Prerequisite: Priority: Perseus Veil (Mass Effect 3)

The Perseus Veil is a huge nebula of opaque gas and dust that separates geth space from the Terminus Systems. It lies at the galactic rim, right at the very edges of Terminus space.

After the Geth War with the quarians, the geth isolated themselves behind the Veil, far from the eyes of organic races. The Veil is almost impossible to scan through or navigate, meaning no one knows exactly what the geth are doing beyond it. Exploration near the Perseus Veil is exceptionally dangerous, but is occasionally risked by some due to the prospect of rich salvage pickings nearby.

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Perseus Veil
Asteroid belt

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As vast in natural beauty as it is in threat, the purple and gold nebula called the Perseus Veil forms the natural border between geth space and the Terminus Systems.

The Veil's total opacity prevents Council intelligence from surveying geth activity. Theoretically, the geth could be preparing a devastating attack against which the Council could be defenseless, or the geth could have died out, so that the defense budget against them could be gaining the Alliance nothing but economic ruination.

Despite fears of geth, prospectors do occasionally mount salvage ventures inside the Veil; one ended in tragedy. Using technomental domination, the geth drew the team into the Veil before aiming them back as husks at the organic society that produced them.

A leaked classified Spectre report claims that the dreadnought Sovereign, commanded by ex-Spectre Saren Arterius and crewed by geth, hid near the Veil before initiating the 2183 Citadel attack.

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