Poc has been stolen and must be recovered.

Acquisition Edit

Starts automatically upon the completion of Peebee: Remnant Scanner.

Walkthrough Edit

Wait For Peebee To Contact You About Poc Edit

Check Your Email From PeebeeEdit

The next time Ryder boards the Tempest there is an email from Peebee titled "Got a Lead".

Got a Lead
To: Ryder
From: Peebee

Hey, I've discovered someone who can help us find Poc. He might need a little convincing. When we go to Kadara Port, meet me in the bar, please?

Let's go get my bot back!


Acknowledge the email to get the next objective.

Meet Peebee In The Kadara Bar Edit

Go to Kralla's Song in Kadara Port on Kadara and talk to Peebee. She introduces a man named Samrick who used to run with Kalinda's crew. He knows their safehouses, rallying points etc. His tongue had to be loosened with a soft threat and some drinks.

Go To The Location On Elaaden Edit

The navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Iconis located at a scavenger base MEA Structure Map Icon in the far southwest of the map in the Paradise Sands region. As Ryder approaches, the base appears deserted.

Search The Site Edit

When Ryder enters the structure, Ryder will see Poc lying disabled on a table, and a scavenger.

Talk To The Scavenger Edit

Talk to the scavenger. He knows that Kalinda and her crew were here, but they departed, leaving Poc behind. Peebee buys Poc back from him with her own money. (Ryder doesn't lose credits.) Peebee will now be able to upgrade her Remnant scanner and she'll talk to Ryder about it back on the ship.

Ryder receives +29 AVP AVP icon and +2% Elaaden viability.

There is a container in the room that can be looted.

Speak To Peebee On The Tempest Edit

Return to the Tempest and speak to Peebee. Peebee has received a taunting message from Kalinda, who deliberately broke Poc, and makes a veiled threat to do the same to Ryder. Peebee has some emotional issues with the situation, but in practical terms believes that everything is OK. Poc is working again, and the Remnant scanner is upgraded. Now Ryder will just have to wait until the scanner pics something up. 

Ryder receives +1330 XP.

ON HOLD: Wait For Peebee's Scanner To Find Something Edit

After Ryder lands on any planet or docks on the Nexus, and then returns to the Tempest, the scanner picks up something. This mission is completed and Peebee: A Mysterious Remnant Signal begins automatically.

Rewards Edit

  • None