Peebee has left a gift for you. The note says to enjoy the drink and that she has an additional surprise waiting.

Acquisition Edit

If Ryder has flirted with Peebee at every opportunity, has completed all of her relationship missions, has agreed to a serious relationship with her, and Ryder is not in a relationship with anyone else, Peebee sends an email after the completion of The Journey to Meridian.

Walkthrough Edit

Read Email From Peebee Edit

A gift for you
To: Ryder
From: Peebee

Hey there, gorgeous. I left a little something in your quarters.

Nice digs, by the way. Wouldn't mind spending more time there. Hint hint.


Acknowledge the email to obtain the next objective.

Go To Your Tempest Quarters To Find Peebee's Gift Edit

Head to Ryder's quarters on the Tempest and interact with the Gift at the navpointMEA Tracked Objective Map Icon.

An audio log from Peebee plays letting Ryder know that after enjoying the drink to call her and she'll come running with a surprise.

Ryder is then given the choice to answer yes or no.

Answering yes, Ryder pours a drink and sits down on the bed with a datapad. Peebee shows up and Ryder invites her in.

Peebee quite clearly states that no orders are going to be given. She is in charge here.

Seductively, Peebee says that she wants to re-enact how they first met.

The scene quite clearly shows Peebee undressed and talking to Ryder about asari melding. Peebee hasn't ever done melding before. She says she hasn't trusted anyone else or herself for that matter to meld.

Sex begins quite graphically and Peebee calls out to Ryder. Peebee's eyes go black as melding begins.

Both Ryder and Peebee float naked in a dark blue swirling area. Ryder comments on how quiet this place is and Peebee says that this place is theirs only.

The scene cuts back to Peebee arched backwards with eyes black. She snaps out of the melding and lies next to Ryder.

Peebee says she is glad that Ryder didn't say yes to her before and that she respects Ryder for that and that things are better this way with strings attached. Peebee says that this is where she belongs.

The screen fades to black and the mission completes.

Aftermath Edit

Peebee sends an email after the mission is over.

To: You
From: Yours

Again, please.


Rewards Edit

  • None
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