Pelaav Research Station

Location: Andromeda / Heleus Cluster / Faroang / Havarl

Pelaav Research Station is a small angaran research outpost on Havarl.

History Edit

According to the angaran historian Luj Ansen, Daar Pelaav was established generations ago by angaran who took shelters in the Remnant ruins they found nearby. According to histories, there were no hostile Remnant machines in the area. The Pelaav Research Station was once part of a much larger Daar that was mostly destroyed by Havarl's violently-rapid plant growth.

Pelaav Research Station hosts an Andromeda Initiative science team after Havarl's Remnant vault is reset.

Layout Edit

Pelaav Research Station has the only Research Center on Havarl.

Residents Edit

Missions Edit

The following Priority Ops missions take place or are acquired at Pelaav Research Station:

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The following Additional Tasks take place or are acquired at Pelaav Research Station:

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Datapads Edit

Located in Luj Ansen's workroom:

Working Title: Pelaav's Decline
Translated from Shelesh:

Established in the shadow of Remnant buildings, Pelaav was a center of trade and learning. Anyone who wished to observe working Remnant monoliths was directed here. Deep within the tunnels of Remnant ruins, we could hear the hum of mysterious machines, their purpose unknown.

Scribbled in the margins:

"Too dramatic? This is a history book, not a thriller."

"Note to self: mention that the entire daar was overtaken by the jungle, with the only thing still standing being a small restored area that's used as a research outpost."

"Also mention the Remnant areas we're still told to avoid."

"Novoa Sabay: Buy tavum for Analen."

Terminals Edit

A difficult request
Translated from Shelesh:


I'm sure you heard about the attack at Site 7. The loss of Dr. Verishaav was a blow to the entire science community. And now many of Site 7's researchers are displaced and in need of a new post. Most will head to Aya for recovery, but some want to continue working here on Havarl. I recommended your camp as suitable transition point.

I know resources are thin, but your site is the only one the kett have ignored. I don't want to put these people in danger so soon after they witnessed the death of their superior. And I'm sure you could use the help on your monolith project. Think it over and give me your response tomorrow.

Stay safe,

Be safe!
Translated from Shelesh:


You're safe, right? I heard the kett attacked the old city again. I know you're on the other side of the planet, but that's still too close. Between the wildlife and the Remnant, Havarl is a dangerous place. Mahli and Nestaar worry about you. I worry about you.

Your work is important. I understand that. But promise your old mother that if the Resistance tells you to evacuate, you'll listen. None of this "knowledge is worth the risk" nonsense. I mended too many of your broken bones when you were young. It's time you give me a break.

This is your mother, who misses you.

Mutated challyrion
A challyrion of abnormal size and aggressiveness is decimating local wildlife. The navpoint for the beast's hunting ground has been uploaded to you. Recommend approaching with extreme caution. The challyrion is likely to consider you a threat. It may be curious how you taste.

Mutated eiroch
An eiroch bearing physical and behavioral signs of genetic modification by Havarl's Remnant vault has made its home near the navpoint just uploaded to you. Scans of the creature should reveal the nature of its mutations and how they've altered the beast from its baseline.

Mutated rylkor
The malfunctioning Remnant vault appears to have modified a rylkor to be more territorial and adaptable. It has been observed defending its feeding grounds at the navpoint uploaded to you. Scans of the rylkor may reveal the nature of its mutations.

RE: Crash Site
Translated from Shelesh:


Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. A crash site that well-preserved—I'd give anything to see it. I'll see if I can send someone capable to check it out. It'll probably be well-protected.

And please, make sure Torvar doesn't hear about it. I know he'll want to take a look himself, and he's not equipped to deal with the danger involved. I'd never forgive myself if he got injured trying to help.

Stay safe over there. Wishing you sunny skies.


RE: Update
Translated from Shelesh:

Paavoa, Kiiran:

Good to hear the kett haven't reached your research post. We're not so lucky here. They're practically swarming the old temples, trying to dismantle the Remnant tech. We're trying to fight them off, but even with the Resistance reinforcements, there are just too many of them. Commander called the retreat.

I know you had your eye on those temples, but there's nothing we can do. We're closing the area down. No one goes in, and nothing comes out.

Be careful, Kiiran. It's a tough world out there.


Report from Aya
Translated from Shelesh:


I've attached the data gathered from our efforts on Aya to map the Scourge. We've found a few irregularities during our research—dust, mostly—but you may want to look into it. If the material isn't a match for any worlds in Heleus, it would support your theory on colony worlds.

This is all speculation, of course. You'd need to send someone out there to collect samples. But I figured it's worth a shot. If we're going to solve the mystery of our past, we need to work together.

Stars guide you,

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