raising more AVP.

The three ship holograms on display are starships deemed important to the history of space travel: THV Ravuna, ESAV Majriti, and the SSV Normandy SR-2. The other glass case in the area contains prototypes for the Pathfinder armors.

Missions[edit | edit source]

Priority Ops

Datapads[edit | edit source]

On a coffee table on the middle tier:

Notable European Interplanetary Missions
Donated to the Andromeda Initiative Historical Records Council
All dates are in Common Era (CE).

1985-1992: Giotto -- First ESA deep space mission; first ESA mission to intercept an asteroid (Halley & Grigg-Skjellerup)
1990: Launch of the Hubble Space Telescope
1992: Ulysses -- First ESA mission to Sol; first polar orbit around Sol
1997: Huygens -- First ESA mission to Titan, a Saturn moon
2003: Mars Express -- first ESA mission to Mars
Also in 2003: SMART-1 -- First ESA mission to Luna
2004: Rosetta -- First ESA mission to orbit an asteroid (67P / Churyumov-Gerasimenko)
2006: Venus Express -- First ESA mission to Venus
Also in 2006: Huygens -- First successful landing on an outer Solar System world (Titan)
2014: Rosetta -- First artificial probe to make a soft landing on an asteroid (76P)
2016: ExoMars -- First ESA probe landing on Mars (contact lost)
2018: BepiColombo -- First ESA mission to Mercury
2022 Juice -- First ESA mission to the Jupiter system

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