Pel is a Cerberus operative who has worked for the Illusive Man for many years. He is a large man, standing at a few inches over six feet, with olive skin, a close-cropped afro, and a narrow beard. Pel started his career as a mercenary, and retains a casual disregard for human life that enables him to work difficult jobs or conduct 'wetwork'. He cares less for Cerberus' duty to guide humanity's destiny, than he does for profit or the chance to get revenge for the indignities humans have suffered at alien hands. Pel usually operates in the Terminus Systems.

One of Pel's most notable early jobs for Cerberus is posing as a bodyguard for Claude Menneau. Alongside his unsuspecting partner Keo, Pel works his way into Menneau's confidence until, alongside Paul Grayson, he is able to cut Menneau's throat while he sleeps aboard his starship. Pel taunts Grayson - who took care of Keo - by calling him 'Killer', and retains this nickname while they work together.

In 2183, the Illusive Man sends Pel to meet with a new contact on Omega, Golo. Pel's job is to get transmission codes for the Migrant Fleet that Cerberus can use to monitor the quarian vessels.

Before Pel sets off for Omega, he visits Grayson's apartment on Earth to deliver supplies for the next round of experimentation on Gillian at the Ascension Project.

Golo agrees to set up an ambush for a quarian crew to get the codes. When Golo lures Feda'Gazu vas Idenna to Shelba, Pel watches their meeting through a sniper scope and shoots Feda when they spring their trap, then helps to capture the pilot, Hilo'Jaa vas Idenna, the only one taken alive. Pel brings Hilo to Omega for interrogation, but the quarian's injuries mean he catches a terrible sickness and Pel cannot get any sense out of him. To compensate, Golo relays a juicy offer from the Collectors - they will pay handsomely for healthy human biotics. Knowing Paul Grayson is on his way to Omega, ostensibly to hide his daughter Gillian Grayson there, Pel decides that he'll make more credits working for the Collectors than for Cerberus. As soon as Grayson and his group arrives, Pel captures them and holds them in his Omega warehouse.

However, Pel has reckoned without interference from Lemm'Shal nar Tesleya. The quarian launches an attack on the warehouse, forcing Pel to scramble his team. He makes every attempt to take Gillian and Hendel Mitra alive before trying to blow up their rover with a rocket launcher, not realising Paul Grayson is behind him. Grayson shoots Pel's teammate before killing Pel himself.

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